Good morning bloggers. Yippee, I see 4 more followers...maybe I'll make that 100 goal prior to March. Thanks to my new followers, I surely appreciate you taking the time to join and leave comments if time permits. Just a word on the comments: I'll post the comment even if you don't like something, because all comments are helpful..good or bad. I won't post if there is a link to advertising products, etc. (I am ok with links to your OWN blog, but not when it's to sell a product, etc. I hope that makes sense.) I have Moderate setting turned on, so I see comments before they post here. Lately I've gotten some SPAM stuff, so Miss Pixie explained how to turn those off! Thanks again Diane. That Pixie girl is a whiz at this blog stuff, and has been so generous with her help & encouragement. Muchly appreciated.

Today is Wednesday, so you know what that means? WOYWW. And if you don't know what THAT is, oh, you must check it out. It's like going to a big garage sale, or a lovely flea market (or whatever that might be called where you live. Anyway, you get to nose around, and see what some talented crafters have on their desks or in their workspaces). It's fun to peek in, so please join us at Miss Julia's, who makes all this cyber fun possible by hosting a fun circle of crafters.

We worked in my basement stamp room yesterday afternoon. I've shown some pics before of how we moved a table to behind a loveseat in my stamp/tv room. Well, yesterday the DH got some good ideas so he was moving furniture around in the room. I suggested that we should have taken some 'before' pictures, and his very dry comment was "who the Heck would care?"(and being a old navy sailor, he didn't say Heck, but this is a clean blog, so I'll use Heck!). So here goes with the pics.   Basically we moved the loveseat to where the sofa was (and my behind has to create a new 'fitted' space, as the end of the sofa where I sit to color had begun to mold itself to my posterior! <g>). We put 2 chairs where the loveseat had been, with the intention of building a bar-type arrangement with some cabinets & a formica order that I can set up my laptop & Silhouette. The cabinets on my desk came from a lumber salvage, are basically bathroom vanity cabinets & have drawers, with a formica top. DH thinks to do something similar for my 'bar', have it waist level as is the desk (that's MY waist level, not a shorter person!). It will be possibly 3 cabinets, with shelving, rather than drawers, as I have in the desk. We think we can cram more crap supplies on shelving, rather than in drawers. I also worked last night on adding some more of my Spellbinders to the Art Bin magnetic sheets.

Next the desk, and you can see what is on it ...some new Stampin Up goodies.

And this is the view to the left of the desk, showing my DH-made heatgun holder, for the old Marvy heat gun I've had for long years. There is also a hook on the side of the desk, which holds the smaller Ranger heat tool.
I did clean off the top of the desk last night, wipe down the formica surface, but sad to say, it's all piled full again. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my 'work in progress'. Let's hop around to see some of the other workspaces around the world, hmm? I promise, it's fun. Thanks for stopping to visit, have a lovely day, and come again soon. Hugs*
*Edit: Forgot to say, look at the Hutch cabinet in the corner of #1 pic. This is a handmade piece, I got from a cousin, for $25. It was made as a 'dry sink' to hold a small tv. I have a lot of envelope/card sets stored in the dry sink portion, and stack packs of paper underneath that area. If I could take out the knicknacks on the 2 top shelves, I'd have some good storage too. (but that's DH's stuff, and it was originally meant to be his TV room so no-can-do-- at the moment).


  1. Your goodies are Lovely and great workspace too.
    it is Lovely when you get a bargain and it works so well too.
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  2. Thanks for the grand tour - with all that moving furniture about and sorting out - hope you get some time soon to play with your new goodies.
    Gill x #64

  3. Even if it isn't "new" stash, just getting things re-arranged makes it feel "new" Love you stamps on you desk. I think I have the same leaf stamps......great crafters think alike
    Krisha #133

  4. wow how busy have you been moving and a groving just to make your workspace work for you. It is looking really good and I hope you enjoy crafting in this space
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  5. Oh Mary, it is coming along nicely! You are lucky your DH is handy at building things! I think what you are planning sounds great. You are going to be so organized when you are done...I am so impressed with your dedication.

    Off to the doctors with Little Mr P an hour...I am even cooking Kraft dinner (yuck) for him today. DH will be thrilled when he gets here as it is a fave of his and I won't cook it at home!!! teeeheee

  6. Hi Mary, now that's what I call a very comfortable craft area! Oh that my room was big enough to have just one sofa in it......I have serious room envy here. You mentioned your plastic boxes in a previous post - I see what you mean now, that is quite a stash you have there. Have fun with your new goodies. Hugs, Anne x #37

  7. That's a lovely workspace you have, and sometimes it is nice to be able to just leave your desk and rest for a while before carrying on. I don't have that luxury in here though my husband did buy me a more comfortable computer chair at Christmas.
    You have some great plans for further storage.
    Have a great week. Kate x #126

  8. I love your work space! I understand about not touching your DH nick knacks, mine gave me his den for my craft room. Now I say nothing about the laundry on the floor on his side of the bed. Nope I say nothing! Happy Wednesday Mary
    Take care

  9. A wonderful space to create. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new goodies.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #76

  10. You are getting there Mary! I love how everything is coming together so nicely and Joe had some great ideas on the furnture arrangement too even if he use a color word. lol I love, love that "hutch" dry sink piece of furniture! It caught my eye before I ever read your comments about it. lol I see some new goodies on your desk, I have the leaf SU set and love it! I do love that butterfly too, but didn't order it. I see you did and I can't wait to see what you do with it! Things are looking great my friend! Hugs!!

  11. Ha, I think you can tell your DH that there are a "heck" of a lot of people who would have been interested in a before photo!! The only thing I can't picture is where your main desk is in relation to the sofa's, you'll have to draw us a plan for next time, lol!! Those look like some lovely new stamps you've got too.

    Brenda 100

  12. You have a great big area to spread out in, love all that space, and that hutch is a really nice piece! Thank you for stopping by, love the visit! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  13. Mary, what a great space you have. It's nice that the two of you can work together to make you space work exactly for you....Great job, it will be such fun when everything is as you like and you have a fresh new place to play. Thanks again for sharing the napkins....I had a great time playing with them.

  14. great photos! it looks such a comfy, crafty space - plenty of room for a craft party (hint, hint!!) *grin*
    and many thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)

  15. Glad to see that things are coming into place for you, and it is good that your husband is so helpful - mine is brilliant at that. I was totally struck by the size of that butterfly. It looks huge, and I would love to know what you will use that for. Good luck with your brayering. xx Maggie #8

  16. I'll say this for you and Joe, Mary, you sure know how to make the most of all available space and that's the secret of good organization!! And now I see why you get the urge for nappy noodle time in the afternoons with those comfy sofas RIGHT there! Who wouldn't?! Enjoy your new goodies!

  17. Looks like you've made great progress on your crafting area. And you have the big stampin up butterfly stamp! I ordered mine but haven't gotten it yet - It is so gorgeous! April #119