Blog Candy

Good afternoon lovely visitor. Welcome.

First Business: Blog candy & how I did the count

 - I tracked all commenters' names for each of the days I had posted new blog candy. Each day that I added something to the collage, I had a scratch sheet where I listed each commenter's name for that day's post & would add when I saw new comments come in. After I saw the 200th follower, I created a spreadsheet with all the data, so I could see the names, assign numbers & get a total count. . Then used the maximum number of total entries & entered into the Random Generator thing-y. Several sweet commenters did not get included in the count, because I could not find them in the Blog Followers listing.  I checked & doublechecked. So hope I didn't miss counting someone who is a follower but that I can't see them. Anyway, several commenters loyally commented each day, and I put that information by the names as well (but I didn't use that as part of the RG thing & the name only had one entry for the final count)The number that showed up was no. 8. (I'll identify that name in a moment).My intentions with tracking the number of days each commentor visited, was that I plan to include a few extra treats for the winner...and I thought "One extra item for each day if more than one day's visit". I hope all this makes sense, and seems fair to everyone. Random Generator selected #8, which my spreadsheet identified as

Carol L of Our Little Inspirations 

Congratulations Carol L, and I hope you like the goodies. Carol L. will have 3 days (until Jan 20)to contact me with her snail mail so I can get the package off in the mail. If you leave the info as a comment, your personal info will not be published as I have moderate comments set on.

Carol has been a loyal follower, steady encourager and tip suggester- visited 3 days out of the 4. I have appreciated getting to know her. I wish I could have sent something to everyone who was kind enough to visit & leave sweet words each day. Even if I could give each a gift, the bloomin' postage would be too prohibitive! My sincere & humble thanks to everyone who comes, leaves words & gives me a link to return to your own lovely blogs for so much enjoyment & inspiration. So many talented people, and I'm so lucky to have each of you come see my work.

Think that's all the blog candy business, so on to a card on a separate post that will be scheduled later this evening. Come back again if you have time to check out one of my spray experiments and until then, God Bless & hugs. Thanks again to all of you lovely people who were along on the journey to 200 followers.


  1. Um... wait. I didn't understand how you figured out whatever it was you were figuring out (number of times commented, minus the square root of 700, plus the average density of a banana peel....). Was that like calculus or something? I'm a'scared! Anyway congrats to Carol L!

  2. Big congrats to Carol L. I happen to know she is one lucky person. :-) She is always winning something. I must find out her secret. LOL

  3. Gosh Mary, you did a lot of work to choose the right person for the candy. Big congratulations to Carol for winning! You deserve every one of the 200 followers Mary and here's to many more! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne x

    PS - bad news - my Vagabond has broken down! I think I am going to steer clear of electronic machines in future!

  4. Congratulations to Carol!! And congratulations again to you, Mary, on 200 followers!! You are a kind and talented friend to all!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Well, if this isn't a great kick-off to a wonderful evening and a fantastic weekend! Thank you SO much Mary! I'm so excited to have won, and I'll be emailing you with my snail mail :) Big thank-you {{hugs}}

  6. Congrats Carol!! Momma Mary gives the best blog candy, you won't be disappointed!

  7. Well done to Carol, and congratulations again Mary. x

  8. Congrats Mary on reaching 200 followers and congrats to Carol for winning the goodies : )

  9. Congratulations Mary for reaching your goal of followers and a big congrats to Carol as well!!!

  10. a big congrats Mary, you beat me well and truly...!!

    ... as dont think post as often as you do, well done on all you have achieved in your short time of blogging and for wonderful encouraging comments too, over on my blog!! are are a real blessing, Shaz in Oz.x

  11. Congrats on reaching 200 followers!