Friends, Valentines & Moonlight Snow


Back with a quick post to share what DH just got out of the mailbox about dusk. He thought the ice had melted enough to make a trip out safely. I watched from a window above the garage (our garage is on the bottom level of our house) to watch that he didn't slip. Thinking "if he does, how will I pick him up?". The trip was very worthwhile, because we got 2 envelopes of sweet cheer. Now they may have been in the box 2 days ago, but we weren't risking the trip. 

Candee's Card

Brenda W's Card
These two thoughtful & beautiful cards just made that trip to the mailbox worthwhile. Thank you, Candee & Brenda, for thinking of us.
One last snow picture that I took last night, after DH commented on how pretty the full moon was shining a path across the snow. Well, you can see the moon, but forget the path! We could see it though. Beautiful and the neighborhood was very quiet too. Awesome feeling. 

The snow has melted off the front porch so was able to step outside. There's still some ice patches around. Had thought to go out for a Valentine breakfast this morning, but I'm a wimp, and didn't want to chance any black ice. Looked to me like our driveway still had some ice we could see, and I worried about any that we couldn't see. I've already had a turn with that, don't care to repeat the experience.

Hope your V. Day was wonderful. Ours was quiet. Quiet is good...I got a nap. Naps are good too.
G'nite, and thanks for popping in. Stay warm. Hugs



  1. How wonderful to get such pretty valentine cards, Mary. I know you are enjoying them so much. Your snow looks so pretty with that moonlight shining on it.

    Hubby and I went out a bit ago for dinner and the restaurants were all so full so we decided to come back home and go back around 8:00. I hope the crowds clear out some.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. What a lovely surprise from your mailbox, it's always a treat receiving unexpected cards :) Your snowy pic looks gorgeous although it sounds wise to stay inside if there is dangerous ice around. We don't get snow so this looks wonderful! Cathy x

  3. How lovely are those Valentine's you received, and what a wonderful surprise to find them in your mailbox! The photo of the moonlit yard is so pretty!! TFS

  4. What a pretty moonlit photo! Would make a perfect Christmas card for next year - just highlighted with a little glitter.!

    How wonderful that you receive all these homemade cards for special occasions.

  5. Hello Mary, such sweet Valentine Cards, from such sweet people.
    Glad you had a quite day Yes! quite is good, we love quite.
    Your snow scene is beautiful, we have snow here, thank goodness we have stocked up on essential food and the freezer is full.
    Stay safe

    Patricia xx

  6. Two beautiful cards Mary rom two thoughtful friends. Oh your snow looks lovely but totally see it's what lies under it that is the trouble, you both did the right thing and stayed in and stayed safe. We didn't go out for tea last nigh like we normally do as it snowed here in the late afternoon, I had a long week with the girls being off on half term holidays so I had to work - the down side of being a nanny I suppose, but love them as much as if they were my grand daughters so I just keep working. Hazel xx

  7. What lovely and thoughtful cards you received, Mary! You have a lot more snow left than we do. It's all gone in our area. We had a quiet Valentine's Day and dinner with friends. So glad you enjoyed your day :)

  8. We had a quiet day too. The little snow they predicted turned out to be 5 1/2 inches. So we didn't venture out. So glad you enjoyed the card.

  9. The cards are both beautiful Mary, you have some very talented friends. Anne x

  10. The snow looks beautiful but can be treachorous I know, so best to be careful. These are two lovely cards Mary, and so nice to have received them. x

  11. Pretty cards...worth venturing out to the mailbox for those!

    Take care...your photo is beautiful but I am concerned about that ice...Take care my friend!

  12. Candee sure does make beautiful cards! I love her card! I also love Brenda W's card too. How sweet these two woman are! I haven't been out to my mail box in forever. lol To slickery out there! The moon has been so beautiful and when it shines on the snow, well there just isn't a prettier picture! Hugs!