Good afternoon, and our Sunday is on the downslope toward late evening. It's been a lovely day; we even got in some swing time on the front porch. My #1 brother & SIL came by for a little visit, and to borrow a tool from DH. This brother is the family handyman, but unfortunately in the last years, he's had lots of eye problems. While we were in the driveway, saying goodbye to them, #2 brother walked by with his little dog (a Schnauzer). So we all chatted for a few minutes. They left and then DH, Bro #2 & I adjourned to the front porch to sit and yak a spell. There was a lovely breeze, so it was very pleasant to sit out.

Trying to play catch up with a few loads of laundry that didn't get done yesterday while we swanned off to the stamp show. Met a friend at the entrance and she & I stayed together, while DH wandered off to spot stuff that he thought I should see. We also met a bunch of our other stamp buddies from the Thursday stamp group I used to attend. It was delightful to see them after several months. Will try to spread out all the loot and take a picture of some of the stuff we bought. Oh it was fun, even though we didn't have as many vendors attending as have in previous years.

I had mentioned that Friday night I took a Mixed Media class (No, definitely NOT getting in journaling, but I enjoyed the techniques we learned).

So here's a couple pictures of the 12x12 sheet I produced using gesso (first layer on the paper), drying gesso, then spraying with Dylusions, adding some other products. We each picked a set of the sprays, choosing colors we thought would go well together (I chose blues), sprayed over the dried gesso, then wipe or swirl with a baby wipe or paper towel. I had textured my application of gesso - so had some ridge-y places. Most of the other students kept their gesso layer flat, so it dried faster. I wanted to try the textured look that I've seen on some blogs. The green places in the work were applications of Acrylic Silk paste, spread along the margin, then spritzed with water, watch it run, or blot it as you chose to do. The Silk Acrylics were a new product to me as well as the gesso, stone art, and pearlized embossing paste.

12x12 finished page- started with basic cream card stock

lower left section-after drying the surface, added stamping; Stone Art paste through a stencil (leaves) then painted with pearlized texture paste and Dylusions mixed together on a palette, using a brush

Butterfly charm, spots painted with pearlized paste mixed with Dylusion spritzed into it. Big Brush pen coloring the hummingbird

closeup of Stone Art raised surface- no color added
Gesso added through butterfly stencil, then leveled off using a palette knife. later added some color using a Faber Castell Big Brush pen, which can be blended while wet
Close up of the butterfly stencil & gesso. There is a bit of pearlized paint on the body.
The 2 sisters who taught this class were first time teachers. They did a fantastic job, answered all our questions - even those that didn't specifically pertain to the particular techniques we were doing for this class. All of us had 'what if' questions, and the ladies were so enthusiastic about trying to discuss - from either their personal experimentation, or just a general class discussion based on one person's knowledge about the processes we were asking about. It was so informative & good for me, because I'm a sort of 'controlled crafter', not great about just winging it with new techniques. This class led us to just be 'free' with our experimentation, and once I got started, I had a lot of fun. I did take a pair of think latex gloves, which I've learned is a good tool to use when I'm working with the Dylusions sprays. Don't like getting my hands all sticky, discolored - whatever, so the gloves are a necessary tool for me.
Thanks for popping in to visit this evening & I hope your weekend was just grand. Hugs



  1. So glad to see you trying the textured approach Mary, it looks so very effective. I love the blues you chose, it is very uplifting. Your page reminds me of a lovely, warm, sunny day - gorgeous work. Hugs, Anne x

  2. This looks so cool Momma Mary! I love the raised parts and the inky colors! I have no clue about any of this, so I'm lost. lol But it looks really neat! I'm glad that this was a good class and that you learned some new techniques!! Hugs!

  3. Sounds like good teachers and a good class. I am a bit too controlled too so ùi do know what you mean. I try to control the card too much and only ever now and again let go!
    This class sounds like something I should take!

  4. This is amazing! So many different techniques and details! Beautiful colors too!

  5. The main question is, did you have fun!! You are so lucky to have these classes in your area. You are off to a good start. I love mixed media. That is more or less what I do with the Dictionary challenge. do some more!!!!