Hello and Happy Friday evening. We had a much needed rainy day, & since I am inside, pretty much sitting on my duff, it didn't bother me one bit that it was a gloomy rainy day. Sometimes gray weather can get me down. I've learned that I am a person who needs sunshine. Have my laptop downstairs with me downstairs in the basement, and even though my laptop doesn't have all my favorite blogs bookmarked, it's helped me pass the time the past few days. Surgery went well, and things have not been too bad. So far the worst thing has been trying to get a shower last night. I'm sure anyone watching us, would have laughed themselves silly. But I did get cleaned, felt much better afterward, even though I was worn out. Received the most lovely card from my blog friend Candee today, and many well wishing emails. Thanks so much to all of you for them. They are very much appreciated. I am awestruck, sometimes, at the kindness of people. So that's it for now...maybe in a few weeks I can post some more pictures. In the meantime, when I feel like doing so, I'm using copics to color up some stamped images. Trying to work on some Christmas things...I'm always behind. Thanks for stopping in to visit, and have a wonderful weekend. See ya next time.


  1. Hi Mary, oh how I know the hassle of a shower when immobilised - and also the bliss when it's all over and you feel refreshed - as well as ready for a lie-down!

    I'll send some playmates over tomorrow from the roll call to say hello to you - so keep an eye on your blog. And make sure that Mrs A isn't at the head of the queue to take your temperature, am not sure she should be let loose on anyone unable to run away :)

    Love and hugs, Di xx

  2. So pleased to hear the op went well. Sending hugs your way xxx