Good Morning. We're in South Florida today, and I had scheduled a post to show up yesterday as we were traveling. I signed in using the laptop today, and see that my scheduled post is showing only as a draft. Not sure what is going on, as I had double checked the time that it was to post. I also see that on my laptop I am signed into this blog with gmail (which I think I set up when I was in Boston during the summer and in checking around blogger, it seems I can't change that). On my pc at home I'm signed in as I usually do. Oh I hate when I mess up stuff like this! I've tried to get that post to publish, but can only preview it. Sorry!

We had a nice day traveling south, beautiful weather. Very coolish as we left SC. Had to return to our house 2 different times before we actually got started for real. We stopped about a mile from our house to top off the gas. DH had gotten some travel cash on Saturday, even though we normally just use credit cards. I had put the money in my wallet as I was doing the last minute batten down the hatches house check, and laid my wallet on the dresser, to pick up as I came out of our bedroom. While DH was pumping the gas, I looked for my wallet to give him some of the bills to put in his own wallet, guess what? No wallet. So back home we go. Good thing I discovered this when I did, instead of 200 miles down the road. No drivers license, no insurance cards, etc..and all the other stuff you must have handy.

Then we started off again, got just a bit further down the road, and DH said "Did you check that the garage door closed?". Nope, neither of us could remember so back we go once again. Then finally officially got on the road, stopped to eat breakfast before we got out of our local area. We were about  90 minutes late on our departure, but it was not really a big problem. Does this kind of thing happen to you? I try to make lists (I did!) of pre-trip things  - like being sure the house temp is set to a certain degree and that it will hold for the period we're away, garbage is emptied, no running toilets, etc. but we still manage to leave in a flurry of forgotten things. Invariably.

As we travelled further south, the temperature warmed up considerably. Today it is lovely, and as I type this, I'm looking out on the water, sparkling like diamonds in the sun. So far I've not seen the dolphins that like to play out there, and the boat traffic has been fairly quiet as well. DD had a business meeting this morning, but should be home later. We're here with the 3 granddogs - who will sleep until their Mama gets back home.

Will try to take some pictures if I see anything interesting, and hope I can use this down time to visit some blogs. Didn't bring anything to make cards, hope my copics got packed along with some stamped images to color. So thanks for joining me today, and have a wonderful Monday. Hugs


  1. Mary, this sounds exactly like Jim and I!!! LOL! Sometimes it just takes us forever to finally get going as we have to go back so many times. Glad we're not the only ones. Hope y'all have a good time in sunny Florida! Safe travels returning home and I wouldn't worry at all about the computer issues. You'll get it all straightened out when you return I'm sure.

  2. Hey Mary :)
    Phew-I was exhausted going back and forth with you after your forgotten items LOL-So goodness knows how you must have felt!Yes-we have all done that I am sure!!
    How lovely of you to stop by and say hello to all your Blogging buddies-we don't need a card today-the lovely description of your travels was perfect! Hope you find your camera-would love to see some piccies if you have time :)
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  3. Oh my goodness, I hate when things like that happen. I'm so glad you remembered that wallet and garage door when you did. Going back too far down the road could have really spoiled things. I would sure like to be in sunny Floriday this very minute.

    Hope you get your post to publish. That's really a pain. Anyway, just enjoy your trip and have a lot of fun. Look for a scrapbook store so you can come home with something new and crafty. :-)

  4. Have a wonderful holiday Mary and just relax. We have just returned from our break and now I am ready to stamp again. Have fun

  5. Have a lovely time away Mary,lists are great but there always seems to be something left off them!! hope you did manage to pack your copics! LOL:) Cathy x

  6. Hi Mary, After you schedule your post you have to click on 'Publish' and then it should work for you.... but maybe you did that? Have a great trip :)

  7. I am happy to hear that you got to your destination safely Momma Mary!! Yes, we have done this type of thing also-It seem one of us always forgets something. So you are not alone in this! lol It is going to be warm here this week, tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 80's and today should get just about to 80. I can live with that!! lol Enjoy your time with Dana and know that you are loved and missed!!! Hugs!

  8. This sounds so familar. When we leave we put the dog in the utility room with her bed and water. She gets a treat and runs in there when we're getting ready to go. We have returned several times as well and each time she runs into the house and we have to give her another treat to get her in the utility room. Enjoy your trip. Thanks for the tip. I just went in and added my email so I will get comments. So many things to know!