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Impression Obsession Cover A Card Class Sample
Good evening Bloggers, and I'm glad this day is nearly over. I had prep yesterday for a colonoscopy early this morning. If you've ever had this procedure, you'll know just how much FUN it is! I also had the deal where the tube goes down your throat (think it is called EDG- esophagus-Dudodenum-Gastric), but now I'm done for the next 5 yrs - hopefully. Colon cancer is in my family, so I'm extremely careful to be checked on a regular basis. (This is one of my 'Soapbox' issues. PLEASE be careful to do all you can to protect yourselves, because this is one of the easiest of cancers to detect and treat successfully, IF found in time.) Ok, enough of that. We ate a nice breakfast on the way home. Got home, changed clothes, got back under the covers, took a long afternoon sleep. (I don't DO early!). Anyway, here's another class card. The blue in the picture is my scanner bed, with a piece of blue paper laid over top of the card. The card was a precut purple scallop shaped card, black circle overlay. The we stamped the white circle shape (at the bottom only - with the sentiment); masked the stamped bit with post-it notes. Used 2 of the CAC stamps, one in wisteria, one in gray whale using colorbox fluid chalk inks. These inks are lovely for doing this overstamping technique as they stay wet longer, so that it sort of blends together. Creates a lovely effect.  Removed the masks, adhered the ribbon just above the sentiment. The birds were stamped on a different piece of white. I needed to trim my scrap towards the bottom, so saved this part until I got home to finish it off. Then I used a S/B circle die that fit the size I needed, cut out the birds. Most everyone else handcut their bird piece in class. I just noticed this one hangs over a bit on the right side...well, it's a prototype anyway! I thought it was a neat card idea. Thanks for looking in. Hope you had a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Thanks for sharing the card technique with us. It looks very effective. (Just had a 2 yrly test done for bowel cancer which was clear so cannot agree with you more on getting tested to catch any nasties early on.)
    Hugs Mrs a.

  2. Confrats on passing your test!! I had to go every 5 years for a long time..(the Evelyn little cancer things just kept coming back..they popped them off) the last three times have been clear!! Yea!! I can now go 10 years. I'm doing the happy dance!

    Now....thank you for. Insisting my little web page...I love yours as. Well!
    Hugs, Joanne G

  3. Hi Mary, poor you - there's no fun in any of those investigations, I know because I've undergone them all quite a few times now. We are lucky here in Scotland that we get sent a testing kit on a regular basis too - just follow the instructions and send it off and some time later you get informed of the results. Like you say, bowel cancer is treatable so why wouldn't you get tested. Your card is lovely - like the sentiment with the birds. Elizabeth xx

  4. I am impressed that you created after the morning you had, and a beautiful card at that! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my aluminum can rose video. Nice to meet you. xoxo

  5. Wow Mary, what a cool card! I can't believe that you had all that done and still created for the day. Glad that you got back in bed and had a good sleep. Maybe I need to nap to come up with a good card. Well done my friend!

  6. Hi Mary

    Loving your card .. .. but not the sound of your tests!! Thank goodness you don't need them again for 5 years!!

    Love Jules xx

  7. Another brilliant class card, Mary! Thank you for posting about your test since we had talked about it a few weeks ago. Glad you have that behind you, no pun intended!!

  8. Hi Mary have been enjoying your class cards and think I like this one best, so love the simple colours allowing the image to speak loud and clear - and thought the words rather fitted your preamble at the beginning as you did finish your day on a happy note :D and yes, I do colonoscopy and endoscopy or gastroscopy, as we call them here. My sister is on my back in the latter too as she has issues so have to go with er next them .. :D have had them before and it is not befroe the "guck" you have to drink down! take care and God bless, Shaz in oz.x