Bloggers helping out...

Good evening. No card today, but I did go to a stamping group and started working on a birthday card for DH. Enjoyed being with some lovely card makers. I have been able to revert back to the old dashboard look, thanks to some helpful emails from Bloggers Di and Sandra. Still trying to remove myself as a follower from my own blog, but so far, have not found the right tool to do it! Blogger Di has been very kind to take the time to offer some help, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten it fixed yet! (probably Operator Error on my part). So I just show up as a silly! Our weather today was not quite as pretty as past days. It was rainy, overcast, some dark skies. Our area apparently got some cooling rain showers while I was out with my stamping friends. I worked at cleaning up some mess in the stamping area when I got home, got tired, came upstairs and took a nap. So anytime I get a nap in the afternoon, it's a Good Thing! (credit to Martha Stewart for the quote!) Have a pleasant evening.

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  1. Hi Mary, if you're now back into the old template it should be fairly easy to remove yourself as a follower. Will check it out after breakfast here and get back to you! Di xx