Road Trip

Good evening Blog Friends, and Welcome to another new follower. We have discovered we both shop at the same wonderful scrapbook/stamping store in Spartanburg. The world is, indeed, a very small place. We connected through yet another blogger, where I surfed from link at blog #1. (I hope that makes sense!).
I should have had a card to share today...but last night I was tired from doing some much needed housework and didn't get it finished. (and it's a very simple one images on it). While DH was feeling punk, I was being quiet, trying not to disturb with housework-y things - plus I don't need much excuse to be lazy. It's become a very bad habit. Enjoyable, but a bad habit. Now, if I could just learn to shed the guilt about it, I'd be home free!
This morning, we got up early - for me anyway - and headed south toward Atlanta, Ga. which is a couple hours from our area. There was an Heirloom Rubber Stamp show and though we'd been last year, we set the GPS on hubby's pickup, to route us to the place. Well, couple things went wrong...mostly MY fault. I was dozing, woke up, looked around and said "I think we are too far south...did you miss the turnoff?". Well, of course he didn't. <g>. So we drive on a bit, and finally even he is thinking we're too far south of where we need to be. We're on an interstate, and as you probably know, you can't just whip off that kind of road, in that kind of traffic, on a must look for an exit. Which we did. Pulled over, and re-entered the address, hoping to get directed to where we needed to go, from where we currently were. (Guess who had forgotten to push the Set as Destination button?). We finally do arrive at the site, and see all my stamping buddies unloading from their cars, so all was fine eventually. We shopped (well, truthfully I shopped, and DH carried the bags, and made a couple trips back to the vehicle so as not to be lugging so much around). We finished up, and we're going to an Archiver's store at the Mall of Georgia. My buddies have told me about this new gadge they had found there, and well, you know where THIS part of the story is going. We arrive at the place - which is in a group of mall-like stores. The GPS is saying "you have arrived at your destination", and we can't find the blooming store!! Drove around in the mall, through a couple places, finally spotted a landmark, and Voila, there is Archivers. As we're going inside, DH says "Don't be all night, I'm hungry". OK, I promise, I'll be quick. Just gotta get this one thing. RIGHT! But I did sort of hurry, and we find a place to eat. By now it's raining, and it is a cold rain. We eat, and head back for the Interstate Highway that we need to be on to get home. DH says "I know how to find it". I say "Well, you have a GPS, why don't you USE IT!". So we're following the GPS, and we're on all these 2 lane roads, not an interstate at all. After driving a bit, I'm thinking "I wonder if the settings got messed up somehow, and the GPS is set to avoid freeways". So very quietly, trying to be real nonchalant about pushing the buttons, Oh My Gosh...Yep. Change the settings. Tell him we need to pull over, let the GPS recalculate our route, as we don't want to take all the time the 2 lane roads will cost us. OK, you'll be happy to know I don't have any bruises or anything drastic, but he was a bit perturbed. Boy, did I hate having to fess up to that one!!! In my defense, I must say, we are still learning how to use the GPS on the pickup, which is different from the one on the SUV,(and both are Fords)  which is totally different from the portable Magellen one we used to use in our old cars... YADA, YADA.  So that was my day...hope you got a chuckle from my trip report. Maybe you've never been there before, but I get in the soup over stuff like that a lot. We had fun, least I did. He didn't comment.
Will try to take pictures of some of my loot, and the 'new gadget' I found at Archiver's. Hopefully I'll post with a card tomorrow! In the meantime, thanks for popping by, have a great evening, and a Blessed Sunday. Hugs


  1. Ohhhhh. I can't wait to see the new gadget...I am shopping vicariously through you!!!
    Idid get to the 90% off last ticketed price at Michael's today and bought spools of card ribbon for 5 cents and some other embellies etc for 1 cent ranging up to 7 cents!!!
    Will watch for your reveal post when you are home!

  2. Oh Mary I am glad that you don't have any bruises or anything! lol I can so relate and Joe sounds like he is pretty patient. Dwayne would have turned around and wouldn't have took me! lol First off he wouldn't have went with to to go to do any "crafty" shopping! So Joe is a pretty good fella'. lol I'm glad that you guys got to where you wanted to go and I can't wait to see you crafty goodness that you got! Dwayne says that GPS messes his internal GPS up. lol But we till use it when going somewhere we've never been.

  3. Sounds like a hoot, the GPS are a blessing and a curse frankly. My husband spends ages setting it all up and then doesn't notice that it's picked a faster route that we know we didn't want and he NEVER notices until we're 20 miles out of our way! Or we know the way to go but he'll turn it on anyway and we find ourselves on a totally different road because he just follows it like it's the Holy Grail, when all I want to do is throw it out of the window!! No trip to SC for us this year, we've just booked to go to England, so I can't come by and relieve you of your embossing folders!! I try to stay out of Archiver's too, way to much to tempt me in there!