Julie's Birthday Card
Hi again. I wanted to share this birthday card that came in today's mail. My niece, Julie, shares a birthday with me. (many years apart of course!). Julie is married to my nephew and we are so glad he met her and showed the good sense to get her into our family! I don't think Julie will mind if I say that she battles Multiple Sclerosis..and has for some years now. She doesn't let it get her down, does Marathons to boost awareness, get contributions, and all manner of activities in that vein. She also is a quilter, card maker, and heavens, I don't know how many other crafts she does. I just wish they lived closer so that we could 'create' together. I was so pleased to get this card in the mail from Julie (and of course my nephew...but he didn't have anything to do with making it!). I expect most wives can identify with that. This card just about made my day. One other lovely surprise was a gift from a British blogger who sent me a magazine about QEII's Diamond Jubilee. This blogger has never met me, yet she has been kind enough to send me encouragement when I was trying to get this little part of blogland set up, and when I try to do  some linking (and frequently don't get it right!), she has fixed my mistakes - which take up her valuable time. My thought when I saw these sweet surprises in the mail today, was: the world still has wonderfully, caring people in it. Sometimes I forget that when I see the tv news, the headlines on MSN and all the dreadful things that happen all over the world. Man's inhumanity to man, as it were. Makes you wonder sometimes. Then a totally unexpected and kind thing happens that restores your faith in the goodness of people.

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