Good evening, and we've had a lovely day. It was pretty hot though as we were out & about. Today was DD's birthday, so we took her out shopping. It's very difficult to know what to buy an adult daughter, as we can't fit her with regard to clothing, plus what _we_ think she'd like is probably not at all what _she_ would like. She doesn't need dust collectors either. So we try to take her shopping, she can pick what she'd like and we pick up the tab. We also had a delicious late lunch of some wonderful Cuban dishes at a little restaurant called Pipo's. We don't have that kind of ethnic food in South Carolina! When I worked I used to love to enjoy the Latino foods down in Miami.

Well, I need some blog help. I've been signed in on the laptop showing that I'm logged on as a gmail user and I can't find a way to reset it. When I log on, I only have the Post & Sign out (or in) options in the top header. If I sign out, sign back in, I'm signing in with the gmail account (And I hope when I get home on my pc, this won't be happening with it as well!). Some lovely comments are coming into my email, but when I try to publish - I'm getting a message that I must sign in as another user, but I can't figure out how/where/etc! Normally I see a Design option at the top right on the bar, and I can go to that, and find the publish comments feature. So anybody who has any advice...I could surely use it!

I've looked at my profile (which I can access via settings, but that doesn't show me much either!) and it is showing the gmail as my primary account, and if I'm understanding what I read, the only way I can remove that is to delete the blog. Ooh, I don't want to do that, and have to start all over! I would lose all my lovely followers. Which I would hate to do!

I have taken some pictures which I need to download to the laptop, then I remembered that I don't have photoshop on this pc. I can edit with Ipiccy, but I don't think I can reset the size of the photo with that program. With Photoshop, I can make sure the pictures are 600pixels, so I'm not using up a lot of the blogger free allowable space. Oh my, once I get home, I have a lot of cleanup to do!

Again, thanks for joining me this afternoon, and I hope somebody reading this blog can give me some good instructions on how to fix what I messed up, trying to be more efficient. Hugs & have a wonderful evening. Happy October 1!


  1. Whew! You are really having a bad time, but I see from your more recent posts you got everything worked out. That's super. I started with your most recent posts and went backwards. Duh!

  2. You sure give us an enjoyable read. xxx

  3. I have also got a pop up that requires me to delete my blog, but really do not fancy that get into a big muddle here anyway, can imagine myself starting over.