Friends' Cards

Good evening & I hope if you're in the path of this monster storm buffeting the north-eastern states, you are inside, cozy & warm and that you don't lose electric power. Our Upstate SC area had a high today of 35 & felt colder. That's quite chilly for us this early in the year..but not totally unexpected. I think Monday night is predicted to be 12, so tomorrow we shall make sure that all our outside faucet hookups are covered and the birdfeeders filled. They were empty when we got back home.

I want to extend a big welcome to a new follower, Lis of Paper Maker. Lis found my blog sorta by mistake through a misdirected email or comment. Anyway, I checked out her blog, and found some lovely work, so I think you would enjoy it as well. When you have time, please treat yourself to a visit to Lis.

As promised I'm sharing a few lovely cards we had waiting in the mail when we arrived home. Haven't done anything much since we've been back...still haven't unpacked the bed of the pickup. I have 2 plastic bins that have some new goodies. DH is having a back & hip problem so I didn't want to push to get this done, and didn't want to try to do it alone. (Had other stuff to handle anyway!)

Candee's Card 
 Candee has a blog post on this dryer sheet technique, explaining exactly how she created this lovely card.
Gloria's Card

Anne's Card
These are just a few of the wonderful cards we enjoyed. I was bowled over at receiving these beautiful creations from blog friends far away, many that I've only met online. I'm including the link to the cardmaker's blog where possible. Please visit & enjoy more of their gorgeous work. Truly, stampers and cardmakers are among the most generous & kind people. It made my heart glad to find these among all the bills that had come in over 2 wks...not to mention all the junk mail!!! I didn't want to have a real picture heavy post, so I'll share more later. My photographs in no way do justice to the beauty of these cards. Thanks for your visit, I'll try to have a card of my own to share soon. Hugs from me to you.


  1. So glad you got home safely! Hope your DH feels better each day. Back and hip pain are no fun. It was 35 here today too. Glad I didn't have to be out in it much. Stay warm! And I wish you a wonderful 2014 full of good health and joy!

  2. These are beautiful cards, and you are fortunate to have received such beautifully crafted cards like this from friends! Best wishes in the new year to you and yours :)

  3. ah Mary are truly lovely, thank you for sharing!!
    Off to peek at Lis' blog, Shaz in Oz.x

  4. Good Morning Mary. Sounds really bad weather. We are having storms too but with torrential rain and high winds. Keep safe at all costs my friend. Loving all those wonderful cards and isn't it nice to have so many crafty cards around you. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Happy mail is always the best! Hope hubby's hop and back problems are not too serious. Keep dry and stay warm, the unpacking will wait! Hugs, Anne x

  6. These cards are just stunning that you received Momma Mary! I love Candee's tutorial on the dryer sheet technique, now I just need some used dryer sheets! lol I don't use them, so will have to ask around. Love the cardinal card too, so pretty and they always make me think of you. The pine cones and greenery card is just so elegant. I think these cards are so beautiful and unique and you are such a sweetie so I can see why you got so many cards from bloggers! Hugs!!

  7. It's wonderful to receive such beautiful cards. Hope you had a wonderful trip. I've been away from my blog for almost two weeks. Look forward to seeing your upcoming creations.

    We may get a little snow tomorrow and a promise of 6 degrees Monday night. Argh!

  8. Candee's card and Gloria's are both lovely. I like the trees as the backgrounds on them both. A superb card from Anne too. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Hi, Mary! For some reason, I can't figure the dry sheet technique out, so I've not successfully completed a card using it yet. These are beautiful! hugs, de