Ritz Glitter Cherry Bowl

Happy Thursday Afternoon and thanks for surfing in. I have another Ritz Glitter technique card from the class I took a few weeks ago. This technique uses Sookwang tape (double sided-very sticky- tape). An Elizabeth Craft Outline sticker is transferred using this tape; then different sections of the outline sticker will be removed - a bit of a tedious process sometimes - and some Ritz Glitter is sprinkled over that area.
Then the excess is brushed away, and what remains in the outline section is burnished vigorously using one's finger. It brings up a sheen that is very pretty, plus then the glitter doesn't come off. It needs no sealer. Different colors of glitter are applied to each section in the same manner.  It's really a very pretty effect, and fun to do.(There are some very good videos on on Ritz Glitter). I had a boo-boo at the top of the main image with the bowl of cherries. Wasn't watching what I was doing, and a piece of tape stuck to the very top. When I got the tape off, there was a 'bare place', so I had to think of how to cover that mistake, and still salvage my image. Finally found a Spellbinder image that I could cut a frame which would work effectively with the image, so I used some red mirror paper (bought around Christmas time, didn't get used), and I think it emphasizes the red in the cherries. What do you think? The blue paper is from Memory Box, don't know the name. The silver is embossed with a Cuttlebug Folder provided for class use. Hope you enjoy the card. Have a wonderful's nearly Friday.

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