Good evening...yes, I know, I know...more Halloween stuff. This is the same Stampability House Mouse I had used for an earlier card, different coloration and card background. I airbrushed the background on this one, trying for a sort of sunset look. I used some of the BV colors in the darker tones, some of the reds - and some blues. All in darker tones than I would normally use for a background. Did the same on the bottom part, with Yellow Greens in colors I don't normally airbrush. Figured if I made a total mess of it, well, as a friend says "It's only Paper!" (thanks Mary Alice for the quote!) I'll digress here a bit: When I first met this very talented lady, she was doing some watercolor images at our LSS. I didn't know her at all, but I was just walking around, looking over shoulders to see what each person was doing. Nobody told me "Get your nose out of my space", so when I got to Mary Alice, at the back of the tables, she was doing some watercolor images. I watched for a bit, she'd be unhappy with what she had done, look at it, comment "I don't like that one", pitch it in the garbage! I thought each thing she tossed was great; if I had known her the least little bit at the time, you'd better believe I would have grabbed each one out of the garbage can. When I finally did get to know her, I told her this story, and we laugh about it. She's always reminding me that "it's only paper". True. OK. back to the card...background paper is from My Mind's Eye pack, Halloween Scary Sparkle. Image was diecut with S/B Labels 2, #5 die. The crow is a new MS All-Over-the-Page punch, with a silver piece behind it, to get it to show up better. Not sure I like this part, but's adhered.

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