Hello. I wanted to finally be able to say a huge thank you to some new followers.

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I am so delighted to have all of you as new followers. Also many thanks to all of you who checked in to see the 3 Twenty Crafts blog hop posts the last 4 days. I hope you enjoyed the cards I created using these new stamp sets. They were fun to stamp, and each of the Design Team members created something so totally different with each set. I was amazed at how each of us saw a different way to create something pretty with the same sets. So good luck to the random winner(s) of the stamp sets that were offered as prizes.

I had shared a tip for using fine grit sand paper to condition new stamps. Another talented card maker and blogger (Benzi) shared another conditioning tip: to use a Staedtler eraser. She very kindly sent me the link to this tutorial. Thanks Benzi!

I'm having formatting problems with this post. For some reason which is totally unknown to me, the post wants to set up as a table. I've tried removing formatting, going into the HTML and looking around to see what I can fix.  Sorry, nothing I've done has worked! I did want to acknowledge my new followers, but time is speeding away, our new door is getting replaced this afternoon (and I'm still in my Pj's); so .... I'm going to have to go with the messed up formatting. Please forgive me, and if any of you Guru's know what I should do to fix this - help me out here! (cuz I know it will happen again! I was doing linking and I think that's what has messed me up! But maybe not!)...

We will be leaving Sunday to head to South Florida to spend the week with DD so won't be sharing any cards next week (maybe some pictures!). We haul down enough 'schtuff' without trying to drag along card making supplies. (well, if there's room, might take my copics & some images to color. Then we get busy, and I don't do thaanything!).Tomorrow is another Ritz glitter class with my buddy, Gloria, up at Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg. So gotta run.

Thanks for popping in, have a wonderful weekend, and Big Hugs from me to you.
Have a wonderful day, a happy weekend, and thanks for your visit. Big Hugs from me to you.


  1. I forgot to leave this tip yesterday Mary, many apologies.
    I have had issues with new sets of clear stamps myself. I always stamp new ones on scrap paper and if they don't stamp well I clean them and then use a clean eraser to rub over the top of them - that conditions the stamps and you get a better quality stamped image that way. I have found with Distress IP's that I need to stamp a couple of times after to condition the stamps and get a better result xx

  2. I too use the same method as Karen...but I am a bit of a hopeless stamper so might not be the best for advice!!!

    Have a wonderful week with your daughter.

  3. Lots of new followers, Mary. That's wonderful. About your post, do you have your alignment set correctly at the top? If that isn't it, I just don't know.
    Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip to Florida. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation Mary!!