Traveling, Traveling

Good Morning and I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. I have some new followers to introduce, but will have to wait until I'm at home to do a post with some links to their blogs. This morning we are close to the home of James Madison (Montpelier) where we plan to visit. Yesterday was at Monticello(Jefferson's home) and Ash Lawn (James Monroe - our 5th president). The day was overcast and misty - a good day because it was cool. The views from Monticello are magnificent...rolling green lawns, looking out to forested acres & gardens & on the far horizon - magnificent mountain ranges. We had planned to take the extended tour which goes to the 2nd floor of the mansion, but this one was booked up. So we just toured the ground floor rooms and the gardens, the cemetery and then had a nice lunch at Michie Tavern. It was supposedly the type of fare that one would have been served back in Jefferson's day. It was most interesting to see all the innovative items that Jefferson had in his home and hear about the restoration of the furnishings. Jefferson's belongings were sold upon his death to pay his creditors. The foundation that now has the property has recovered many pieces over the years, and some are on loan. Very interesting to visit.
In the gift shop I used my drivers license for identification when using my credit card, and realized later when we were having lunch, no license did I have. We returned to the shop, but the drivers license is still missing. So that has been a little blot on an otherwise fun trip. Not much I can do about it until we get home. Made some phone calls to our States Dept of Motor Vehicles, being concerned about fraudulent use of my license, but was told not much to be done while we're traveling. Thankfully I don't have to do the driving (I HOPE).

The tour at Monroe's house was nice, but this was more of a little cozy cottage...nothing elaborate. We didn't get to Montpelier, about an hour from Monticello - until too late in the afternoon to take the tour. So that's where we're headed this morning, and afterwards, guess we shall wend our way back home.

I apologize again, for not doing any visiting while on this trip. Although the hotels have Wi-Fi, it's not as high speed as what we have at home. Tried to watch some movies on Netflix and the movie would halt frequently. Have been trying to keep the emails cleaned out, as we get so much spam. With the mail program at home, I know how to filter it out so it just goes into the spam folder and deletes. With the webmail, I can't seem to get it to work.

Just wanted to check in, say hello to anyone who happens to pop by, and leave an update. Big Hugs and have a Blessed Day.


  1. Sounds like you're having a good break! Pity about your licence though, hope you get it sorted quickly when you get home.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your trip - it sounds fascinating. Bad news about your driving license. Hopefully it's hiding in a little space in your purse or bag and will turn up soon. Enjoy the rest of your trip. xx

  3. I'm so glad you got to do so much on this trip. It does make it worth while to come all this way. I met Vickie yesterday and she is as lovely as you and Joe. All my stamper friends are terrific. Have a safe trip home and I hope your drivers license turns up. Maybe you just stuck it in your purse and didn't put it where it normally is. I stuck mine in my pocket once which I never do, then went off the next time without it. It does give you that panic feeling when you realize it's missing.

  4. Glad you have been having a good trip Mary but sorry you have lost your driving license, as we would say over here, these things are sent to try us. I know what you mean about wifi in hotels, it works mostly, but at a much slower speed than at home and everything takes much longer to achieve. Have a safe trip home. x

  5. Don't worry about commenting Mary, enjoy your trip.
    Have fun and we'll see you when you get back.
    Hugs Veerle xx

  6. Sounds like you are having a fab time.

    Hope when you are home you can get a new licence ok. We aren't asked to show our driving licence when using a credit card.

    Take care

  7. Enjoy your trip, Mary!! It sounds so fun!! Sorry about your license...what a pain to lose it while traveling. Safe travels and enjoy!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Hi Mary, sounds like you've been emersed in culture and history, what a pity about your DL, I hope it's no bother to get another one, enjoy your trip, hugs Kate x

  9. Have a great holiday Mary. We have just come back and wi-fi free all the time!
    It was quite good not being able to log on, no messages to spoil the break away! x

  10. Oh Mary, I am so sorry to hear about your driving licence - what a pain to have to deal with it when you get back. Sounds like you are having a lovely time, don't worry about visiting, we will all be here when you get home again. Keep enjoying your trip! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Hi Mary, glad you are having a good time on your travels, such a shame about the Drivers License, hope you can get it sorted when you get home.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Kath x

  12. Sorry about your driver's license Mary - keep us informed. That is not only worrisome but time consuming to change. We found out about some fraud involving our checking account and had to open up a whole new account.
    Sandy xx

  13. Hi Mary,sounds like you are having happy travels!Sorry about your licence though :( hope that you can get it sorted once you are home.
    Have a lovely day :)
    Nessa xxx

  14. Sounds as though you are having a wonderful trip Mary.
    I got to church Sunday I did not have my licence with me - illegal here to drive without it, so I was thankful to arrive home afterwards without incident :-).

  15. Sounds like you are having a great time!! Sorry about losing your license.

  16. Oh, I envy you visiting those places in western VA. It's such pretty country and as I've said before, Monticello is an amazing estate! Safe travels and I hope your Drivers License turns up safely.

  17. I feel like I am traveling right along with you Thank you for the details they are good memories of places I have been....Lis

  18. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!
    maybe you'll share some photos?

  19. Bummer about your drivers license, I hope it turns up. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time...can't wait to see all your photos.

  20. What an interesting trip Mary, I love visiting old places for their history too. Have a safe journey home.

  21. Thanks for sharing about your vacation. It sounds like you're having a nice time. (except for license...had a similar situation happen to me while I was on vacation...cause for a lot of worry. Hope all turns out okay).

    Your trip to Monticello and Ash Lawn bring back some wonderful memories for us. We loved visiting Monticello...we were there on an almost weather perfect day. Loved walking around the grounds, but we never did get to see the inside of the house at all. (It was so crowded that day...too long of a wait) We also visited other places besides Ash Lawn, so it was a busy, tiring day...but a good day.

    Hope you have a safe trip home.

  22. Sounds as if you are having fun on your trip, Mary!!! So sorry to hear about the licence - hope you can sort it out quickly when back home!!! Enjoy the rest of the trip!!!

  23. What a trip y'all have had! Glad you got the DL worked out ok in the end though. Know you saw some beautiful countryside.

  24. Hi Mary, have a great time my friend!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  25. Sounds like you're having a fabulous trip - except for the driving licence of course. Hopefully the rest of the trip will go without a hitch. Just enjoy!

  26. Hello, Mary! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time on vacation, except for your driver's license - I hope you find it - these things tend to drive me crazy. Luckily I usually find the card I have lost, but in the meantime, I stress big time! I hope the rest of your trip continues with no incidents!


  27. Your trip sounds fabulous Mary, hope your missing driving license turns up.

    Hugs Diane