Thanks for stopping for a Sunday afternoon visit. There's a sympathy card to share today, and I wasn't certain the lighter colors would be appropriately respectful, as I usually do sympathy cards in a more somber tone. I did this same stamp in blue tones, liked it better for the occasion. Then I noticed a blob on the sponging, maybe where I didn't get all the emboss powder cleaned away. I'm trying to decide how to salvage it. After I got the card made up, I thought I'd go with the yellow, as more of a 'life celebration' which I hope the recipients will like. Card specs: Great Impression H184 stamp, sentiment: Just Rite With Sympathy CR-03570. Versamark to stamp, Ranger Clear Detail Embossing, and Queen's Gold on the sentiment. Momento Dandelion, Canteloup, Rhubarb to sponge over embossed resist. Cardbase is smooth Bazzill cream. Yellow ribbon, lace from stash, Reflections pearls.
On another note: I see that I have 50 followers now! YIPPEE and thank you all so much. I will be making a list of your names, and attempting to use Random Generator to pick a lucky number. I have a little surprise - which I hope will be enjoyed - for one of my followers. When I started this blog, I didn't expect anybody except a couple friends who know me, to ever join as a follower. I can't tell you how surprised & pleased I have been - to find folks who visit, take the time to join & leave comments: - such kind & sweet comments that I enjoy reading - and all the support & help I've had from so many of you. (And you will know who you are).I have had the added pleasure of emailing with some of you, getting 'to know you', and learn about the parts of the world where you live. Such fun. So I hope to be back later today, and if not, tomorrow...with another post. See ya then. Happy Afternoon.
Edit: Blogger is showing 50 followers so I put in the above comment. When I started listing names, I'm coming up with 49...anybody know why this is? Anyway, I'm still excited to see 49 followers, so I'm going to list everyone's name in a spreadsheet (who knows...maybe one day I'll get to the BIG 100 followers..and I don't want to have to relist the current followers!). So once I get the list into Excel, I'll try the Random Generator thing-y and get back here. Just thought maybe somebody could explain why this discrepancy in what Blogger shows & what I can physically count!! LOL


  1. Mary, this is so beautiful! Love all that yellow on here. Gorgeous card!
    Congrats on all the followers and you'll hit that 100 mark before you know it!

  2. Oh Mary I agree with Lynn it is so very beautiful. Love the color and I think it is quite appropriate for a Sympathy card. Love the lace. Also love the way you've photographed it.

  3. It's a lovely card, Mary, and the image and color seem quite appropriate to me.

    Congratulations on reaching 50 followers! I know exactly what you mean by never expecting more than, say, 10!! Such fun! Don't know why there is a discrepancy, but I think you should still consider you have 50. I go by the number above the pics and think most of us do.

  4. Hi Mary

    I think your card is lovely just as it is. No need to do anything more to it!

    Not sure on the follower mystery. I wonder if it perhaps counts you in the adding up!!

    Have a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Congrats on all your followers! Your card is beautiful, Mary! Love it!

  6. Lovely card Mary and congratulations on reaching 50!

  7. Beautiful sympathy card - they are so hard to make you have done a wonderful job. Forget the followers and just do what you love - the rest will follow in time!!

  8. This card is beautiful Mary and I think the color is wonderful. Sympathy cards are hard to make anyway. Congrats on reaching 50 followers Mary!!! WhooHoo!