Happy Sunday. I hope you've had a marvelous weekend so far, and that whatever your day brings will be just grand. Here's another topfold Fallish/Thanksgiving card share today.  Aren't these little mice just adorable? This is a Cornish Heritage Farm stamp, Friendly Critters Series, (TA-107S Harvest Mice). I think I got this off eBay a while back. The cardbase is a lighter weight Bazzill, image diecut with S/B Labels 28. The matting is some of the harvest fruit paper I got at H/Lobby on sale. I traced around the die, handcut the image to get the mat size I wanted. The next die size was too large. I've been seeing a lot of doilies used as embellishments or background, found this gold one in my messy drawer. Thought 'hmm, wonder how....'. I'm still deciding if I like this. Tried adding another section, top & bottom, too large for my card. Hope you enjoy seeing it.
On another note: DH was feeling a lot better today with his tooth abscess, so hopefully the new & stronger antibiotic is doing its job. If the infection can get cleared, he's scheduled for a root canal this coming Wednesday.  It was a perfectly lovely sunny, warm afternoon, just pleasant to be outside. Asked if he felt like taking a ride to our A C Moore store (more on that in a moment!), he said as long as he didn't have to get out of the car & didn't have to drive. I'm getting ready to go, decided to try putting a tennis shoe on my still-sore left foot. I've been trying off & on for a couple weeks to wear a shoe, and when the back of the shoe starts to slide up my heel, I'm going "Uh, no, I'm not going to do this yet!", and back I go into my flip-flops or a pair of backless shoes that are not comfortable to walk in. I loosened all the ties on the tongue of the shoe, very carefully slid the back of the tennis shoe over my heel. Not sure it was going to be a 'go' at first, nearly pulled it back off. Then "wait a minute...maybe I CAN tolerate this" so I went ahead, and retied the laces. I did throw the flip-flops in the backseat - just in case. I knew I wasn't doing a lot of walking, so thought I'd be ok, just driving. So this was a big HOO-RAY day for me. While we were out, it was lunch time, according to our tummies. My brain was trying hard to think of something the Mr. felt like eating, that he didn't have to chew a lot. Settled on an Olive Garden, and he got some soup (he's not a big soup eater!). I had the Zuppa de Tosca (potato soup) and salad. Dee-Lish-US! Then we boogied on home, and it was a nice outing...just long enough.
Now: the reason for my ACM run: look here.  When I saw what Candee had done with these Darice folders, I remembered I had seen them on a recent ACM run, and wanted to pick up some before they are gone. I have the TH diffuser folders - not used as yet. I noticed Candee's comment about the 'ledge' that the folder leaves. Candee always finds the neatest 'stuff', and is such an enabler! The store did have a fair selection of them, so mission accomplished. Of course I had to check out the other sales stuff, and there was some interesting things I spotted. That's it for now, have a great afternoon. Hugs and thanks for checking in.


  1. My Internet is playing up the last couple of days, battling to do anything. You do have some great stamps. I only use digital, cause of all the postage, this one is lovely, love the card.

  2. Hi Mary, lovely card and l like the Harvest Mice they are certainly making a meal of the corn. Thank you for your lovely comments recently and for the award it was very kind of you to think of me but l just don't have the time to keep true and find others to award it too so l am sorry to not be able to accept the award - l do feel bad abouth this and perhaps l should put a notice on my blog. Take care x Susan x

  3. Congrats on being able to get your shoe on and wear it for a while!! I'm glad that Joe is feeling better now too, keeping my fingers crossed that the root canal can be done on Wed. Your card is amazing my friend! I love the gold doily, to me it is perfect! I also love, love those little mice, to cute! I think they look like they are eating our field corn. lol I sure wish I could color like you Mary!

  4. Mary - pretty and cute at the same time! LOVE that image! Those little guys are precious. Love the way your framed out this image too! Great card.
    Hope your husbands tooth is somewhat better so he can get that root canal and also glad about the shoe!

    I've been gone the last couple of days but just wanted to tell you the previous fall card is adorable!!!!! LOVE THIS! AND, the cardinals card is gorgeous!

    Great work!


  5. Darling image and LOVE your coloring. The gold doily helps pick up the corn kernels - wish I had your flair for matting.

  6. They are some happy lookin' mice! Great coloring!