Bernie's Friendship Card
Happy Sunday Afternoon, and thanks so much for stopping to visit. I have some cards that I've received in the past few weeks that I want to share. First is this lovely card that I received this week from fellow blogger Bernie. This is without a doubt, the sweetest & most beautiful card I've received in a long time, and what she wrote inside, really touched my heart. This was such an unexpected and most delightful gift to receive in the mail last week. I'll let you check out how it was created by surfing along here. When I first looked at the card, I thought the friendship book might have been a 'bought' embellishment, but the shape looked familiar (I own a bunch of Spellbinders so that's why it looked familiar!). Bernie posted the card on her blog, and describes the creativity process. She did a fantastic and ingenious process to create the book...something I would never have thought of doing. Bernie, thank you so much for the lovely card, and even more, for the gift of your time! Priceless. No words to say enough of a Thank you!
Another very unexpected card creation arrived a bit earlier, and I have just been so slow in posting it here, was from fellow blogger Candee, who has been busily creating items for an upcoming craft fair. She is in the process of remodeling a house, making nifty cards, treat bags -  and still kindly took the time to think of me, make a card and get it mailed. Thank you meant a great deal to me, and was such a sweet surprise. This color combo is so cool & surfside, it brought back Florida memories!

Candee's Summer Card

I must share one more card that I received from Helen, who is in the local Thursday stamping group I have been attending for a while. Helen is one of the most talented & creative ladies that I've had the pleasure of learning to know. It was such a thoughtful thing for her to make this card & send to me, while I was recuperating these past weeks. DH & I both got a large smile out of the image and the execution of all the copic coloring, combining the different Spellbinders, and even the subject of the stamp...was so flawlessly done. Of course, everything Helen makes is ALWAYS like that!! {told you that I hang around with some very highly talented cardmakers! :-) }So once again, thank you so very much Helen, for this most adorable of cards.
Helen's Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum Card



  1. Wow, these are some awesome cards Mary! How sweet to be thought of!! But easy when you have a fabulous friend like you!

  2. How fabulous to read that you were the recipient of Bernie's stunning card! I wondered if it was you when I read her post. AND a sweet card from Candee, too! You deserve it, Mary!!

  3. P.S. Somehow I didn't see Helen's card until after I hit publish on the first comment! That's so well-done and a riot!!

  4. Hi there Mary thanks so much for coming over to my blog and have joined yours too :D and do love these cards...popping over to Bernie's blog to see how she made it too! oh and see you are House mouse fan too I am but never seem to make them often as time allows I guess! take care and keep in touch Shaz in Oz.x