Another Stamp Store Visit

Good evening, and welcome. For my new followers, I will be attempting to list your blogs here - once I return home, and can add your names & blogs to the database I keep of my following list (and I don't know how to do that for those who follow via Bloglovin). I think there might be some blog candy in the near future, and I use that numbered database with the Random Generator thing-y in order to know who the lucky number is! So if you follow here via bloglovin, I'd sure appreciate a heads up with your name and your blog name, so I can be sure to include everyone when I do some candy!

OK! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and if you don't celebrate the day as a holiday as the USA does, at least I hope you had something you were thankful for). In my case, of course, my sweet husband & daughter, son-in-law, granddogs and I still have 3 of my 5 brothers living. And so very many other blessings.

Several bloggers and some local friends who winter in Florida had suggested we visit Violette's Scrapbooking in Lakeland. I hesitated at first, as this city is about a 1 1/2 hr drive from where the DD lives. DD had to work today, so DH suggested a drive to find the place. We didn't set off real early, but we got there in plenty of time to browse a really wonderful & extremely well stocked store; very attractive displays in a well lighted, spacious - multi-roomed store. Oh My Goodness! I was pretty bad today, because there was a good supply of Northwoods stamps - which I love; some wonderful dies. (- Nope I don't like dies...NOT MUCH I DON'T!) DH is very good to hunt around, bring me back things he thinks I'd like. So we had a lot of fun. And No, I did NOT buy any paper here. :-)

I will have to say this, and perhaps I should not: We did not find this store to be as friendly as Sparkle N Sprinkle. We were greeted when we entered, but no one asked if there was anything specific we might be interested in, no offers to demonstrate any products, etc...Not a big thing of course, but since the visit to S/n/S earlier in the week was such a delightfully friendly visit, we both noticed the difference. DH talked with the lady who was manning the store, and informed me that she was not the owner. That may have made the difference, I don't know. This evening I chatted with a friend on FB who had suggested the visit, and her experience was totally different from ours today. There were not that many other customers - no Black Friday sales - which was ok by us. The sales person was kind enough to make a copy of 3 cards for me, since I had forgotten a camera, but we did have to purchase the stamps in order for her to do that. She was pleasant, just not especially welcoming, we felt. Like I said, I'll try to be honest in my opinions of things on any post I make. Not to say I'm gonna be right..but it's what I think! Overall, we did enjoy our visit, and yeah, I left a chunk of change. We'll call it an early Christmas present. From me to me! :-)

So g'night. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm told it is to be in the 80's tomorrow...typical Florida winter weather. Yay! Hugs from me to you.


  1. ├╣now I wonder which 3 stamps you bought!!! Have to wait for the finished

  2. Sounds like a good trip with a lot of nice goodies Momma Mary! I love that Joe goes with you and then helps pick out things he think you will love. I sure wish Dwayne would do that with me. lol Maybe one day. Some stores owners are off during the holidays and the workers aren't always as friendly, not always the case but a lot of the times. I always loved working with the public so when I worked at a deli, I treated everyone with special attention. I started getting such good comments from my boss who would come to me and tell me what people were telling him about me. It felt good to know that I made shopping for those people a good experience, which is the way it should be! Some of our business have lost sight of that They act like they are doing us a favor anymore. And I am finding with this generation that there aren't many professionals anymore. Sad. But glad that you are having a wonderful time and yes, we all have many blessings!!! I know I do!!! Now sent that 80 degree weather to here, it is 18 degrees this morning. Brrrrr lol Hugs!

  3. Glad you are having a lovely time in Florida and visiting lots of great craft shops. I wish we had some warmer days at the moment, but at least we have blue skies and sunshine today, and what leaves are left on the trees are a beautiful colour. xx

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! If we ever get back to Florida I will try to find these places. Have only just found Northwood stamps and I like the look of them a lot! Enjoy the rest of your visit x

  5. I need to visit more smaller scrapbook stores instead of sticking with the biggies like Hobby Lobby and Joann. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time there!! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Don't you just love those small LSS's? Sounds like you had a nice time. Wanna trade temps? Our high for tomorrow is a predicted 46!!!!!! LOL Enjoy!

  7. Sounds like you having a wonderful time, would like to visit Sparkle n Sprinkle myself :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  8. I think your hubby is a keeper! How nice of him to help you pick things out. It shows he really pays attention to what you like. Sometimes customer service is what stands between a good store and a great one. I'm glad you were able to find things you liked there. Makes the trip worthwhile.

  9. So glad you enjoyed the SNS Shoppe, Mary! Margaret is the proverbial "energizer bunny" and so much fun! Sounds like you hit the Jackpot at Violets! Maybe one of these times that you are down here we can enjoy a stamping date. I am pretty much home-bound, but some times I can drive, and we can do something together! hugs, de

  10. Hi Mary,
    It sounds like you've had a nice Thanksgiving with family. I love that you include your "grandogs." Too bad your experience in the store was a bit lacking. Yesterday I finally made it to Santa Fe and was appalled at how an owner talked to one of her staff. I told the woman (the staff) that she should be given a medal for how calm she remained! Bah Humbug!!!

    Oh, but I did finish my dresser and dyed some clothes pins!


  11. Hi Mary oh I'm really jealous again of your shopping trip he he :) I'm glad you got some lovely bits and your husband sounds so sweet! It's a shame about your experience in the shop especially since you made a huge effort to visit. Can't wait to see your treats and projects !!

    Enjoy the rest of your shopping :)


    Vic x

  12. Hi Mary,
    thank you for your lovely comment on my Christening card. It is indeed so lovey to have a wonderful comment like that.
    Sounds like your enjoying your time away. My that is hot weather expected tomorrow.
    Looking forward to your creations with your new purchases from the trip.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Sounds like a very nice trip ! I can only imagine how the Sparkle N Sprinkle store is , I love the embossing powders, glitter , well everything ,lol ! I am glad you had a lovely time ! Can't wait to see what beautiful projects you will create !


  14. I love that not only did the DH come with you, but then he hands you things you might like!! He's a keeper! I live in NJ and believe me there is such a dearth of stamping stores - they have slowly all gone out of business. The closest (apart from Michaels and ACMoore) is the Ink Pad in NY city. I used to go in there, but time just doesn't allow it any more. I wait for the conventions (usually twice a year) - and sometimes Margaret is there with SNS, then I get to help out!

    That lady is a little ball of fiery energy - and to agree with the DH - it really makes a big difference!

    I have joined your site, and look forward to reading more and seeing your creations.

    Good luck with the hot weather tomorrow. I started my Christmas cards this morning amidst all the static and the glitter!!


  15. I am so glad you got to go to Sparkle N Sprinkle. Margaret is so much fun and full of energy! I have helped at one of her shows, but I have not been able to make it to her store. Wish I had been with you!

  16. Oh, another craft store. Sounds as if you loaded up. You'll have so much fun with these goodies. I guess giving yourself an early Christmas present is a good thing. Ha
    I arrived home Sunday night and just got around to making and posting a new card. It had been a week since my last post. Kind of unusual.

  17. Hi Mary so agree welcoming makes all the difference to shopping!!

    I am wondering if you bought any spellbinders :D and yes am getting some of those presents to me too aren't we bad?? thanks for popping over. Shaz in Oz.x