Happy Afternoon & welcome. Today has been spent doing receipt validation so I could get the credit card bill paid, and epay some other bills that came in while we were away. Too much like being back at work, when I had to do purchasing in one job I held. I don't enjoy doing this, but ah, such a sense of satisfaction when I get things sorted, handled and filed away (and the piles of mess squared away). Had to hurry to get a card for DD's anniversary (it's gonna be late). Didn't get the one I intended finished, so I hunted through some of my stash (what a good feeling it was to finally have a card stash, I might add). Decided upon one that worked ok, so just added an insert - and of course a check. That should redeem my tardiness.

Since I don't have a card to share, I scanned some pictures of the jewels we saw in the Natural History Museum (and no, I won't put all of them on one post!). I took pictures, but not a single one was fit to save. I had purchased a pack of postcards & I'm so glad I did. These jewels were awesome in the cases, but I had a hard time imagining someone actually being brave enough to step outside wearing these rocks. Guess times were different then. One of the names on the gems, gave me a bit of a smile. I'll let you guess which.

Hope Diamond-believed to be cut from the French Bleu-brought to France from India in 1668 to be part of the crown jewels.
The French Bleu was stolen in 1792, never recovered. In 1812 an extraordinary 45.52 carat deep blue diamond came on the market in London, purchased by Henry Philip Hope, for whom it was named. Acquired from the estate of Mrs. Evelyn Walsh McLean by Harry Winston and presented in 1958 to the Smithsonian.

Mackay Emerald Necklace - 168 carats - Designed by Cartier-1931 as a wedding gift in 1931 by Clarence Mackay to his wife


Hooker Diamonds (fancy yellow diamonds) Designed by Cartier-late 1960's- 50 starburst cut diamonds in a yellow gold necklace; stones range from about 1.0 to 20-carats and total approx. 245-carats. Ring is 61.12 carats
I hope you enjoyed seeing these fabulous jewels as much as I did. The Hope Diamond was my main objective when going to this particular museum. It is displayed in the center of  the first room one walks into, in a case which is lowered into a vault each night (or so we were told). It revolves in  quarter turn increments & is stationary just long enough for a good photographer to fire off a shot. Visitors were packed 3-4 deep all around the circular display column, so I had to wait my turn, and try to edge up closer. These pictures simply do not convey the actual sparkle, lustre & magnificence of seeing IRL.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Have a blessed evening, and come again soon. Hugs 


  1. Wow stunning jewels! Cheers, Shirleyx

  2. I am drooling over the beauty of these jewels. I can not even imagine owning something so beautiful, let alone wearing it!

  3. Well I am thinking it was the Hooker Diamonds that put that smile on your face Mary! lol What a name for some diamonds!! I love the yellow color of them and really didn't know that diamonds came in so many colors?! Or do they color them later when they cut them??? All I know is all these jewels are amazing! I am so loving the Hope Diamond for sure. But like you I couldn't image walking out the house with jewels like this on and I'm sure they didn't just wear these jewels to anything. Probably like now, when the starts were the flashy jewels on the red carpet!! Love the pics Mary, you are awesome to share this amazing pics with us!!!