Good morning Blog Friends. To mark the blog now having 50 followers (even though when I count faces, I only get 49! but Blogger shows 50 in the count???), here's a surprise for one of the 49 followers. I hope you will enjoy it. I'll pick the winner using Random Generator 1-49, but I don't know how to post the 'counter thing-y' here. So you'll just have to trust me on this one for this time around. What I did was to make a numbered list of all the 'faces' that I see on the followers section, then run the Random Generator, and see what name appears by that number. I hope this seems fair to everyone. What the surprise is: A Spellbinder Mbossibility, Flora design. In case you haven't used one of these, read the sandwich instructions most carefully, or view a Youtube on "how to". I didn't read as carefully as I should have the first time I used one, broke my 'old C/Bug' because I didn't sandwich properly. Anyhoo, the number that I got was #10, and the corresponding name is Chrisboldo. So please leave a comment with your mailing info, and I'll get this mailed out to you, and hope that you'll enjoy it. I've noticed on other blogs, that the prize is open for a certain amount of time, then another winner picked, so I'll do that as well. I'll allow until Wednesday, October 3, noon, for Chrisboldo to contact me with mailing info, then I'll try to pick another winner. I HOPE I did all this correctly, and I tried real hard to be fair! (Remember: I'm still learning!!) If the blog ever gets 100 followers, I plan to do this again, and hopefully by that time, I'll have learned how to get the Random Generator widget onto the blog, and have it work properly. Have a Blessed Monday.

Edit: Chrisboldo contacted me with her mailing info, so I shall be putting this MBossibility in the mail to her. Congratulations Chris, and I hope you'll get lots of enjoyment from this folder. I think they are great. There is a super Youtube, ScrapMadeSimple, Spellbinders M-Bossibilities, and I hope this link will work for anyone who is interested in watching:


  1. Hi Mary,

    Congrats on getting to 50! I also have some non-faces on my following list. I think it's those people that perhaps either don't have a blog or maybe a google account? I honestly haven't figured that out -- or random generator. When I gave my candy away I figured out a random picker using an Excel spreadsheet!


  2. Mary, WOOHOO, That's me I won....YAY Happy Dance!!! I will email you my snail mail info. How Cool, Thank You very much.

  3. Congratulations on 50 followers. Wishing you many more x

  4. Hi mary,
    thanks for the love on my blog!

  5. That was very sweet of you to do Mary! I love that you thought to do this, I think it shows how much you value your followers! I just may have to steal this idea my friend!

  6. I see you have your random number Generator posted on your blog. This is a lovely idea, I also would like to steal the idea, and think of something. I am also learning and do struggle a lot.....