Class Day

Good evening. Spent most of the day in class up at Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg, having fun with Ms. Bonnie McLain ( in a wonderful class, White on White. She had such fantastically beautiful samples that it was difficult to choose just one card to decide to make. There were 5 students, and none of us finished our cards..(Not that the techniques were so difficult, but we were having a lot of fun, asking questions, and being slowwww!) I'll post my card when I finally get it finished. Bonnie is a great teacher, and for anyone in the Spartanburg or nearby area, I can heartily recommend the class. She also will have kits available for those who like the cards, but are not in this area to be able to take her class. We were too busy to stop & eat in the neat cafe in the store, so that will let you know how hard we worked! (But again, it was fun. Lots of techniques new to me). Bonnie has a sample posted on her blog, so check it out. Our area had a bit of "weather" today, but nothing dreadful. We have a lot to be thankful for, in being spared all the disasterous things that have happened in other locations in our country. So have a Blessed Sunday, and I'll try to post a card tomorrow.

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