Hello, and thanks for stopping by. After a very quiet weekend, I was ready for a little fresh air today. DH had to make a run to our local recycling center, so I thought I'd ride along, just to get out of the house. It's 14 days tomorrow, and I fear I may be developing some cabin fever. We got me out to the garage, with DH helping the walker roll over the outer door threshold (thicker and wider than the interior thresholds going from room to room). Then we had to figure out how to get me up into an SUV passenger seat, over a running board, w/out me putting my sore foot down (which I did unthinkingly last night when getting a shower. Ouch!) By grabbing the handhold on doorframe and DH boosting from behind, we got me in. Oh, I can't say how great it felt to get outside, see the sky & trees, etc, and feel some fresh air. (Yes it was VERY HOT fresh air, but lovely just the same...for a few minutes! Then the a/c had to go on). Did the recycle bit, then went to one of our favorite local hotdog places & had some lunch. Of course ours had to be takeout, which we enjoyed in the car, with the a/c running. No way was I going to try to get into the restaurant. Then we came back home, and I was quite content to roll back to my roost, get my leg elevated, and take a little rest. I have to say, sometimes it's good to be reminded that we (speaking for myself of course) need to stop & think about how grateful we should be to be able to move about freely, on our own steam. I've always tried to be considerate of those who deal with physical limitations, but you just don't really think about it - until you HAVE to think about it. I'm so grateful to the One Who has blessed me with living my life the way I have for as long as I have. Many thanks to Him. So all have a nice Monday, and enjoy your week.


  1. Hi Mary, so glad you managed a little outing - I bet the air smelt so sweet. I did almost six months in a wheelchair about 20 years ago and bless each day I'm mobile. I might not be able to run a full marathon but it's so good to be able to get about as you say. Take care and be patient, you're getting there honey! Hugs, Di xx

  2. Di again Mary. Hope progress is still being made.

    You asked today about Whispers pens - they are made by Sugarloaf and come in a range of colours, with one very fine end and one end a pointed 'brush tip' a bit like the bullet tip of a Pro Marker. I had them long before I got Pro Markers, they aren't as good for blending but I do still use them for fine work, touching up and so on. I have a set of 36 - not sure but I think you can get them singly. They're apparently water based and supposed to be blendable but as I say, not as good for that as Pro Markers. But, if you already have Pro Markers then I'd just use one of those in the closest colour to run round any white edges that show when coloured card is die cut. The Whispers just happen to be in a little holder right in front of me on my desk :)

    Hope that helps honey! Love, Di xx