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Aren't bloggers just wonderful? I've posted cards from blog buddies in the past, and here's another one from my very sweet & talented buddy, Candee . Candee & her hubby are always busy with one thing & another - they've remodeled a house, landscaped their yard just to name a couple of things. She is the queen of finding good bargains. Yet she takes time to think of me and send lovely cards. Here's the latest:

Thinking of You by Candee
I have been so humbled, yet so uplifted, by the well wishes from so many of you on this recent little eye deal I've had. It was a pleasure to open this card yesterday, and enjoy the beauty that Candee creates on all her cards. Isn't the image lovely? Perfect diecut for the image - and you know I'll be tracking down this EF! Thank you Candee.

Yesterday afternoon, DH suggested I snap a picture of a potted hibiscus plant given to me last year by our neighbor. We didn't think it would survive us over its winter in our garage, but we trimmed it back radically, and the main stalk - which looked dead - put out new spindly shoots. DH had the good idea to prop it up with a wire tomato cage. We noticed it had some big blooms, so out I go with the new camera.

Next to the hibiscus, is the Easter Lily that has the most delicious smelling flowers. So far, it's still surviving me, but no blooms.

Last evening we had a beautiful sunset that I had to try to capture. I did 3 different types of settings on the Nikon to see which I liked best. Here's the one I thought looked most like what my eyes were seeing.
The white dots in the tree line are neighborhood lights, and our neighbor's garage is the white spot in the dark trees. I'm not sure what the white spots in the sky are - maybe dust on the camera lens. No stars were visible. Doesn't this look like a wonderful painting? Hope you enjoy. Also hope that you had a wonderful afternoon, and thanks for stopping in to visit. Hugs.


  1. Hi Mary. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous card from Candee. How thoughtful to send this lovely card with well wishes for a quick recovery!

    Your hibiscus is beautiful ... love the delicate white bloom with the red center. Any you're getting good use from your new camera. That sunset is GORGEOUS! Love the colors. Do you brayer?? This would make a lovely inspiration for a brayered card! Loll xx

  2. Your Hibiscus is really beautiful Mary, and the card from Candee is absolutely lovely.
    Kevin xx

  3. Beautiful card from Candee! No wonder your spirits were lifted! Love the hibiscus too, such a pleaseure to see it! My hubby also gives things in the garden a fighting chance and it is amazing that so called 'dead sticks' suddenly start sprouting again! Beautiful sunset.........

  4. Ahh, lovely card to recieve! Glad to hear the eye is coming along so well. Can you email me personally with your snail mail addy? Have a wonderful Monday.....

    Chris B

  5. Elegant simplicity! Your beautiful embossed background sets off your image perfectly.

  6. Lovely card and you must be a good friend to be so deserving of nice art work

  7. Lovely card and you must be a deserving good friend!

  8. So pretty Mary - I like clean and simple and I do think this is one of your very best!! As you can see I really don't like to e-mail but I sure do enjoy yours!!!

  9. Thoughtful and beautiful! What a treat!

  10. Candee is certainly the queen of finding deals and she is very talented as well! I love her style!! I love this card too, so soft and beautiful!! And you so deserve to be showered with well wishes Mary!! Hugs!