Good evening. We had a definite touch of Fall in the air this morning as we had to get out for an early medical appointment. It did warm up mid-day, but the hint we've been feeling these last days was definitely more pronounced today. Actually, what is it -  3 more days until Official Fall??? This year has just flown past.

I've been wanting the Glowing Candles Memory Box die ever since I first saw it. Had it ordered at one place, been waiting forever it seems for it to get in stock and ship. I've been seeing some lovely cards using this die on so many blogs. Here's my version (well, the first one anyhow)..

MB die cut using a gold glitter paper. Recut it once more with green glitter paper, just to get the holly leaves, and overlaid the original diecut on the leaf portion. There's another small MB die of just holly leaves with a triple berry die, so I cut this one in green (for extra leaves) then again in red (berries, yes?). After I adhered the additional pieces, I had a light bulb moment:  should have used the round tipped embosser thing-y and shaped these extras for a bit of dimension. They were stuck down tight, and no way was I trying to take them off.

Used my favorite Aileen's Easy Flow glue for tiny bits of glue on the backside of the die. Using tweezers, I very carefully went to place on the red velvet paper (which I remembered having, and miraculously was able to find!). You guessed it...the piece dropped off the tweezers. Had the red been plain paper, the glue would have dried, no spots. On the velvet texture, it left a visible place, so that's why the little rhinestones by the candle flames. Hey, the rhinestones look better than the smears!
Added some red rhinestones over the little bobs at the ends of the holly sprigs, and decided to add some more over the red glitter berries too.

Sentiment is an Elizabeth Craft sticker...

Mat is green glitter paper, interior part removed & then just added to a white card base. I liked this one, but was aggravated at my clumsiness in smearing the velvet paper. I'm going to be making this in white & gold, white & silver too. Just love this die; it cut really well on the thicker glitter paper and definitely on the thinner glitter paper by American Crafts. The gold was not a terribly heavy weight, but heavier than the green.

Cheers, and I'm off to submit this at Pixie's Snippet Playground, as the green & gold glitter paper was from snippets! The Playground is open for 2 1/2 more days so why don't you hunt up some snippets, make a card (or another project which uses your leftover bits) & join in the fun?

As always, thanks for visiting this evening, and many cyber hugs.


  1. Oooo, what a beautiful card, Mary!! I saw that die cut at Scrapbook Creations--yes, I'm there like once a week!! ;-) I love how you used glitter paper. Duh! I never thought to use that! *smacks forehead*

    Thanks so much for dropping in on my blog. I follow you on Bloglovin' so I get to see your creations--I'll try to stop by more often!

  2. Hi Mary, I came over to say hi and thank you for becoming a new member on my blog! I have a welcome picture for you on mine. I already looked around a bit on your blog - some of your cards are absolutely fabulous! I very recently discovered the snippets playground - I am so glad I did! Your Christmas card is beautiful - isn't it cool that there is always a way to rescue cards. Love those little gems next to the flame - they really belong there.

    Good night, Cornelia

  3. I love that die too! So much so that I took it to England and gave it away! lol

    Just might have to buy one just for me as I have seen some gorgeous cards lately and yours is one of them...Gorgeous!

    I chuckled about the gems...dropping the gluey bit is something I thought only I could glad ùi have company!

  4. Fantastic card Mary. I have a stamp very similar to this , but never seen it as a die. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Mary this is beautiful :)

  6. I haven't seen this die yet - but love it! Sensational card in all the pretty red and green. Perfect card for Christmas! I'm the worlds worst about dropping stuff like that - but you saved it with the pretty rhinestones and they add the final touch to the card.

  7. Hi Mary , Nice to meet you, and thanks for the visit to my blog and the nice comments. I love my Snowman stamp, favorite of mine. I have to get my but in gear, I have not been making many cards lately.
    I am sure I will love Loll's candy, she is so very talented.
    Love the Job you did with this Memory box die, I have the same die and made a very nice card with it, and yours is just wonderful, I love how you did the flame with the bling, amazing how we can fix our mess up's!!! You did a beautiful job, Thanks for stopping by my way!!!

  8. This is such a beautiful and sparkly card ! Absolutely love the colors and sparkle !!


  9. Hello Mary,That is a lovely die-and you put it to good use with this perfect traditional Christmas card-lovely!
    Have a lovely day,Nessa xxx

  10. Smashing card and a great deployment of the rhinestones too


  11. I've been wanting this die myself, but seeing as I already have nearly 2 shoeboxes of finished Christmas cards, I'll put off buying one for now :)
    This turned out beautiful with the velvet paper and green glitter! Way to sparkle and dazzle up a card!

  12. Beautiful card Mary - and a great save there with the rhinestones too :) Some accidents turn out to be really happy ones.

    I have this die too waiting to be used - it's lovely and can be used in many, many way's I'm sure. Love your first outing with it!

    Hugs, Di xx

  13. This is a beautiful card Momma Mary!! I love that die and love all the extras you did to it! The glitter paper is just beautiful!! I have some of the velvet paper that I got 15+ years ago. Not sure why I got it, but I have it. lol Never thought to use it on cards. It looks so pretty on yours! I love the pearls by the flame even if they were put there to cover a smear, there's no mistakes in paper crafting!! lol Hugs!

  14. This is gorgeous Mary. Glad you managed to get it too! Isn't it a cracker!! Love the green glitter card you used. So versatile as so many looks depending which card you use.

  15. Wow, doesn't that gorgeous die look fantastic on the velvet paper! The gems next to the flames look great - if you hadn't said, I'd never have guessed it was to cover up a mistake!

    Have a lovely day!

    love Mags B x

  16. I was just looking at that candle die yesterday. I have a long, long list of wants from so many sites. Ugh! You've made this so pretty and I love your berries and holly. The candle drips look super in gold, too. Oh, you covered up well with those rhinestones.
    Hope you're having a great day.

  17. Love these candles and all the sparkle! Aren't rhinestones wonderful for covering up things! And they add such elegance!

  18. Hi Mary. That die is so pretty!!! Need to add yet another to my wish list :). Love the gold candles and the shine from the rhinestones. Loll xx

  19. Gorgeous Mary, love the velvety bg. Great save too with the rhinestones! I have this die on my wishlist too :) Cathy x

  20. So pretty and Merry Christmas to you too! I am looking for Halloween cards!

  21. Fab Festive card here Mary.

    Sarn xxx