Snow Day

Our backyard

Good evening. I didn't have a card ready to share today, and I wanted to welcome a new follower, Irene.. I think this is the proper link to Irene's wonderful blog: ttp:// Please take time to pay a visit to this lovely blogger.

We started getting light snow flurries in Upstate South Carolina about 1:30pm. It's been floating down all afternoon and DH challenged me to go outside to take some pictures. Our deck is beginning to be covered with white, so I stepped very gingerly. Now, I know my buddies up in the Northeast & Midwest are gonna say "That's nothing". True, but  in our area This Is A Big Hairy Deal! Thought I'd share some event pictures with you. Also a little adventure that I had on Saturday. Pics first:

    Back deck
 Shed - and maybe you can see the snowflakes drifting.
Now my adventure: Saturday night there was just a small bit of some chicken fajita mixture left - too much to toss, but not enough to bother storing. Decided to heat up in the microwave and nibble. Intended power setting was at 90% power, 1.5 minutes. Got on the pc, where I was returning visits & commenting. Became engrossed in all the lovely work I was enjoying at the blogs, when suddenly the smell of burning. Evidently I had set the timer for 15 minutes instead of the intended 1.5, and burned up the food; blackened a Blue & White corning ware ceramic pots that is older than our kid. Interior of the microwave was all brown & stained, not to mention a terrible burn smell. Left a cup of baking soda in it overnight, but next morning was still pretty awful. I couldn't stand the odor long enough to try to clean it, so out on the back porch it went. A Costco trip replaced it. The workman who had been doing some cement by the shed took it. We asked if he wanted it, that we thought it could be cleaned, but if he didn't - it was going to the dump. It worked just fine, but I couldn't stand the burnt smell. The oven is placed in an open cupboard built to house it, and the inside of that was all brown & stained as well - from the smoke escaping around the microwave.  DH has been putting a Kilz paint product on the cupboard walls after he washed off what stain he could, then adding coats of paint. The burnt smell is _nearly_ gone, but the paint smell - although low odor - is still with us. The new microwave is setting on the counter, and in the way of everything I try to do! Kinda scary when you do Dingbat things.
Now to a happier note: Yesterday this lovely brass easel for holding cards arrived from the lovely Miss Pixie (Diane) at the Snippet Playground. Mr. RG selected my number, and WOW was I one happy Elf! Thanks Miz Pixie. I LUV IT! Took a picture of the sweet little card enclosed, but it turned out blurry. DH has invited relatives for the chili I've got cooking, so gotta run & finish some mayo slaw & Texas Toast.. Great meal for a chilly evening. I was hurrying to get the pics made & posted, because of c'mp'ny comin' for supper. I had to get my photo gear off the table so we could get ready to eat.


That's it for this evening. I'll be MIA for a few days, as I have some card commitments due. I may manage to get something finish to post - but if not, Warm hugs. Be safe if it's icey or slippery where you are. Thanks for your visit.  


  1. I hope you don't get too much snow or the cold's no fun :/ Sorry about your microwave situation. Hopefully the smells will go away soon. Your new easel is gorgeous!! What a beautiful way to display a card for photos!! Stay safe and warm!! Have a wonderful chili dinner with your family :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Oh Mary, I feel your pain with the microwave! Several years ago I put eggs on to hard-boil, and shortly afterward, my doorbell rang. I went outside to talk to some dear friends, and 45 minutes later when I came back into the house, the smoke was so thick, I was surprised my 3 dogs were still alive! I scraped exploded eggs on the ceiling, walls and floor, and if you've never smelled burned eggs, you don't know what you're missing! LOL I think we've all done dumb stuff like that, but I was just grateful I didn't burn the house down! I see the bricks on your grill which made me chuckle. During our first good snowstorm this year, our grill cover must have blown over into the next county with the high winds, so we covered it with a big plastic heavy-duty bag and I plopped a big pot of dirt on top to hold it in place since we didn't have any bricks!! Come spring, we'll get a new one :) Enjoy the snow and stay warm!

  3. Your snow looks so pretty, Mary. From the photos, I think you may have had a tad more than we did.

    That microwave story is terrible. I'll have to remember that so I can be very careful about setting the time. Our new microwave had an arc in it last week and this is the second one to do that since we remodeled our kitchen last year. We took the first one back and looks as if this one is going back to the store, also.

    Congrats on your win. You've very lucky to get that lovely easel and the pretty card.

    Hope you and your company enjoyed your chili on this cold night.

  4. Walk carefully! You are probab;y not used to how slippery it can be.
    When I had my back surgery the surgeon said to never walk on the painted lines in crosswalks...Apparently many of his patients troubles started from a fall there! The painted strips are slippery compared to the ashpalt.

    ,Pretty amazing that you have snow. This weather is so strange, isn't it?

    Congratulations on winning the pretty easel. Di's card looks great.

  5. awwww Mary… too bad! We don't microwave but I started a piece of toast on fire in our toaster oven. Replaced it with a toaster! I have learned I have to set the timer if I leave the kitchen! lol
    We've gotten more zero-ish temps than I like! Rather have snow! brrrrr…shiver… brrr! Thankful I don't have to go out much! ; )

  6. Hahaha, that's a 'normal' day for me!
    Nice snow!
    Lovely easel!
    Very pretty!

  7. Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!!!!!!!! Ah, we're so cold here it might as well snow......but alas, none of the white stuff down this way! It did snow a couple hours north of us but that's it. I'm ready for SPRING!!!!
    Even though it's not much, the snow y'all did get is really pretty.
    LOL! I've never done that to a microwave before but can understand it completely! Hope y'all can get the smell out soon as I know how awful that can be.
    Big congrats on that easel win! So pretty.

  8. Where do I start? I think it is still snowing here the most microscopic flakes I believe I have ever seen but it is mounting up. We will see what it looks like tomorrow.
    I am laughing with you about the microwave - I have done the same thing. Just not paying attention!
    That easel is fabulous you lucky girl!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have now become your newest follower. That is a lot of snow for you all. I'm glad everything turned out ok with the micro disaster. You are not alone in doing tose dingbat things!!

  10. Mary I think we all have done dumb things at one time or another, with me it's the boiled egg thing, I can still do it - never learn. Loving your card stand. And thank you for your lovely comment on my "positive thoughts" card. Hazel x
    P.S. You take care in that snow, we are meant to get some this coming week.

  11. Oh! Mary, your micro food ............... Do that all the time. Last one, eggs I was hard boiling for a salad!!!
    Our snow is still staying on the hills at the moment.
    I love your beautiful stand and your lovely card.
    Hope your day is good

    Patricia xx

  12. Oh Mary! I am sorry for your microwave but it did make me smile - I think this kind of thing happens to most of us at some time or other! Your photos look beautiful, that is the kind of snow we get, when it comes, just a bit here and there. Take care though, it can be very slippery - I don;t want to be commiserating with you and broken bones! Love, love the easel, it is so beautiful! Hugs, Anne x

  13. Thank you so much Mary for your warm welcome. Oh Mary what a disaster, it's somthing I would do. Your weather, looks dreadful take care when out and about, thankfully we have no snow at present. A beautiful brass easel and card.

  14. Hi Mary, love your snowy scene - a little looks lovely, but hopefully you won't get so much that it causes a problem. Sorry about your microwave faux pas. I have had some badly burnt toast and the smell spreads all over and lasts for quite a while so I understand how horrid that must have been! Glad your playground win has arrived safely, and congrats again on winning that lovely easel. Anyway relax and enjoy your chili
    and have a good evening. x

  15. Snow is a huge deal in the south Momma Mary and it looks like you got at least an 1/2 to 1 inch of the white stuff! I hope you guys don't get that ice storm that will be coming through, I think they said from Charleston down was getting it. I'm so ready for spring, but old man winter isn't done with us yet I'm afraid. I'm so glad that you got rid of the microwave because I think you would have been sensitive to the "burn" smell it would emit with your asthma! Congrats on winning that lovely brass easel!!! You card looks so pretty on it!! Now you will be photographing your cards in style! Hugs!

  16. Well you are right, your snow is nothing compared to up here, but I understand down in the wonderful south it is a big deal. We had a foot of snow on the weekend and a two day blizzard to go along with it. It's snowing again today. I can relate to using the wrong timing on the microwave... have a great day, Shirleyx

  17. Oh my gosh! My granny did the same thing--meant 3 minutes and put 30. It caught fire and smoked like crazy she sat right in her living room and WATCHED IT HAPPEN but was too tired to get up. She even had one of those "life alert" buttons around her neck and "didn't want to bother anyone." She went into a home not long after that and would call the police and claim to be being held hostage. Poor thing. But I remember THE SMELL. It just permeated everything. Stay warm and stay inside! Mother Nature is telling your to stay home and craft.

  18. Hope you stay warm , and get some happy crafting done !! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful cards !!


  19. That easel is gorgeous! How nice that you received it. Our yard in Georgia looks a lot like yours. We're happy to be warm and safe in our home. Hope your kitchen smells nice again soon :)

  20. Hope that smell has subsided a little by now. We have had a tiny amount of snow this morning, but it soon turned back to the never- ending rain again. There is a huge part of the country under water at the moment, mainly areas that should never have been built on as they were supposed to be flood plains, like most of Somerset (its name came from the old name, Summer Country because it was only ever really usable in the summer when folks would come down from the hills to graze their animals.). By the way, the acrylic paint does not really damage the brayer, so you can peel the paint off and use it for other media, but it is a good idea to dedicate one to the Gelli plate work and a newer one for the normal brayering. You don't need to wash the acrylic one between each colour as the paint dries so fast, then when you have finished for the day or week, you can sit and peel it off, quite a satisfying task. Have a good week. xx Maggie #2