Whiff of Joy Henry - Valentine

Whee! It's Saturday, and one of the 3 winners has provided her contact information. Still waiting to hear from the other 2 USA candy winners. The international winner contacted me this afternoon. Yippee!

Several visitors asked about this card and if that stamp was a PSX image. I actually thought it was made by Inkadinkadoo. When I checked, to my surprise it IS a PSX stamp, but I had never looked to see the maker. Thanks all of you who commented and caused me to relook!

- Whiff of Joy - Henry with Love Balloon, die cut with Lil Inker pierced oval. Background done with a cotton ball inked with Memento Summer Sky ink, dabbed gently around the oval after Henry was colored. Fiskers cloud punch and Viva D├ęcor pearls on the clouds.
- corrugated paper saved from a box of chocolates sprayed with Dylusions Postbox Red, and Tattered Angels gold.
- Ribbons from stash.
- Cheery Lynn die sentiment

There's a beautiful new card added to the Cards by Friends section, received yesterday from my friend Gloria. She used a foiling technique and it's a totally gorgeous card. Gotta learn how to do that! Got an order for some Flitter Glu and metal gilding flakes too. Seeing lots of that look done around on Youtubes.
The joke below came in email this week and I had to laugh. When our DD was very small, she learned to talk early, and had a pretty good vocabulary. However, she would say some words that we just could not figure out what she meant. Then when we realized what she was saying, we had to smile. At night, we'd ask what she had done at nursery school that day, and she'd say " Played with Aza gran". We'd never heard of that name before, so of course would say "Who?". She would look at us as though we were not quite bright - say a bit disgustedly "Aza gran". I finally asked which child was "Aza gran" and the teacher said no kid by that name. After a minute's thought I asked - "Well who does she play with the most then?". "Adri-enne". I think DD was about 2 or 3 at the time. A niece was learning the Pledge of Allegiance in nursery school. She'd get to the part of "..and to the Republic, for which it stands". We realized the child was saying "For Richard Stands". We kept correcting her and she would say "But that's what Teacher said" and nothing could shake the kid. Finally her Mom had to get the Teacher to make her recite it correctly. If that Teacher told her, the words were "For Richard Stands", that's the way it was gonna be! So when I read this joke, both these old memories surfaced! Hope it gives you a laugh too.  
 A little boy was doing his math homework. He would say to himself 2+5, that son of a bxtxh is 7.   3+6, that son of a bxtxh  is 9...'. His mother heard what he was saying and gasped, "What are you DOING?". The little tyke answered "I'm doing my math homework, Mommy". "And this is how your teacher taught you to do it?" Mom asked. "Yes, ma'am" he replied. Infuriated his mother asked the teacher next day "What ARE you teaching my son in math?". The teacher said "Right now, we're learning addition". The mother asked, "And are you teaching them to say 2+2, the son of a bxtxh  is 4?!!!"  After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, "What I taught them to say, was 2+2 the SUM OF WHICH, is 4!".

Don't forget Rudolph Day starts tomorrow, and we have a new hostess. So be sure to submit your cards and get a head start on Christmas 2015. Be sure to check the rules as Miss Scrappymoi has changed the requirements to be just one single card. My card is ready, but I haven't got a link for you just now. Hope to have it available when I post the card for tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me today. Have a blessed Saturday, and big hugs from me to you. Come back when you can, now heah?


  1. ROFL at the joke - too funny! Love that whimsical little mouse and always did! The corrugated panel looks amazing and I really like the vivid red colors too!

  2. Cute card and cute story...

    Brought back a favorite childhood memory of mine...

    When I was small we would often sing "The words to the Christmas song Winter wonderland"...

    one of the verses is...

    "Later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire...

    Only I would sing...
    "Later on we'll PERSPIRE as we dream by the fire...

    Couldn't understand why my parents would laugh at me...

    Took a few years later till I realized what I was doing wrong.

  3. Cute card Mary, love the image.
    Hope you get on with the gilding flakes better than me...I just hate the mess the stuff makes!!!
    Your joke did make me laugh and we had many such occasions with our kids too. Carol x

  4. Lovely card Mary - amazing what we crafters re-cycle :-). And thanks for the giggle with the joke. We currently have a grandchild who is coming up with 'errors', like your niece, in our national anthem.

  5. Hi Mary, I laughed out loud at the mathematics joke! kids!! Love this cute card, the image is so sweet. Great use of the choc box corrugated card too, great idea! Cathy x

  6. LOL - that made me laugh!! What an adorable story/joke!! I actually knew someone who purposely taught his daughter the wrong words like refrideafreighter instead of refrigerator...don't ask me why...I guess he thought it was funny!! And I just love the sweet card, too!! The corrugated paper is fabulous!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Well......"Some of Which" that's a cute card!!! LOL! Love the little cloud puffs and that big heart! Great coloring too. Now.....did you eat the chocolates before using the paper!
    Great Valentine's Day card!
    (Kids really do say some fun things!)

  8. So cute, I love that corrugated background! What a cute image too along with that clouds punch - awesome little card!

  9. Oh my Mary this is so cute. What a sweet image and a sweet card. Hugs Veerle

  10. What a cheerful little mouse. My daughter had a few words for things e.g bominge - orange; slip-slips - for slippers; beeputer - computer. My favourite was the one she came up for daddy's day off. She called it 'Jumper Day' and when we asked her why she said it was because daddy did not wear his suit and dog collar but a jumper. She was a bright spark at 3; and still is now she is 28! :)

  11. What a cute image and a beautiful card Mary and love the sprayed corrugated card, such wonderful upcycling. Lovely stories too illustrating the funny things kids say. x

  12. OMG!! I am so glad I did not have coffee in my mouth when I read that joke. If I would have I would have spit it out all over my computer.LOL
    Bye the way- Cute card!!

  13. Another sweet Valentine, Mary! That little mouse looks like he's having so much fun! Love the sweet stories, both of your Dana and the other! Out of the mouths of babes!

  14. Thanks for the laugh Mary, that joke is so funny! Love the card too! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. Such a happy card, I'm impressed with the recycled corrugated paper, aren't you so very good?

    Great joke, isn't it funny the things we hear. Now I'm older and deaf, I also here things that aren't as said, well we are supposed to go into second childhood aren't we LOL.

  16. Cute card - such a sweet image and I love the little clouds! The corrugated paper looks amazing! I thought your joke was hilarious - love it!

  17. Oh my Momma Mary, this card is just too cute!! I love that smile on that little mouse's face! Too cute. The paper you used is awesome, I love the ribbons too. OMGosh your story had me laughing and remembering too! There was a song that Bret used to sing and the very went "and the crowd goes wild" and he would sing " and the cat goes wild". No matter how much we told him what he words were, he wouldn't believe us because it wasn't what he heard. There was some more, and we just laughed and let him go. lol I loved the joke! It's funny how kids perceive words isn't it?! Out of the mouth of babes! Hugs, Brenda

  18. Mary, love your card with that red corrugated background. Also,thank you for the laugh, children are so funny as to how they pick things up!!! Haxel xx

  19. Oh this is a total delight to see Mary it is fab, fun and colourful, brilliant make.
    lorraine x

  20. Fantastic valentines card Mary, love this image and great layout.

  21. What a cute little fella he is Mary! A really sweet card!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design