Hello again. We received a lovely Easter card from my niece, Julie. Thought I'd share it with you, as Julie doesn't have a blog. She lives in Fla., and I sure wish she'd lived a lot closer, because we would have such fun making cards together. (My daughter has no interest in rubber stamping or cardmaking...she just likes getting the cards I make! <g>). I think I have mentioned that Julie deals with Multiple Sclerosis, but she doesn't let it slow her down one bit. She crafts at many levels, runs marathons for MS fund raising, exercises, and stays very busy. We always enjoy receiving a handmade card from Julie. Here goes:

Julie's Easter Card (double click to enlarge)

Can't tell you any of the specs, but the papers & ribbons are so cute. The edge of the cardfront has been 'shaped', not sure if with a punch or scissors - but pretty effect. We loved it, and thanks Julie!
As always, thanks for joining me for a little visit, and have a wonderful afternoon.


  1. This lovely card demonstrates that Julie is talented just like her Auntie! Her bunny paper is so sweet!

    I have to buckle down and get two Easter cards made for you know who!!!
    We have them overnite on Good Friday and get to keep them for all day on Holy Saturday...we are so excited and DH is busy looking for an outing on Saturday...maybe the Easter Train at Stanley Park.
    I have little Stampin' Up shore bird card kits made up...they get to tear strips of paper for the shore...I think he will really like that part!

  2. Julie does a wonderful job at making card Mary! I bet to you would love for her to live close by, what aunt wouldn't?! How much fun you two could have!! I think Julie has the same talents that her auntie has! Julie sounds like an amazing young person, so glad to see that her MS hasn't gotten her down, I so admire that!! Hugs my friend!