A Stenciling Experiment

Good evening and Upstate South Carolina got the predicted 'weather' today. Nothing really drastic, just some pretty swirling snowflakes. I think the temps were in the mid 30's F. We're being advised that overnight & tomorrow will be much worse, with a sleety ice mixture and more snow. Usually we see quite a bit of traffic go by our home - as we live on the corner of 2 streets in a rather largish subdivision. There's been much less traffic today, but still some. In past winters, we've been able to stand at our front windows and watch our neighbors navigate the icy corner, heading for the steep hill that is the exit from the neighborhood. Very shortly, we see the same car come sliding slowly back past our view. We are both always thankful that we aren't the folks who are having to brave the roads to get to a job. (Well, I'm always more thankful than DH, who is sure He could manage the roads much better! NOT! He learned to drive in South Florida, just as I did!).

Let me say warm welcome to Ignacio Molina of Nicecrane Designs who has joined as my latest follower.

I'm sure that many of you visit here, know these beautiful Nicecrane images. I've seen them used so skillfully by many blogs that I follow, and just purchased some of the designs. (Check Redanne and Stamping with Klass to name 2 very enjoyable places where I had seen these designs used. There are quite a few others too, but these particular blogs were fresh in my memory). I finally got my brain & my fingers coordinated at the same time and ordered a couple of the bird images. You do know, I like birds, right? See my lovely new blog header?? Well, it was designed by Ignacio of NiceCrane and I am just over the moon with how pretty it is. THANK YOU, Ignacio!

Decided to change some of the other colors to complement the new header. What do do you think? And please do yourself a favor, and visit Nicecrane to see the beautiful images...which are extremely reasonably priced. Stay tuned...I hope I can soon do justice to the pretty bird sets I ordered.

I'm sharing my stencil experiment I mentioned in an earlier post. It's really more of an example of: Don't do what I did!

- card stock was coated with gesso and dried overnight. Used some modeling paste over a Memory Box vines stencil. Think I used a stencil that was more intricate than I should have for this attempt and also probably got the paste on too thick. Let this dry overnight, and made sure to clean the stencil immediately when I lifted it from the paste. Still had a little shifting mishap as I lifted the stencil, which yielded a raised surface after drying. (if that makes was a rough raised place that should not have been there!)  Used a sand block to sand the dried surface, and that helped.

- painted some acrylic paints in golden & turquoise greens that were mixed with a cream color - over the entire surface;  using a small brush, painted in the depressed areas of the vine motif, with the turquoise green. I was liking the effort a bit better after this dried.

- smudged some Viva D├ęcor Inca Silver paste with my finger over 2 corners - where you see the glimmer. Used some Viva Stempel paint in a turquoise color and smudged that around in some areas. The silver gleams nicely - no that is not a camera flash, but the silver that you see!

- MB Serene Bird die in navy blue Bazzill, popped up over a Die-namics Leaf Filled Flourish.
The leaf was cut from a snippet of dp, further shaded with copics. Lighter green leaf  was in the snippets pile, probably is a MB diecut from white c/s, shaded with copics. Used some of the 3D Crystal Effects on the leaves, let that dry overnight. Attempted to add the MB leaf around the bird with Glossy Accents. Where it touched the navy bird, the GA left 2 small smears. Thought it would dry clear. Didn't! Tried covering the edge with some glitter, intending to shade the glitter using dark blue copics. Alas, the copics pulled up the glitter. (I've seen that done on some other blogs, so not sure what I did wrong.).  This bird looks like he's been at our bird feeder and got some ice crystals on his feathers! I don't like it that he looks like he's got sugar spilled all over him, so this will go in the samples stash.

I had been a bit dissatisfied with the stencil results at first. As I kept working on the piece, I was liking it a bit better. As I was putting the dies atop the piece, I was getting happier. When I got the Glossy Accents smears on the bird, I was not pleased. I've always heard this stuff dries clear...well, it didn't on this navy Bazzill.

Dream sentiment is from mirror paper snippet using an Elizabeth Craft die. I enjoyed this experiment enough to try it again. I will use my Aileen's Easy Flow glue to adhere in future. I know this stuff dries clear...

Hope you enjoyed my ramblin's this evening. Also hope that should you be in the path of this storm front, that your power is staying on, snow is not endangering your roof, or any dreadful stuff like that. We're staying cozy, and I even cooked today - also baked a carrot cake for snacking tonight. Remember...I don't cook!

Thanks for your visit, and many Cyber Hugs. Come again when you can.




  1. I think your stenciled card looks lovely. I really enjoy using stencils...but I find them a bit challenging at times...but I enjoy experimenting with them.

  2. I love your new header and this is a great reminder that I wanted to order some butterfly prints from Nicecrane! I really like your experiment! The shine is so pretty and the vines are a perfect background for the pretty bird! I hope you get through tomorrow's storms safely and without loss of power.

  3. What problems? Looks pretty good to me. I love birds too. Especially Cardinals.


  4. Ooh, can I come over for carrot cake? Yummy. That is my youngest son's favorite cake.

    I am a bird lover, too. Your new header is gorgeous. Your stenciled card is soooo pretty. I really enjoy stencils but things can get messy when you start using all these pastes, sprays, etc. I think this turned out great. I do know about the bumps in the road, though, when doing these type cards. I'm certainly no where near, but it is nice and fun when I try.

    We had snow today! We didn't have much but it did cover everything. It was so pretty. We are supposed to get 1-3" tonight but the weatherman said you never know....may be more.

    To answer your question about the flower stamp I used yesterday, yes, it did come from my shopping trip. What fun I had!!! You know all about that, don't you? :-) I bought lots of stamps, stencils, and some ALABAMA football paper/stamps. I don't think I bought any dies but she has a lot.

  5. I have some stencils and I need to play with them to see what I can create from all the crafty stuff I own. I love your card, the colour of the background is beautiful and I like the frosty bird too. Keep warm and safe xx

  6. Looks beautiful to me! Very pretty card, Mary...thanks for sharing it! Your new blog header is wonderful! Love it!

  7. I feel your pain with all the work and effort you put into this card, and you're not even happy with the results! Been there/done that SO many times!I think it's gorgeous with that aqua shimmer and bright green leaves, The glitter doesn't look as bad as you think it does, but then we are our own worst critics aren't we?! Your blog header looks great Mary! She did a wonderful job with it!
    Stay warm, and stay safe, and we're going to do the same! I'm cooking Valentine's dinner a day early tomorrow, because I have this feeling I won't be able to cook on Friday after this storm roars through. It's a heavy wet snow, and we're supposed to get at least a foot, if not more. I may run to the store and get s'more stuff so we can roast marshmallows in the wood stove in the basement! LOL

  8. You may not be happy but I think it is lovely! I do know how you feel, tho, I think we have all been there! Love the embossing and all the shimmer.

  9. Very nice card, and what a lot of work!
    I have a few stencils...I'm going to play sometime!
    Stay warm!
    We're still in the -20's, hoping to warm up this weekend!

  10. For someone that doesn't cook, a carrot cake sounds pretty involved - but delicious just the same!

    I love your card and the use of the stencils! I'm still trying to get used to them but they really are fun to do. I'll have to try painting like you did because it made a gorgeous background! Also love that bird and vine. All in all, a totally beautiful card!

    Like your new blog header too! VERY nice!!!

    I sent you a couple of e-mails earlier today - one regarding the Paint Pens and the other the weather!!! Just wanted to tell y'all to stay indoors and hope you don't get hit too bad with the snow and ice.


  11. Oh Mary! I think the background you created is gorgeous! Love the texture and shine... What a great technique. Beautiful!

  12. Mary I like your new header and colour. We have our first snow today came down thick but the ground is to wet for it to lie. I will have to watch going to work for spillery surfaces. Your story about watching your neighbours going up the hill then sliding back down reminds me of when we lived in the south of Germany we lived at the bottom of a hill and I did the same - stood at the window and watched the fun!! Gosh you put a lot of work into your card, I would have given up at having to wait for the first layer having to dry, no patience that's me, but you have done a beautiful job with this. Stay warm and safe Hazel x

  13. What a fantastic project, I love everything you have done.
    Love your new header, I would love to change mine. I am hopeless yes! I really mean hopeless on the computer so will have to give it a miss.
    Have a wonderful day

    Patricia xx

  14. Wonderful new blog banner, Mary!!

    I'll be honest and say that a lot of what you talked about went right over my head. I'm not getting into the stenciling, unless I happen to pounce with ink or chalk using something I already have. It's all the rage right now, but I've got too many other things I want to get to first. All I know is, your design and glossy card are very pretty! The glittery bird looks just fine, but that is odd that it didn't dry clear.

    Glad you are safely inside with homemade carrot cake. Yummo!! Hugs, Darnell

  15. Love the embossing and texture and I think the sparkly bird looks great -love the new blog header --and carrot cake too
    Carol x

  16. This card is beautiful. Love the different shades of color. The bird is also very lovely. Sounds like living at hour house allows you some interesting viewing. Have a fun filled day.

  17. You got a lot of product into this card. I think it came out wonderfully. The stenciled background is amazing. I love the bird glittered just like that. Isn't it fun to just experiment sometimes?

  18. Oh Momma Mary, I am in love with your new header!! So you! I too love to watch the birds out back here, especially when we throw the "crumbs" of corn out on top of the snow. They are so cute and pretty. Now for your card...I love it!!! I know you are unhappy with a few things, but it is a gorgeous card. I love the background with the paste and stencil!! That silver rub looks amazing with the color you painted the paste, boy it is a gorgeous color! I love the bird too and the leaves. I love the whole thing! lol I think this is "send" worthy myself. Now they are saying that a lot of people are going to lose their electric and it will be out for a long time. I am sending up prayers that yours doesn't go out and please don't go out on the ice unless you absolutely have to!!! Stay safe and stay warm!!! Hugs!

  19. Hats off to you and your stencil project, Mary. I like it! I even like the snowy effect on the bird. The background is perfectly gorgeous. You may not be totally satisfied, but believe me, this is an awesome card. I wish I had some of your carrot cake :). Stay warm, girlfriend!

  20. It looks beautiful, Mary!! I love the texture and the sparkle!! So, so gorgeous!! And I love your new blog header!! Stay safe and warm...hopefully you won't get more snow and ice. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  21. Love your new blog header Mary, and your card came out beautifully too. The texture and colours look great, and the bird just looks a bit snowy which is fine. I love the Memory Box dies they are gorgeous. x

  22. This is beautiful Mary its gorgeous and love your new header! huggles Sue xx

  23. I'm liking your stencil very much. Love the new header and you side colours. I have bought from Nicecrane in the past. In fact I have a Tag hanging on my notice board right in front of me which has one of his designs on it. A beautiful dragonfly and water baby. Winds have been bad here today but died down now . We have another onslaught due in on Friday. Is there no end to this wretched weather. Like you am so glad we don't have to struggle into work anymore. Have baked bread today so that The Doc didn't need to go out shopping. Duck eggs for tea. Gosh is that the time? Hugs Mrs A.

  24. OMG yout backgournd on this card is supberb Mary,,,,and congratulatins you choose the perfecy back now in your blog,,,,,,,,,coordinating wiht my Header,,,,,,wowwwww, horayyy for Mary.

  25. I have a horrid time with stencils Mary -- I think your card turned out beautifully!
    We have about 3 inches of snow I guess and it is still coming down. I am loving it and the birds are all loving me. I have shoveled the patio off my craft room 3 times so seed and peanuts will not disappear under the snow. Once again your card is so pretty!
    Okay - I want a fancy blog desgin - how do I get one?
    sandy xx

  26. I love the background Mary, it is very effective. Great card xx

  27. Hi Mary. your stencilled card looks great. I love the pretty colour and lovely shimmer of the products you used.
    Your new blog banner is lovely with all those brightly coloured birds.
    Hope you don't get too much snow or have problems with the power supply.
    Jean x

  28. Hi Mary, Glad you are safe and warm in your home watching the others slip and slide over the road, so they have chains on their wheels? We do not have extreme weather here, mind you a bit odd this year. Love you stenciled card have bought a few stencils and never used them. Go well and keep warm. xxx

  29. I'm liking how your stencil experiment turned out. I think you are brave to keep trying a little of this and that on it. That stuff makes me nervous. Your descriptions of cars coming up going forward on minute and back by sliding down the hill the next made me chuckle. Well, I don't have to drive in it!

  30. This is gorgeous !!! Your stenciling looks fantastic !!! Wonderful colors and design!!! Hope you have a wonderful day !!


  31. Mary this is just gorgeous I love the bird!! Beautiful


    Vic x