July 4th

Candee's Card - side 1
 Hello again. I have another card to share that I received today from another very talented "blog buddy", Miss Candee of   I think this is what is called a spinner card. The circle image is two sided, with a string inserted in the middle. It is placed in a circular cutout, so that when the card is opened, another image appears. Neat! And I've never done a card like this. Candee always has the neatest techniques to try...and she explains the details so clearly, even an amateur can try it. I included both sides of what we saw when we opened her beautiful card. Needless to say, we were so happy to receive it in the mail today. Bad me, cuz I haven't made any 4th of July cards, but Miss Candee is very organized and on top of everything. If you have never visited her blog, I strongly urge you to have a look, and browse all her different creations. (By the way, in case you can't see in the picture, this side of the image with the star-flag motif has been embossed at the outer edge).

Candee's Card - Side 2

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