Good evening & thanks for popping in. I just looked at the most amazing video at Youtube and thought I'd share the link

Now, this link SHOULD take you to the youtube site, directly to the video. It did me when I tested it. It's a shadow dance troup that was on Britain's You've Got Talent, and a cousin sent it to me. As a rule, I won't share stuff like this, but I thought this one was awesome. If you have time, check it out, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Over & out....Hope to see ya tomorrow. Have a good night. Hugs

Well, you didn't think I could sign off with no pictures, did you? This is the <laugh> rose garden off our back deck. The top picture is my Grandmother's rose bush, (I told that story last year ) and the bottom shot shows some others blooming. Granma's bush had buds on it when we left on our trip, and really had passed its peak when we returned. Still smells lovely though. The other bushes that you can see which don't have a lot of blooms, now are bursting with blossoms. I need to do some deadheading. Sigh, another yard chore! Enjoy


  1. I will check out that link Mary!! Your roses look beautiful! I love your rose garden!! I have one rose bush, a knockout and it is just started to open a couple of blooms. We just haven't the enough sunshine between the rains, but finally the sun came out some yesterday and today and there this morning I saw a couple of roses! Now I can't wait until the rest bloom and you are right, then it will be time to start deadheading. lol That's quite the job on a large rose bush! Hugs my friend!

  2. Hi Mary! Not a sign of any roses here yet - yours look lovely.

    The shadow dance troupe is absolutely amazing isn't it. We were blown away when they appeared on TV - and, as you could see, so were the audience and the judges. Naturally they've gone through to the next round :) Very poignant story they depicted as well.

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. Hi Mary, Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen the show, they were fabulous and so clever :D
    Your garden is lovely, lucky you, roses already :D
    Thank you for understanding about my rant on commenting, I am slowly getting around to folks and trying to keep it all in perspective LOL Gay x