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Good evening. So happy you had time to pop by. This morning an email arrived, that was once again, just especially appreciated today. Sometimes life just gets aggravating when you deal with people; you can't control what the other may perceive or think about you. After assessing your _own_ actions and not seeing any wrong or bad intent, you try to just let it all go by the wayside. Not let the words or actions of others manipulate or upset you. It's called L.I.F.E. Which is short. Should be happy. I choose to live mine so as much as possible. Therefore, these words were very appropriate to my mood this morning. Maybe they will speak to you as well:

There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh; things that make you happy.
Forget the bad, focus on the good.
Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don't.
Life is too short to be anything but happy.
Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is Living.

On Tuesday, a friend & I joined some of our old Thursday stamp group ladies (that old refers to the group, _not_ the ladies!). We managed to turn a 2 hour class into an all day affair & it was such fun. As promised, here are the cards we made. Hope you will enjoy them.
#1 card & slider open
This was our first slider card ( first ever attempt by Moi at doing a slider card; fingers very clumsy with folds and getting adhesive just so, in order to have the slider work properly). These are some new Impression Obsession dies. Mitra (of Impression Obsession) is doing a series of classes in several different states. She had kits made up for us, so that we could accomplish 3 cards in a 2 hr class. All we had to do, was assemble. The tulips were die cut in white, and we colored - quickly - with markers. See some real opportunities with this die set for some pretty shading. Same with the wheelbarrow (this one cut in a silver c/s.) One tip Mitra gave us: Adhere a strip of adhesive to the wheelbarrow back - slide the tulips & separate stems into the slot. Pre-applied adhesive holds them well. (as opposed to gluing the tiny stems - probably what I would have done!) #2 picture is with the slider raised so the sentiment is visible.
#2 card
This went together a bit easier for me. Some of the elements have been quickly shaded (shells) & birds popped on dimensional foam. Hardest part of this one: planning which die goes down first, then next - to create the layered scene. Thinking ahead is not always my strong suit. Didn't show the slider raised with #2 & #3, as it's the same look & process as #1.
#3 card


Lightly shaded the roofs with ink pads & tiny makeup sponge applicator. Bitty flowers added to the stems were given marker centers. This one could have some lovely shading on the birds and shadows on the houses. Bet you can't guess which was my favorite!

It was a delightful fun class & all of us had a great time, with a superb teacher. If you ever have the opportunity to be in a class with Mitra, do so. I've had several and each has been so worthwhile. The IO dies are some of my favorites - as are the Memory Box, Elizabeth Craft & recently discovered Tailored Expressions dies. They cut well, not fiddly (usually - if I use them properly) and there is such a wide variety of designs. Love my dies.

Thanks for your visit tonight. Come again when you have time. Always love to have visitors. Hugs.


  1. Oh wow, all of your cards are so gorgeous!! I especially love the beach scene on the second one!! You did a fabulous job with all three!! And what a beautiful LIFE quote - I love it!! Have a wonderful evening my friend!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. These are such beautiful cards today Mary! Each one holds the promise of spring, and I love the wheelbarrow with the tulips! That's a great way to open a card!
    Your words of wisdom are so true! One little bit of wisdom I learned in my life is to walk away from those who only want to hurt you regardless of who they are. I'd rather spend what's left of my life being happy and laughing a little bit every day, than having to deal with someone else's drama on a non-stop basis. Your life is exactly what you choose to make of it. Nuff said - niters!

  3. Mary, you've used so many things I love on these card. I love tulips, my favorite flower. Of course, I love the ocean and going to the beach and I love birds, birdhouses, bird nests. So, I'm seeing plenty of eye candy tonight. They're all beautiful. I would hate to have to choose my favorite...too hard.

  4. All three cards are special. I always like what you do with your cards. Love your life quote also. It is something I try for every day. Have some fun, laugh a bit or a whole lot if you can. bring laughter into some one else's life.

  5. Beautiful slider cards Mary. They are very addictive too. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Mary, all three of these are fantastic! I LOVE that second one with the beach scene and the gulls. Um.....I probably "need" those little guys. That really sounds like such a fun class and you got to make some real beauties!

  7. All your cards are very beautiful. The slider method, is on my try-to-list :) The life quote is something very special :) Hope you have a great day!

  8. All your cards are very beautiful! The slider method is on my try-to-list :) The life quote is very meaningful too :). Have a great day!

  9. Wow!!! Mary these are all AMAZING!!! What Gorgeous projects :) I really love the slider card, I'm gonna have to give that a try someday :) Have a good weekend :)

  10. Great cards!
    And I took that quote to heart about a year ago!

  11. Hi, Mary. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog and becoming a follower! I have just joined your blog!!
    All three your cards are soooo very sweet - can't really decide which one I like most, but I think the wheelbarrow might be my fav!! Sounds as if you had a lovely time in class!!!
    Thanks for the lovely life quote - I love it!!
    Have a lovely day!!
    Hugz and regards from South Africa!!
    PS. I am going to spend some time now to enjoy your work!

  12. Mary, that LIFE quote is so true, life is to short to let people and things get you down. As for your beautiful slider cards - well they bring thoughts of spring closers. Hazel xx

  13. These cards look liek the class was so much fun and how nice to spend a day stamping with old friends!

    Sometimes I think the time spent with friends...the laughter, the chatter and the "crack" as my british auntie calls innocent gossip...are the things that nourish the soul. Making a beauty of a card like these is all extra!

  14. Oohh such pretty cards they are all lovely I can't pick a favorite :) love the life quote it's very true I hope your ok, hugs to you friend
    Vic x

  15. Mary, your three cards are fabulous, my favourite is the second one - the beach scene. Your Life quote is wonderful, thank you for sharing it with us, I am going to take a copy (hope you don't mind) to put onto my notice board in my little snug.
    Take care

  16. I love the LIFE quote Mary and I love all of your beautiful cards, you must have had the most wonderful time in the class! Gorgeous work. Hugs, Anne x

  17. Lovely cards, getting together with friends to craft is just the best. I'm looking forward to a crafty day with my friends tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend
    Jackie x

  18. Three wonderful slider cards Mary. Love the interactive element. I particularly like the beach one, but for some reason I think you left your favorite for last!

  19. Love all of your cards Mary! I love the birdhouses. Your life quote is so true. I have been around people who create a lot of drama. I always say life is too short to deal with this and have to separate myself from them.

  20. Wow, wow, wow!! I love these cards Momma Mary!! I totally feel in love with the wheelbarrow card, then I got to the beach scene and fell in love with that one and next there is those lovely birds and birdhouses and yep you guess it fell in love with that one too! lol I love them all and one of the reason is because they hold promise to spring and summer coming. lol I love that they are slider cards, I've never did a slider card either, well a long time ago at a class too, but it has been years and years! lol I love all these dies too, so wonderful they are. I totally agree on thewisdom in red, life it too short to waste time on people who don't treat you well or who like to cause drama. Hugs!

  21. a fun day, Mary! Love those all day stamping days with friends - they just don't happen often enough. Your slider cards are WONDERFUL! I have not made one of those yet, and feel inspired now that I've seen the 3 pretties you have made! Each one so unique, yet the same fold. Darling with the die cuts and punches, and so cheery with those pretty colors! thank you for sharing! xo

  22. oh, wow! these are all fabulous and so bright - love them all! sounds like you had a lot of fun creating these. i only ever made one slider card (incorrectly) and that was enough for me, but i love the look.

  23. oh, wow! these are all fabulous and so bright - love them all! sounds like you had a lot of fun creating these. i only ever made one slider card (incorrectly) and that was enough for me but i love the look.

  24. What a lovely productive class you had. Three beautiful cards all with a lovely springlike feel to them. I can't pick a favourite as each one has elements that I love. The first has tulips which I really like and the beach scene is so tranquil, just right for a get better card, and the the bird houses on the last one are so cute and I love the little flowers growing up them.
    Jean x

  25. Words of wisdom and beautiful cards too! As the snow slowly turns to rain, I look at your spring cards and know the sun will shine again.
    sandy xx

  26. This looks like a wonderful class! All 3 cards are awesome!

  27. Hi Mary,
    what fab cards. I love these fab designs, not seen a slider card before. Love all the different themes too.
    This class sounds wonderful.
    Thank you for your wonderful email, I did try to send you one in return , but it kept coming back as not the right e mail address.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  28. These are fab! I love that card design and same as Jenny - never seen those before. I struggle with making shaped or different shape cards - too clumsy and my hands are weak so I rarely make them now.
    As much as I would love to buy the gorgeous bird stamp I still have many not inked yet stamps and am trying to be good and not buy any more until all mine are stamped, it is so hard to be good, grr! xx

  29. Beautiful cards Mary. Enjoy your weekend. Carol x

  30. Gorgeous cards Mary. Love that last one specially. I tried sliding cards once - that was enough!
    Hugs and have a great weekend.

  31. Wow - I love all these cards. The colors are so pretty. I've never made a slider card. It sounds as if you and your friends had a ton of fun.

  32. These are terrific. I've never seen a slider card. They make me think spring may really come soon! It's so nice to be able to hang out with friends and do what you love. Sounds like you had a great time. I agree with your quote. I had to give up a friend of many, many years because I couldn't stand the drama anymore. I miss her and think of her often but not enough to start up again.

  33. Hi Mary, Your slider cards are very beautiful, lots of detail, they are great. Your words that you shared above are quite right. :) Have a wonderful weekend enjoying things you love ! Shirleyx

  34. Beautiful words and cards, and what fun you must have had in your "old" group, wish there was something like that around here, there's an idea perhaps I should start one LOL

  35. Hi Mary. You've created beautiful scenes that tell a story for each of your cards. Great job! Loll xx

  36. Hi Mary,
    Great Cards today!! I loved your post about life!! Yes I think we all reach a certain age where we just want to turn the drama off!! And WooRay when we find that switch!! I hope you have a nice weekend!
    Ginny M

  37. Great, great job on these cards, Mary! I have never made a slider card, so my hat is off to you! I love that quote about life, too. If only we could all live by those words and easily shake off the negativity we encounter along our path! Hugs, Darnell

  38. What a gorgeus Beach Card Mary,,,,,love it,,,,,

  39. Three lovely cards here. I love the second one, at the beach. I didn't even know that Impression Obsession made dies! i have just bought two of their stamps from UK, but even they were hard to find. It sounds as though you had a fun class.. Kate x


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