Birthday Leaves

Good evening, and sure hope you had a fabulous weekend. Ours was hot, quiet, but pleasant. Relaxed. Had a lovely birthday, spent with most of the folks I love best (DD is in Italy, so she was missing). Thanks to all who sent lovely birthday wishes. It made my day.  Stayed inside in the cool as much as I could, and just did some piddly house things and read a good book, by Anne Cleves (writes the Vera Stanhope and Shetland series - both of which are tv series).

Please help me welcome a recent new follower:
Very happy to make a new friend, and I hope my blog pals will hop over to see Lynn's work and say hello. It's been a while since I realized I had any new followers, so if I've neglected to give you a shout out, please call it to my attention. It's a lovely way to meet new bloggers and get to enjoy what they do, and get to know new folks. 

Here's a card that I hope has reached its destination:

Are you as intimidated as I am to send one of your cards to someone that you consider to be a truly fine card maker? This one was made from an old wooden set (NBUS I the trio of stamps was still in the cellophane wrapping). Inkadinkadoo

- used a pierced rectangle set to cut each cream piece, then stamped each fern/leaf in a different shade of green. Matted with a kraft mat - and intended to add a black mat as well. The black made the trio too large for the 5.5x4.25 cream card base. Looked a bit bare, so added an olive green and kraft strip below and above the leaves. In the photo the green strip looks a sort of lime color, IRL it is more of an olive shade. As I look at this photo, guess I should have 'grounded' the leaves. I was so pleased with myself for finding the die that would fit the stamp, then die cutting before I stamped. Usually I've not planned that well :-).

Simple Happy Birthday for the sentiment, and it was stamped in the same green shade as the right hand leaf. Which did have a bit more of a lime tone.

That's it folks. Thanks for drifting by to visit, and have a wonderful week. Blessings and Hugs.


  1. Oh Mary what an elegant card - this is stunning. I know what you mean about being organised in the way you make your cards - I am a bit random too in my process. Belated Happy Birthday , and I am glad to hear you had a good one

  2. A wonderful design, Mary!! Love so much the three panels and those fern leaves!!
    Hugs, have a lovely week!

  3. Hi Mary, Belated Birthday wishes. Glad you had a nice one.

    Loving the card.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

  4. Oh this is delightful and perfect for anybody, male or female, Luv Sam x

  5. Belated birthday wishes Mary, so sorry I missed your special day! The card is beautiful and I feel sure that it has gone to a beautiful lady who is a friend to us both... So glad to hear youhad a wonderful day with loved ones. Hugs, Anne xxx

  6. I love this beautiful trio of ferns Mary which look so elegant here, and the strip top and bottom with tbe pretty red and green is perfect. Wishing you a belated very Happy Birthday and glad you had a good day celebrating with some family but just a shame you were not able to see DD but hopefully you will manage to get together with her soon. x

  7. Pretty card!
    Have a great day!

  8. Hi, Mary! Beautiful leafy trio, with lovely spring time colors. It's one of those gorgeous designs that works for men or women. Hoping your birthday was extra special, and sounds like it was, having spent time with all your favorite people! hugs, de

  9. A fabulous card Mary, lovely stamps - I'm sure your friend will treasure her card.
    I find cards for family and close friends the most difficult to make.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  10. This is so beautiful, Mary!! I love the pretty leaves!! The colors are fabulous!! Gorgeous design, too!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. I think your leaves look like botanical prints of ferns and they're not usually grounded, so it's perfect to me! Love the green and cream and I always love ferns. Glad you had a good birthday. It's hard to stay cool these days!

  12. I love the leaves and ferns on your pretty card. So fresh and bright looking. I am now getting comments as I did the instructions I had posted on my blog a few weeks ago. I don't have to leave myself a comment either. Works great now. Did you try it?

  13. Glad you had a good birthday and got to spend it with the ones you love. Wish DD could have been around to spend it with you, but I guess she has a good excuse. lol Hoping she is having a good and safe time in Italy. Yes, I get intimidated sending cards to amazing card makers like you! This is a beautiful card Momma Mary! I hope you stop being intimidated because you make beautiful cards, even the Mister thinks so! I love this one and personally don't think you need to ground the leaves. I am in love with those beautiful leaves. Love them on their own panel and love the colors you chose for them. Actually I love all the colors on this card, keeps it feeling very earthy, which I love! I can imagine anyone would be happy to receive this lovely card. Stay cool!!! Hugs, Brenda

  14. very pretty Mary, I love your simple ferns the recipient will love it :)

  15. Hi Mary, I'm pleased to hear you had a super birthday, they come around all too quickly I find.
    Your card is just lovely, love all the green shades and your fabulous design, Kate x

  16. Hi Mary,
    I already visit Lynne's blog and yes she does some beautiful work.
    You must tell me your Birthday as I don't know it as yet.
    I know it's Darnell's today as we both send each other cards because she found out mine on F/Book so I asked her hers as I don't go on F/Book much as I'm not sure what I'm doing.
    In any rate Happy belated Birthday to you and I'm glad you had a good day.
    Anne Cleeves writes some wonderful work but sadly I only watch her work on TV as reading is quite difficult for me.
    When blogging I Zoom everybodies pages.
    Win 10 did an update lately and I had to go back to everyones blog and zoom again my that was a marathon task and right when I was DT commenting for the MAWTT and The Rudolf at the same time.

    I love your wonderful card and those leaves look awesome and very real like.
    The colours are so real looking too.
    Love the super design it looks so fab with all those lovely rectangles and colours.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  17. OH! Mary, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday again this year, I'm happy to hear you had a good relaxing birthday. I like Anne Cleves too, she is a great author.

    On to your wonderful card, yes it is intimidating to make a card for a card maker, but I don't think you need bother yourself with this one. It is so fresh and lovely, love the separated leaves with the pindot dies, beautiful colours of nature card.

  18. I love the clean, crisp look of this one Mary! This card would be appropriate for anyone and the design would work for many occasions. And good going finding a die that fit the image! That never happens here.

  19. Belated Birthday wishes Mary, glad that you had a nice day.
    Great card, some lovely shades of green and images.

    Kath x

  20. Those leaves look just wonderful and I love the different variation of leaves as well as the different green colors! I am not intimidated by sending a card to anyone, because we all have talents in different areas and I think card makers appreciate all the differences between designs. At least that's my take on it. I marvel over all my cards I receive because each person who created them made something special for me and it's meaningful to me :) Your cards are beautiful and you can just be proud to send them to anyone and everyone. Amen :)

  21. You nailed this one Mary! So clean and could be used for so many occasions - not to mention the men too! Love the color combination and the leaf selection!

  22. Belated Happy Birthday Mary!! What a lovely card, so fresh and the triptych design is perfect. If you enjoy Anne Cleeves might I recommend Damian Boyd, he writes a good thriller too xx

  23. I already follow Lynne and a belated Happy Birthday--your card is beautiful and love the different stamped leaves--when you send to another card maker you know your card will be appreciated for what it is
    carol x

  24. Those leaves are really beautiful Mary. I think they are perfect like they are. You are your toughest critic!! A lovely birthday card that will make someone's day very special when they receive it. xx

  25. Oh my goodness, Happy belated Birthday Mary! So happy you had a nice day! I think your card is lovely! The ferns look beautiful!

  26. Great card design! Nicely done card!

  27. You silly friend, you never need to be intimidated sending me one of your pretty cards! I love them all, as you know, and I always find they look even more sensational IRL! This one is one of my favorites since I have a thing for ferns so well done!! Thank you, again! Hugs, Darnell