Good Morning Friends. This will be another scheduled post. DH & I are having a night away on Thursday night. Not what you'd think....we are both doing a sleep study test to see if we have sleep apnea. I'm a night owl, so if the staff don't allow me to have my Kindle until I get sleepy, I am going to be one very grouchy patient...fidgeting & wriggling all around. I just can't go to sleep early (unless I nap, then wake up) except when I'm sick. DH, on the other hand, is an early to bed, early to rise type of guy. We'll see how we do.'s a card - one more for the Easter pile, for which I must get inserts ready & post. The lacey egg is a DieVersions die. It's very pretty, and also extremely difficult to work with. I've called one vendor that handles the die (and where I think I bought it), and sent an email to the DieVersion people. So far no response...I've 2 of these dies, and both of 'em are not being fun to work with. And yes, I've youtubed, and I 'think' I'm following what is shown. I spent a lot of time picking pieces out, worrying about tearing, and if I didn't use the foam mat that was with the die (and it doesn't cut well when you use the foam, as the youtubes show), then it is next to impossible to get out of the die, as there are no 'pokey holes' to get it to release. Just as bad using the wax paper technique too! If I don't get some good response back from DieVersions, I won't be buying any more of these Whisper Dies, no matter HOW pretty they are! Too much of a pain to use. OK...I always say, if I like something, I'll tell you...and same if I have a negative response. Oh yes, one other thing: a reader asked why I am making the pictures smaller on the post. I had read where blogger allows just so much free space, and if you make your pictures in the large size - which I did at first, it consumes more space, and you then have to pay to keep your blog. I'm not ready to venture there at the moment, so I've been making the pictures small!

- DieVersion Spring Egg, Whispers - plain old brown lightweight c/s

- pearlized pink cardstock

- Darice EF ( think it was a Darice)

- EK Success punch of SU sentiment stamped with Memento Rich Cocoa

Have a lovely Friday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. As always, thanks for stopping & sharing some of your time with me today. Hugs.


  1. Hi Mary, it is such an intricate die but it gives a stunning result despite all the problems. Have you tried rubbing it over with talcum/baby powder first,then a layer of waxed paper? Just an idea and a bit of a faff but if it allows you to use the die it is worth it. Hope all goes well with the sleep trial. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Hope you got either some sleep or your Kindle! ;-)
    I love the card, the die is lovely, but was it worth the time?
    I think so, it may have been a faff, but a beautiful result.

  3. Hi Mary, It is a shame that you are having so much problem with these dies as the egg one looks gorgeous. I have never heard of these dies. Have you tried rubbing a candle on the die before you put the card in or even use candle and the wax paper technique this sometimes works for me if I am struggling. I know the foam technique is not good it just damages your cardstock. Hugs Mo x

  4. Hello Mary, Thanks for stopping by my blog....Glad you came by and said hello.
    Your card is super pretty and I understand your feelings with "If an item is to much trouble to use, will not to use again." I think some of these manufactures don't take into account that most of us do not have a lot of time to waste on poking these little tidbits out of these delicate dies. Love the look and if I have something special than yes will take the agonizing time to poke and rub.
    Hopefully once I have finished moving my room (downsizing to be exact), I will be able to craft more and share more.
    I am a new follower and will be back as time allows to check in on my newest follower. Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~~Sandra V.

  5. Even though the die was hard to use, it made a gorgeous card! Your patience paid off.
    Have "fun" at the sleep study!! Yikes! I'd probably just snore so loud they'd kick me out!

  6. Very pretty egg shape. I find the ones with the pokey holes can be just as bad as if i use a pin to poke through then your left with a pin mark which i don't like. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. What a beautiful card Mary! That lacy egg is gorgeous, but looks like a PITA to work with. It's a shame because it is a beautiful die cut, I sure hope they come up with a solution! I love the embossing and then your lacy egg on top! You always come up with the best cards my friend. Oh and by the way, if people click on your pictures they come up nice and big to see! So I'm ok with the smaller pics! Hugs!

  8. What an elegant Easter card! Love that egg!