Good Morning & hopefully you have a fun weekend ahead. Shortly we will be on our way to the annual local stamp convention that is held each September. When I first got interested in this hobby, the sponsor was Heirloom Rubber Stamps but for the past 2 years it's been Scrap Arts. Some of my buddies & I were talking and we've decided there were lots more vendors when it was Heirloom. Not sure if this change we perceive is due to the sponsor; if fewer people are coming, therefore many vendors don't sign up for the show; or if the place where it is held, raised the entry fees way too expensive to make it profitable for vendors to participate. Earlier years it would run for 2 entire days but this year it's Friday night & then Saturday. When I checked online for the vendor list, didn't see as many listed as I was hoping. I'm sure I'll still  manage to find lots of things that I can't live without - but it's always a better show when one sees lots of vendors and especially those that I buy from online too. (Like Impression Obsession and Our Daily Bread Designs for example).

Here's a card that should have been very easy to do. Love this Elizabeth Craft Ribbon Tree die, but oh did I struggle with it. (it cut beautifully, but trying to get the little bits assembled so that the tree didn't look wonkered.. .my gracious. This one is the 3rd try, and I said "That's it - I'm tired of messing about with it".

I used several small paper packs - selecting random papers I thought would look nice together. This would be a great snippets card, but being honest, I'll confess I used 'whole papers'. Selecting the tiers from several papers, the remains would make 3 more trees and the die will make 2 tree sizes. This is the larger one. I looked at the example on the package to assemble, used the same configuration as shown. The pictured example doesn't look all that straight either, but mine still didn't look exactly quite right!

- Elizabeth Craft Ribbon Tree die. (My first effort, I glued the tree trunk to the card, placed the tiers against the trunk. Looked really crooked when I finished, even though I was attempting to keep the overhang edges balanced. Next effort I glued the tiers together first, then put the trunk in what looked to be the center of the stack. Still didn't look right. Did the same thing with this one that I finally settled with, thought it was ok, but then once I had it adhered to the embossed background, the top looks tipsy. Well, we shall just call this one a Folk Art Christmas Tree!

- EF is by Kars, and one of my favorite Snowflake folder.

- sentiment is an Elizabeth Craft sticker.

This is the first Elizabeth Craft die that I have to admit, I probably won't use a lot. Not because it doesn't cut well, but it's just too fiddly for my fingers. Maybe there is an easier way to assemble it than I did, maybe it's supposed to look slightly askew...and maybe I'll change my mind later! LOL

Happy Day and catch you later. You know I'll be having fun at the stamp show. Some of my buddies are supposed to be there. I usually enjoy walking around by myself, not feeling like I have to keep up or wait on, other folks. Thanks for joining me today, and Blessings.


  1. The convention should be so much fun and wish I was there to tag along with you!!! Have fun!

    Love this tree!!!!! A perfect card. If you ever see another one of those embossing folders, grab it for me! Love it!

  2. Hi Mary. Really pretty tree. Such a great die that cuts designs for each layer. Definitely need lots of patience to put all the pieces together - you did a fabulous job! Loll xx

  3. I can see what you mean. the OCD part of me would have been going crazy! What about if you assembled them all slightly askew...on purpose.
    Then it would be randomly askew all over!!!

    Love the pretty papers.
    This die could have double duty. It would make a cute layered skirt if you left the top couple layers of the tree off and added a hanger. Could be a gift card holder for a teenager!

  4. Oh dear, don't you just hate it when you have to fiddle so much to use something that you have looked forward to using.
    It is a brilliant idea and does look good.

    Kath x

  5. You can always say it got a bit tipsy from the sherry! Actually I rather like its jaunty angle
    so keep as is. Lovely colours. Have fun at the fayre and don't buy anything I wouldn't!!! Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Miss and me are hitting the Christmas fayres this yr. Way to go!!

  6. This is a beautiful die but it's so intricate it's no wonder it was a struggle to put together. Super card.

  7. I love this Mary! I think it looks great askew-ed! I love all the snippets of papers you used and I love it on the white snow embossed background! It's a fabulous card!!! Hugs!

  8. I can see where this would be fiddly to put together, but it's well worth the effort! have fun at the craft show! Can't wait to see what you find.