Good evening, friends. And we're still here in Wash, DC. Yesterday we were in the rain most of the day. Along with what must be every school on the East Coast having their annual trip to Washington. We're delighted to see our school children being shown our country's Capital City. What we are very much less delighted by, is the lack of respect these youngsters seem to show. We saw the War Memorials the afternoon we arrived, as it was too late to try to get into any of the 'inside' museums. We could walk along outside as long as we wished. I had promised myself I would not see any of these, (I'm far too emotional). DH & our friend said "you need to see these", and off we go. With me saying every step of the way "Well, I WON'T go see the Viet Nam Memorial". The WWII Memorial was simply awesome. I didn't think it would 'bother me', but folks, when I thought about the sacrifices made by those people who gave their lives in this war for me, my family & friends, my country, I had to start wiping the eyes. The 2 gentlemen with me, are both Veterans, and even though each sort of rolled their eyes at my 'waterworks'{ as they put it}, when each thought nobody was watching, I saw some eyes get dried. The school kids - unfortunately, were running, high-fiving with their friends, on the cell phones, hollering at each other, even climbing in places where they should not have been. It was quite upsetting to us older folk. I think these youngsters just don't realize the sacredness of this place. The Viet Nam Memorial was not quite so bad, but still - some running, and noise making. I did NOT stop to try to find any names, although my 2 guys did. I just walked & looked, felt proud & sad, sniffling & wiping my eyes again. I did NOT go to the Holocaust Museum...I KNEW I would be a basket case in there. Tuesday, we did the American History Museum and I loved seeing the First Ladies' dresses, their china and then different Halls with displays of Americana that was most enjoyable. Today we did the Aerospace Museum, and the Natural History museum. Saw the Hope Diamond & boy, does it sparkle. Also went through a display on gemstones, what they are made of, how & where they are found...then into another area where we saw mummies, various skeletons, some stuff about forensic study of skeletons, what scientists can deduce from recovered bones. Most interesting. Unfortunately by late afternoon, my back & hip start to hurt from the unaccoustomed walking, and my attention focus wanders from what I'm seeing to "I wanna sit down". But we ARE having fun, and it is an honor to be able to see & enjoy these things of my country. Washington is a very clean city, at least the part we've seen. We walk to a Metro (subway). Where we have lived, no subways. So this is a big challenge for DH & me. Our friend is from a big City (Boston), so he's subway literate!

I have just barely covered the highlights of the sights we've been fortunate enough to enjoy. Just wanted to touch base in case anyone was stopping to visit. Thanks for spending a bit of time with me this evening, and hope to be back soon. Until then, God Bless.


  1. We'd hoped to make it there early this Summer Mary - perhaps next year. You've whetted my appetite!

    Such a shame about the Memorials and attitude of youngsters - it's the same over here I fear too.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. I'm so glad that you are enjoying your stay in DC Mary! I'm sad to hear that the school kids have a lack of respect and some of this blame I will have to hold to the chaperons. I have chaperoned many trips to DC and never let my "group" act that way or disrespect anything while there. I expected my "group" of kids to be perfect ladies and gentlemen just like I expected my own boy to be. And I don't expect anything less. Mary had I been with you we both would have been wiping the eyes because I tear up just thinking about our soldiers and past soldiers that sacrifice for my freedom. I think about my grandkids being away from their dad while he serves his country, all these things make me cry-I'm so proud of my son, and all soldiers but also sadden by the sacrifices they always have to make. Our military heroes past and present are just awesome!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip my friend and safe travels! Hugs!!

    1. A big AMEN for our military & their sacrifices. They deserve the utmost respect of ALL AMERICANS... Yesterday I was thinking: what would a visitor from another country be thinking to see these kids behave so, in a place deserving of the greatest respect. know what we Americans were thinking! You're right on the chaperons. We saw adults that we assumed were chaperons/teachers, but no one seemed to be reining in the kids' behavior, or even really noticing that it was lacking. We saw many groups of kids with NO adult in their group. Had I been a parent of one of these kids, I would have certainly felt the cost of the trip to be totally wasted. Seemed to be much more a 'social experience' than a learning one!! (and by the way, we DO like kids...just expect a certain code of behavior from them in such places).

  3. I know you are having a wonderful time!

  4. Sounds like my idea of heaven. I love going to museums and galleries. The war memorials always have me wiping my eyes.
    However, unlike you, I'm afraid I would be saying something to the young ones. I find the lack of respect to be atrocious. If it wasn't for the sacrifices made they woukd not have the freedoms they have. Youngsters are all about THEIR rights and they don't seem to have any RESPONSIBILITIES. I would also be talking to the chaperones - it's their job to ensure the party doesn't disturb everyone else.