(More) Blog frustration

More blog frustration...somehow I've added myself as a follower. Can't figure out how to delete 'THAT' follower. Contacted Blogger so I hope they have some good instructions. Read thru the blogger help stuff, didn't see anything helpful either. A more experienced blogger friend tried to help me get this removed. Results were not effective! I tried removing the Followers gadget, adding it back. When I add the gadget back, there are the 3 followers. EERK. Anybody know how to fix this boo-boo???? Thanks!


  1. Mary I've recently added myself as my own follower just so I can see what others see on Google Reader. With Mr.Blogger having his routine fits it's nice to have a quick peek to see what's up. If I were you I'd just leave it be.

    1. Bernie, thanks for the advice. I felt so silly when I saw this and I think I did it when I had to 'sign in' on something. (guess that's how it happened. I've been just looking at something to see what it might do, and changed something which I didn't know how to undo. Very frustrating to a newbie)

  2. Hi Mary, just spotted this. Bernie does have a point but you can stop following your own blog easily. From your blog followers on the sidebar, click on yourself and then at the top left of your screen you'll see a little drop down bar which says follow. If you click on follow (trust me, you won't end up following yourself twice!) a box will appear saying 'you already follow this blog' with an option in to click on to 'stop following this blog'. Or you can do it from your dashboard either. If you want to ask any blog questions my email is Ha, ha - I'm just going to add myself as a follower to your blog :)

    Why not make a 'snippets card' and come and join us in the playground.

    Always happy to help with any questions honey!

    Oh no, you've also got verification turned on, which is much more tricky these days and does often put people off commenting :(

    Di xx

  3. Hi Mary . . . I've nipped over from Di's blog to try and help. It seems you'll have to revert to the OLD blog interface, turn off the Word Verification, then switch back to NEW interface (if you want to!).
    Here's a link for you to try:

    Hugs, Sandra Turn off WV