Hi - Just popping in quickly to say we are having an unexpected snow fall. I had an appointment this morning, then had to hurry home to take DH to the urologist. On the way home, it was raining, which had been predicted. Temperature was dropping some as well. At first I thought "Gosh, that rain looks weird", then realized, it's sleet! Well just a few miles down the road it's "is _that_ snow? By Golly it IS snow". By the time I got to our subdivision it was really coming down, huge flakes. We didn't think it would lay on the ground as the ground was too warm, but here at 5:45, we have white covering the ground. I expect once the temps drop further tonight, there will be ice about. I took some pictures, and when I have time I'll post.

Another reason for the post: One kind blog pal commented the font in black was difficult to read (Thank you! I appreciate the feedback). I tried a couple other colors that didn't seem to me to be any easier to read, so I did make the font size larger. I'd appreciate some feedback as to whether this helps to make the reading easier. I didn't change the font (another option) but just the size. The font is the arial font I've been using, but I'll try another one if it is still hard to read.

Ya'll stay warm. I'm off to get a warm shower as we were out in the chill, and we don't need colds on top of the other stuff. If Mr. doesn't pass the stone (and he may have 2 - in different places..CAT scan shows one in the urethra, but the xray he had today shows one in the kidney) - anyway, if nothing passes by Thursday...he will be admitted for outpatient surgery. They do something called Shock wave something or other which will break up the stone in the kidney so he can pass it. This is as long as the stone is visable on an xray. If it moves, and they can't see it, they have to go upwards - UGH! - with a camera and don't know if they extract it or break it up. Didn't ask a lot of questions as the patient was cringing a lot! Either way he'll be put to sleep, but I guess the afterwards might be worse if they have to search for a stone.

Hugs & stay cozy tonight.


  1. I never had a problem reading your blog before and I don't have any problem now either, but so sorry for the Mr's kidney stone issues! That sounds all too familiar for me, as I spent a few days in the hospital right before Christmas having the same procedure done! UGH! Knock wood, I've been good since, but then I drink my fresh squeezed lemon juice in warm water first thing every morning and so far so good! The lemon juice keeps stones from growing larger so they can easily pass. The snow is heading our way and by tomorrow we'll be having the same stuff you're getting now. Stay warm and have a good weekend!

  2. So sorry for your husband, Mary!!! Hope that they could see the kidney stone and break it quickly! I think that the camera and the breaking-stone are on the same tool, in Italy they use a laser with a camera inside for making this type of surgery...
    Even here last week has falling down some snow, with very big flakes... Was very cold, but now the snow has melt and and the sun shines again.
    I think that a biggest font for your blog is perfect. Arial is good for easy reading, as well Georgia or Verdana. These fonts are good also for dyslexic people.
    Big hugs and take care of you and hubby!

  3. The text looks fine to me, but I didn't have a problem reading it before. I know some people find certain combinations of colours difficult to read.

    We had snow here too this morning, a very light dusting and after half an hour it was gone and the blue skies were out. It's been really cold though.

    Hope the Mr gets sorted out soon, it sounds a most unpleasant thing to have. xx

  4. Kidney stones, not good, sending hubby healing hugs.
    SNOW??? No snow here lol, only sunshine, heat and last night a massive thunderstorm so bad the house rattled, so I prefer to have the pleasure of snow...[aNNie]🎄

  5. Dang those kidney stones anyway! I know what hubby is going through as I've been through many "passing's" and the operation when they were stuck. With my same day surgery, they did break up the stones and my doctor asked that I "catch" some of the pieces. My prayers are with hubby as he goes through this, I know how painful it is!! Even harder on a man! The snow is heading our way and knocking on our doors. We are supposed to get anywhere from a coating to two inches as long as it stays to the east of us. If it slides over any we could get more. Calling for maybe more of the "S" word next week as well. Yippee, winter is now here! YUCK!!! lol Oh and I could read the blog pretty well and without my readers. Hugs, Brenda

  6. Hi, Mary! Hope all is well with Joe. Brrrr cold about the snow ! I need the larger, cleaner fonts to read blogs, especially when the paragraphs are long. I like it! xx

  7. I hope your OH gets through this OK
    BTW I like your bigger font size, although I didn't have trouble before

  8. Hi Mary, We are due to have a lot of snow tomorrow, but then rain, so hoping depsite the below freezing temps the rain will wash the snow away. Temps right now -7, with the warmest temps today of -2.
    In the ni9ght it is due to drop to -8.

    My dad had a kidney stone, which they said was too big to pass, so they went up and broke it up and brought some of the bigger bits out, leaving smaller bits to pass as and when.

    Sending heaps of positive healing thoughts to your cousin.

    I can read the black on green fine and I like the size of the font.

    Take care. Sue

  9. Sorry to hear about your husbands health issues. Hope everything works out ok for him. We also had uninspected snow. Haven't seen that in years. Too cold for me. Give me my warm days

  10. I didn't have any trouble reading before but this bigger font is easy to read. Hope hubby passes these on his own. I hear it is painful so I'm sending him good thoughts. We are getting snow as I sit here but not too much expected. Your snowfall is pretty but I don't like to drive in it.

  11. I just love that background, Mary and can imagine the shine on it in real life. Love the colors and the texture you added. Your coloring is impeccable. This is so perfect for her and prayers for her too.

  12. I have no problem reading your posts Mary.
    Sorry to hear that your husband is no better, I hope he manages to pass the kidney stone or if not they can break it up without the need for any invasive procedures.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  13. Hi Mary, thank you so much easier to read the larger font, does`nt help I have had Cataract eye surgery 10 days ago one eye another to
    Off to read your next post and hope your Hubby is doing ok.
    Hugs Pam x

  14. I have never had a problem reading your posts either Mary. I am sending good wishes for Mr's kidney stones - I really do hope they pass soon! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. I'm sorry to hear of your hubby's kidney stones, Mary. Hopefully, his treatment will go well with minimal discomfort. Your coloring is beautiful as always. Your snow pictures are gorgeous.

  16. Sorry to hear about DH's kidney stones, must be so painful, and hope that he passes them or they are able to break them up and he doesn't have to have the op. I haven't personally found any trouble reading the blog Mary, but for those who have poorer sight the bigger type should do the trick. x

  17. Sorry to hear the stones haven't passed yet. I know you must be sad that you are missing Christmas with your daughter. All the best to Joe. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for him. Love, Loll