Hi, I'm back again with the new gadget my buddies told me about. It may not be 'new', but was new to us. This tool is from Lifestyle Crafts, and is called the Genius Ultimate Platform System. It is a large 6"x13" Magnetic platform, dies won't slide off. Quote from the box, which also has pictures on the side of which machines will be compatible with this system. (Now you might ask why did I have to go over to buy this? Well, I've learned over time, if these experienced stampers find a new tool, like it, I always wish I'd gotten 'whatever'. Then sometimes it may not be easily available. Here's a picture of the box and hopefully if you enlarge the image, you'll get a good view of the packaging.

Now here are pictures of the plates that were included.

This is the magnetic base plate that holds the dies (don't have to use tape to keep die from sliding - I HOPE) This set of dies was included in the package.
This is Plate 1 - which is for thin dies

 This is Plate 2 - which is for the thick metal dies.

I hope this system will do all expected from it, as it was a bit pricey...$49.99, but I got a bit of a discount as I'm on Archiver's mailing list. Don't shop there too often as it is quite a distance from our area. When we're traveling through Atlanta, and time permits, we can sometimes make a quick stop. Or when the stamp show is held at Lawrenceville, Ga., maybe I can get in to the store. It's a lovely store, lots of goodies. There was a good selection of stamps, papers, embellishments, kits...all manner of things to browse. But as you recall, I did promise I wouldn't 'stay all night', which I didn't. It's probably the faster I've been in & out of a shop in a good while, and I did buy a few other things aside from this new tool.

Here's a glimpse of a few other things that I hurriedly pulled from the bag to share with you. I'll try to unload some of the stamp show goodies, and share on Wednesday (WOYWW). They probably won't be on my desk, but ....they'll be scattered about my working surfaces. <g>

This is an Authenique 6x6 pack of Valentine theme papers, and 2 Lifestyle Crafts embossing folders. You did know that I needed more embossing folders, right? Remember the pictures of my storage project, with all the embossing folders I'm trying to corral. I love this particular tool a lot, in case you didn't notice! Hugs, and thanks for stopping back to visit. Have a great evening.


  1. That does look like a genius product, Mary, and nice of you to share. I'll have to get along with it since I can't go near anything but teeny magnets with my defibrillator. You are funny with your new EFs! LITS, right? Enjoy!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I hate when the dies slide a wee bit on the paper. It seems to always happen when the paper is textured and you want it on there straight!

    You are going to keep me broke girl...I am always making notes about things I see on your blog. teehee

  3. Well you can never have too many embossing folders Mary, I agree with that one! I have not seen this gadget before but I use a very thin magnetic sheet which are readily available here in the UK. They work a treat. Love your Valentine card from the last post too, very pretty. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Mary you are an enabler! lol This is fabulous and now I want one too! lol I hate when the dies slip and I hate taping them down. Most of the time I can do pretty good but every once in a while I have one that will shift on me and you know it is usually the last bit of a certain kind of paper I have on hand. lol Hugs!