Lovely Valentine Card from a Lovely Friend

Good evening & welcome to a very late post. Today started late, then had to make a grocery run, as our area is expecting some severe weather to move in tomorrow evening. Could be a 'no-show', and I won't complain, but it's best to have supplies on hand. Our weather folks are saying it could be the worst that our Upstate South Carolina region has seen in a few years. All this is relative, compared to what our neighbors up north are dealing with. Also DH came down with a cold on Friday, so I've been trying to keep my distance, as I don't want it. We're wiping down surfaces, I'm sleeping in another room, and generally staying away from him, except to administer TLC when needed.

Let me welcome some new friends, and I hope you'll find time to pay a visit to these talented bloggers as well, and let them know I sent you.

Shirley R of Card Art, Etc
Mary S of All Nite Owls

Also many thanks for all the comments about the light box that I shared; I must give all the credit to Miss Cornelia of Stempel Spass: It was her idea, I just made something rather like what she had done. I'm also finding that it works better for my use at night, but I'm still experimenting with using during the sunshine hours too.

On another note: I tried my first attempt at using stencils & embossing paste last evening. I'll share that later. It was not a stellar result, as I used too much paste over what was probably too intricate a stencil for a first try. (well, I did just a tiny bit in a class, but we won't count that!). I'm going to see what I can do with it now that it's dried.

I don't have a card to share this evening, as I've been working on some other stuff lately, but I did want to share this lovely Valentine we received Saturday, from the lovely Miss Bonnie K. So you can enjoy it along with us!

Exterior of Bonnie's Valentine Card

So Bonnie, thank you so much for thinking of us. You made the day for 2 people at this house.

Now I'll say good night, 'cause I'm off to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey. Can you say 'addicted'? Well, not really, but I am addicted to Doc Martin. I was so pleased to see that one of the PBS stations had the 1st episode of series 6 aired last night. I had already seen it on Acorn TV, but was not expecting our local PBS affiliates to air it that soon.

Come again when you have time. Hugs


  1. I saw the similar one that Bonnie made on her blog. I love all the pinkness. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Nice card Mary. Jill is addicted too.

  3. Cuteness! What a fun creation :-) I am eager to try the stenciling too! Maybe tomorrow... Hope you don't catch hubby's bug!

  4. Such a pretty Valentine - the heart flowers are sweet. I can easily see how this would make you happy. Hope your hubby feels better soon. And here's hoping the snow misses both our areas :)

  5. Beautiful Valentine card, hope the weather misses you if not stay in and keep save also I hope DH feels better. Hazel x

  6. What a beautiful friend to send you this, I like the sentiment.
    Hope your hubby feels better soon, keep well.
    Have a good day

    Patricia xx

  7. Lovely card Mary the heart flowers are so sweet. Hope your hubby is soon betterif the bad weather arrives more crafty time x Susan x

  8. What a pretty Valentine and how sweet of Miss Bonnie to think of you guys!! I hope that storm misses you, I think though that everyone is getting some kind of weather they don't want around the world. Crazy weather it's been. I hope that hubby feels better soon!! I want to try that embossing paste too, sounds and looks like fun! Can't wait to see yours Momma Mary cause I know it will be fabulous! Hugs!

  9. What a lovely card, so sweet, the little pearls in the centers of the flowers are just the perfect touch! I watch Dontown Abbey, actually the only TV show I have to see in the week - just love it. My daughter was out at a handbell rehearsal, and it was already snowing, so I wanted to stay up for her getting home and so got pulled in on the show that came on after DA - it was "The Making of a Lady" (I think it may have been a movie), but if you like DA, no doubt you would enjoy that too!

  10. That's a darling valentine. How sweet of her to send it along.
    I was hoping for a bit of snow but I'm thinking we're just going to get a mix of sleet, ice, and snow and
    not much accumulation of snow, at all. Boo Hoo Hope you stay warm and cozy....and don't catch DH's cold.

  11. That is such a pretty Valentine's card. I love the flowers that she stamped on it. I like that it is a tag too. I think tags need love too. Hope the weathermen were wrong and that hubby gets better soon.

  12. What a beautiful card!! I hope you hubby is feeling much better!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Bonnie sent you a cute card. Hope you get left out of the bad weather. It is so bad everywhere. What a yukky year this has been. I can't wait for spring. Hope this posts today. I couldn't even load your blog this morning. Take care.

  14. Mary the ikea tissue is sold in the store , lots of sheets and not expensive, come in a pkts pinks, greens and blues. I have got to say I have a thing for tissue paper always think wrapping something in tissue just adds that extra touch. Hazel x

  15. Sorry meant to say the pink back ground was the big one of the SB set. I am lucky to be able to borrow all these great die sets from my sister, just starting out on making cards this has been a great help and has saved me some pennies too. Hazel x

  16. So glad you are enjoying it! Hope the bad weather misses you. If it doesn't I hope you stay inside and safe!

  17. Hey Mary. Just calling by to see how you are. Lovely photo of you there. Haven't noticed it before tonight. Gorgeous card too.
    Glad to hear you are both well, barring the cold. You look after yourselves with the weather.

  18. Bonnie's card is a "klass" act, so I'm sure you're enjoying it!
    Stay warm and stay safe in this severe weather bout! Up north here, we're getting to be serious pros at dealing with it! Another "disruptive" snow storm is coming in on Thursday, and yet another one again in a few more days! We shouldn't have any wells going dry for a while anyway, so there's something good coming from all of this snow :)

  19. A really lovely valentine card you received Mary, hope DH is soon feeling better. x

  20. Oh, lucky you, Mary!! I saw that card on Bonnie's blog. All her work is really beautiful and she's as sweet as can be!! Thanks for sharing!

    I love the new banner, too, with the wonderful birds ~ especially the red cardinal!!

    Take care in the weather you are having! Hugs, Darnell