Hello again, and I hope your Monday was very good. We went to our fitness workout, and I felt very pleased with my efforts today. Some days I don't! The reason for this post, is that this morning when the post was first published, there were some strange hyperlinks appearing that I was not adding! Certain words would be shown as a link, and a popup ad would appear. I emailed the very knowledgeable Miss Pixie (otherwise known as Di - who is so generous with her time & knowledge) to ask her assistance. She emailed back some suggestions, (make sure my virus software is uptodate - it was, perhaps malicious software has gotten into my pc...). In the meantime I deleted the first publication, made a scheduled post, hoping it would fix the problem. It didn't! I manually updated the virus stuff - which runs automatically when the pc boots up each time. Then I ran a full manual scan, which is normally done every Saturday. I also have a Malware program, which I made sure was updated, then ran that to check if we have any 'bugs'. As I've been trying to visit some of my followers' blogs, I'm noticing the same phenomenon at other sites. So don't know what has happened with blogger. I tried logging on with Google Chrome, saw the same screwy links. Logged on with Firefox, did NOT see the weirdness. This just started this morning...didn't see this happening in my last post. I apologize for the annoyance if my readers are seeing these links with a popup ad. (BTW, Diane said she didn't see them...but I'm seeing this at other blogs, so perhaps some of you are seeing the same thing here). If anybody knows how to fix it, I'm open to suggestions. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't changed anything recently on this pc, changed anything on the blog (other than to ad the blog candy picture on the sidebar) I'm clueless! Thanks for looking in. Have a great evening.


  1. Just back from my Mum's place, no internet connection there so just starting to catch up with my fave blogs. I don't see anything wrong with yours so far but just working backwards through your posts to catch up!

  2. Hey Sweetie, This sounds similar to something that happened to me a few months back. Sometimes the viruses can be so bad, it takes an expert to fix it. My suggestion would be, to get someone out to work on your pc. I use the geek squad, and paid for a year of 24/7 remote service. It's the best investment I ever made!

    Good luck hun.

  3. Sorry cant help you Mary - how every weird.. I do use Firefox always for blogging use so dont know if that is the reason..
    Use the others occasionally for other things, for various reason.

    Love the wee image below on your card - soo cute!
    Thanks so much for popping over and your encouraging comment! Shaz in oz.x

  4. Have a friend who had the same problem on her blog but not sure how she fixed it.Blogger seems to be having quite a lot of malfunctiuons at the moment. Hugs Mrs a.

  5. I also use Firefox here Mary - my operating system is Linux Mint (which is free by the way) and thankfully most viruses are aimed at Microsoft as it's an easy target and so widely used.

    I still suspect that your PC has been infected - some malware is very good at hiding itself :(

    Di xx

  6. Hi Mary, I get your posts by email and nothing showed there, so I opened your blog and not seeing anything here either. Have not attempted to go to my blog to see if any problems there. Did you clear you internet cookies and restart your pc? I know you probably did, but just a thought. Otherwise, I don't know what would cause this. Who do you have for visurs protection? I have Norton 360 and just love them. I have had so much less problems, since I switched from Kaspersky to Norton. Hope you find the problem soon sweetheart. Hugs Lori