Hello everyone. Sorry I've not been as diligent about posting in the last few days. Had some things going on. Here is a cute image that will be used for a birthday card. I'll give you the supplies, then tell a little personal story about why I chose this particular image for this particular birthday. Stamp is from Stampendous, colored with copics. Used a spica pen for the eyes, and IRL it glitters a bit. Some glitter on the red wagon as well. Diecut with SB Romantic Rectangles, #4. Matted with DCWV paper from a metallic pack, embossed with a Sizzix folder. Don't remember which doesn't really show as the focal image is fairly large. Gives a bit of texture. Cardbase is kraft, scored with Scor buddy. The sentiment is a small stamp from my collection, no markings on it..but it fit the size of space where I wanted it.
So here is the story behind the stamp: I have 5 older brothers, and the youngest is 8 years older than I. When he was about 11, and I was about 3, he was frequently charged in the summers, with keeping me entertained and out from under foot when Mama was trying to get things done in the house. He also had to keep me from getting hurt or into any kind of mischief. So, being an enterprising lad, he scrounged up some wheels from an old lawnmower, some wood, an old steering wheel from who knows where...and built a little wooden car. Many summer mornings we'd be outside in his little wooden car. Of course being the smallest, I got to have the first ride...Well, I couldn't tell time and was pretty scrawny. So I didn't really know when the 5 minutes of my alloted time was up, and it sure seemed to me, to come fast. Then he'd get his 5 minutes...which of course seemed VERRRY LONGGGG. So I'd push & push, forever it seemed, and kept whining "Is my turn now?". So finally when I'd slip in the grass and fall flat in the dirt, start bawling, THEN it would be my turn. He didn't want Mama to know his Personal Pest was boo-hooing. Then the process would start anew. We often laugh about those days, and he calls me his "Motor". When DH & I saw this stamp, we both said "Perfect for Donald's birthday card". I think he'll laugh when he sees it, and know which of us is in which position! Hope you enjoyed reading about a small memory. Catch you later.

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  1. Fabulous card and such a lovely memory to go with it Mary. I bet your brother will roll over laughing when he sees it - such a telling image :) Di xx