Good morning. It was another early morning for us (that's 3 in a row, and I don't _DO_ early!). Had to take our SUV back to the dealer for a fuel tank recall. They will have it all day; hopefully we'll get it back this evening. Otherwise we'll have to pick it up on Monday. I drove for the first time since the eye work. Dr. didn't say I could, but he didn't say I couldn't either. I've been seeing pretty well, I think, so thought I'd be safe on the road. I was a bit nervous though, and made sure DH stayed in front of me. No problems driving, I'm happy to report. :-)

Earlier this week, we received the cutest card from my blog friend, Candee. Thought I'd share it with you. We were delighted to open this, knowing Candee had thought of us. Sadly, I sent no summer cards. I'm keeping up with birthdays, get wells & thank yous, & didn't even think about doing any summer cards. But I surely enjoyed receiving one! So here it is:

Candee's Summer Watermelon
If you've never visited Candee's blog, I hope you'll find a few minutes to zip over. She has beautiful cards, wonderful organizing tips, good how-to instructions. She is the queen of finding the best buys of craft 'schtuff' at garage sales, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

So Candee, thanks once again for sending us this adorable watermelon card. It's probably the only watermelon I'll get this summer (and I love watermelon, but DH does not. So I seldom buy a whole melon, and the pieces/chunks that I've bought before, just don't taste the same!).

Ya'll have a good day, and I hope to get back with a post later in the day.


  1. Cute and YUMMY looking card! I'll go check out her blog!

  2. Love it! This is the kind of card that can't help but put a smile on your face, and definitely says happy summer!

  3. Candee is so talented Mary, and I just love this summer card she sent to you!! I love visiting her blog and learning all she can find at yards sales and off craig's list! I wish I could go shopping with her in person, she is the best deal finder as is her hubby!! Enjoy the card my friend, you are always so good to everyone else that it is nice to see you getting remembered! Hugs!!

  4. Ya'll reminds me so much of my fab holiday in the 'Deep South', would love go again.
    Could just eat some water melon.
    Thanks for your comment on my win, very kind of you.

    Kath x

  5. Hi Mary, sorry for not visiting the last couple of weeks, we have been on hols and this week looking after grandchildren. Had a scroll down the blog and pleased to hear your op has gone well. Take care x Susan x

  6. Oh my gosh, Mary, this is the cutest watermelon card ever! I shall go over and tell Candee so. I have caught up on your blog and I hope you will forgive me for missing the opportunity to wish you well on your surgery! Obviously, you did just fine without me and I'm very happy about that! I have one more week of work and then I should be able to be better at my visits. I sure enjoyed all the cards you had on your scheduled posts! Take care! I hope it cools off there and you have a fab weekend! xxoo Darnell

  7. What a fun summer card! Lucky you to receive it!

  8. What a lovely card Candee has made, Watermelon is so refreshing, like you I love it but hubby doesn't! He calls it 'flavoured water with pits!'

    As I type we have rolling thunder and an absolute downpour of rain. Sadly, this is typical Summer weather in the UK. Well, at least the garden will appreciate it!

    Have a good weekend and I hope your eyesight gets back to 100% very soon!

    love Mags -eek thunder! - B xx

  9. Well isn't that too cute ! We love watermelon here :) Great card ! I hope you are doing well, Shirleyx

  10. This is cute as can be! I just cut up some watermelon a few minutes ago! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Glad to hear that you are doing well, but don't over do it! Love Candee's card! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment, you sure are appreciated! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  12. I had a nice chuckle - this is so cute.

  13. Sweet!!! Adorable card. Love the banner sentiment with the twine and button - so cute! How nice is that to receive this beauty in the mail??!! Lucky you!! Loll xx