Good evening dear friends & followers! This morning I saw Face No. 100 pop into the followers list. WooHoo!  (Now blogger says it's 100, but my spreadsheet only has 99 names, so I'm going with blogger! I hope I don't miss anybody whose name I can't identify!). A warm welcome to Laurie #100, and I hope you will enjoy what you see here on your visits.

100 followers Blog Candy
So here's the Blog Candy that I have as a gift for a lucky person - well I hope the person will feel lucky when she gets it! - who was selected when I ran the Random Generator just a few minutes ago. Now, I don't know how to copy & post the I'll just have to ask that you trust me that I tried to be very fair. The number that showed up, was #29. I compared that number to the list I have in my spreadsheet, and came up with a name. (More on the name in a bit!). I spent most of the afternoon catching up on paperwork, filing, and stuff I absolutely detest doing (too much like being back at work!)..but it has to be done. THEN I started trying to do some blog visits to followers that I have in my Blogfollowers folder...I try to visit those folks who signed up to follow me. When I get that round done (and alas, I was behind again), then I go to some of the challenge blogs that I have entered, and met such nice folks. Some of those folks are in the followers' list as well. I'm not quite caught up yet...but I'm trying. I have a question, and I hope some blog savvy person can answer me. I see a lot about Google Circles...and some of those blogs I can't access - even though these folks have joined here. I get a message about not being invited, or something of the sort. So if I don't visit your blog - at least occasionally if not regularly - and you have a "Circle", that may be why you're not seeing comments from me. If you'll explain the system to me, then I can try to visit!

OK...drum roll if you please: #29's name in the spreadsheet corresponded to BLS60 (


So Miss BLS60 - Friendscraftinwithfriends... please contact me with the info so I can box up the goodies and get them in the mail. I have comment moderation set on, and will not post your pertinent info publically. Miss BLS60 has 48 hours from 9pm, 2-24-13 to contact me, or I will run random generator once more. Don't forget - I also have a blogaversary coming up next month, and I have some more goodies I'd like to place in a new, loving home!

Congratulations to Miss BLS60. Thanks to all of you who have taken time to visit this blog, leave comments, and provide me so much encouragement & in many instances, blog help or other advice. You'll never realize how much it's meant to me in creative growth or just having good advice or an ear to listen. I've been so thankful for the many caring friends I've met with this blog.
Good night, and I'm off to watch whatever Brit series is on PBS tonight. I'm gonna miss my fix of Downton Abbey. I sure didn't like the way this past season ended!! Thanks as always for your visit, and have a marvelous Monday!

BLS60 contacted me today, so the blog candy will be hers. But don't forget, I will have some more next month, so stay tuned!!! 



  1. Congratulations on your first 100 followers. Hugs mrs a.

  2. Congratulations on your 100 followers...may there be many hundred more in the years to come!

    I don't know the anser to your question about the google circles. I sometimes have the same problem when I try to leave comments back...I see that same message.

    I will wach this post to see if anyone can explain.

  3. wow well done Mary on the great 100 cannot imagine having a spread sheet on my bloggers members - that sounds "eye-ball rolling" hard!!!
    I had to chuckle at your winners name too :D
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  4. Hi Mary, many congratulations on reaching the 100 mark and congrats too to Miss BLS 60 on her win too. I am with you on the Downton Abbey ending, I know it is only a programme but I was quite upset.........Hugs, Anne x

  5. Congratulations from me too Mary!! Here's to the next 100!

    I know how to do the Random number thingy but it does depend on what system you're running. If you aren't doing it often then just stay as you are.

    Hugs, Di xx

  6. Congratulations to you for getting 100 followers and well done to Miss BLS60

  7. Bravo! 100 followers! Way to go! xx

  8. OMGosh, I can't believe it's me that won Mary! Thanks ever so much and congrats on reaching 100 followers!! I have no doubt that you will double that number in no time at all as your cards are amazing and such an inspiration to me and others!!

  9. Yes, Miss Brenda.. YOU were #29 when I checked the number, your name was beside it. Congratulations, & I hope that you will enjoy all the 'goodies'. I added a few little extras that I'm hoping you'll enjoy. I like surprises (well, sometimes!)& I hope you will be pleased. Will advise when the box is mailed. Thanks for replying. Hugs & thanks for being a loyal follower as well.

  10. Hi Mary congratulations on 100 followers a fantastic milestone. Well done Miss Brenda have fun with the goodies. Hugs Mo x

  11. I'm catching up on my blog visits and I'm delighted to see that you made 100 followers, Mary! Congratulations and I wish you many, many more!!