Good evening friends, and I've been doing laundry all day. How two people could dirty up so many clothes in just a few days is beyond my comprehension. I didn't think we took that much with us...each of us had a small bag. I have a card to share that was made & photo'd before I left, but the photo was terrible. I resnapped it this afternoon in the sunshine on our backporch. I had it on our table, and I had to stand to the side so as not to get a shadow...and the positional aspect looks odd.'s another sticker card. 
- PBlack vintage sticker (old)- snippets of red, then green for mats- snippet of another red, embossed C/B border, then rubbed with gold Delicata ink using a finger dauber- tan color textured Bazzill for cardbase Probably the fastest card I've ever done! Thanks to all the Playground ladies who inspired this card with their fantastic use of PB stickers. I'm too tired to link this to the Playground Snippet Week , but if you have the time to enjoy some beautiful cards, I urge you to take a little visit.Now, here's a few shots of Washington, DC. (Remember I'm NOT a good photographer). Notice all the kiddies in one shot, and this particular one - didn't have a lot of the young folks. Hope you enjoy these.
Thanks for your visit this evening. I took some pictures in the Natural History Museum of the Hope Diamond and some other unbelieveable jewels. Arrgh, they are rubbish. However, I did purchase a postcard pack, so I will attempt to scan some, and share later. In the meantime, have a great Sunday evening. Ya'll come back.


  1. Oh Mary your photos are great. Read back through youtr other pasts and your trip sounds awesome.
    I think the young ones are not taught respect enough. P and C would never crawl all over things to have fun on an outing...well at least they never do when we are there...
    I think it just is a value that must be encouraged valued and rewarded at home...and sadly it often is not.

    Your card is great. Those stickeroos come in so handy. Don't know if you have seen Shaz in Oz's post about how she photocopied one to resize it and lose the sheen. It was very effective.

    Yours is nice and breight and sunny...just what I needed to see as it is pouring cats and dogs here (as my gran used to say)!

  2. Beautiful trip photos Mary. I have enjoyed seeing them. Your card lovely. TFS!

  3. Hi Mary, the photos are great and your card is beautiful with the wonderful colours! Have a great day, Shirleyx

  4. Hi Mary, I have been keeping up with the intrepid travellers, you really packed a lot in to your break. I think the photos are great, never been to DC but would love to go. Your card is beautiful, great use of the snippets. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Fabulous card Mary, love, love love the colours, great stickeroo, not seen that one before and a really lovey layout to the card..

    Kath x

  6. Your card is beautiful Mary and your pictures look amazing! I love the storm clouds that were moving in, although sorry it was stormy while you were there. Your card is so pretty, the color combo is amazing!! I love the embossing and if that is a sticker it is one of the prettiest that I've seen in a long while! Hugs!

  7. Where oh where have I been for the past week. time just seems to disappear so fast in a puff of smoke so it seems. This card is really pretty. Gorgeous colours. hugs Mrs A.