Good evening. Just wanted to make a quick post to add some info to an earlier post comment I had made regarding an article I had read about some
 very nasty malware that is hitting computers. Here's a link to an article I just read, describing how this vicious software works. Hope it will save someone's computer ...

If you have time, it might be good to read through the article, because I couldn't really remember all the specifics as I made the post. Just that it was extremely important to back up ALL your computer files, not just the normal system ones.



  1. Thanks from me too Mary. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Thanks Mary, in fact about two or three hours ago we had a strange e-mail about something which allegedly was in the post to us, and luckily I had read your post so we didn't open it, as we knew we were not expecting anything at the moment. Whether this was that scam or not I don't know, but we weren't taking any chances! All it said was 'your order no. 200' which we thought was an odd sort of code no. Anyway any information about this sort of thing is always useful.

  3. Thanks Momma Mary, I will be reading up on this!