Home again, home again, jiggity jig! I love being different places, but am not a great traveler. I always want to be in my OWN bed come nightfall. I'm so happy to be back in our own bed tonight, with our own 'stuff' about us! We did have a wonderful time - other than the youngster problem one day - and Mt. Vernon was totally worth all the botheration at the Smithsonian. We stopped last evening at a nice Holiday Inn outside of Richmond. Had some good beds, and slept well. Had a good breakfast after we loaded the truck & then headed south.

My blog buddy Candee ( had been telling me of this wonderful place in Greensboro, NC ( It's not too far off the interstate we were traveling, so I programmed Miss G to find it for us. I didn't communicate with Candee that we might stop, as I didn't know how DH would be feeling at that point on the trip (wanting to get home, and not wanting to hunt up a stamp store, if you get my drift :-}). We did find the place, and oh, gosh, was it sensation overload when I walked in. Had loads of fun, got lots of stuff, and didn't even really get to half the store. I had introduced myself to the owner, and explained who had sent me, how we met, blah, blah. So after my receipt got printed out, I commented that they really ought to give Candee a BIG DISCOUNT for sending me in. We were getting ready to exit the store, and the owner says "Look who is coming in". It was Candee & her DH, whom I wouldn't have  recognized, because she has no profile picture at her blog....Talk about Serendipity. We had a nice little chat outside the store, and it was a lovely ending to our trip.

We finished the route back to SC, and rolled into our garage about 8pm tonight. We have the truck unloaded, and I promised that I'd clean the windshield (bug guts) and vac out the inside tomorrow. Plus I have laundry & laundry to do! (and yes, I know it's Mother's Day!)

So let me end this with a wish to all of the Mothers who read this, that you will have a most happy day, hopefully spending some part of it with your children. Alas, mine is in another state, but I expect she will call in the evening. Her card arrived today, but I'm saving it for tomorrow.

Again, thanks for joining me, and I hope to have some pictures soon. No telling how the ones I took in Washington will turn out. Have a great evening, and Hugs...AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


  1. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound, and sounds like you had a wonderful trip with lots of sightseeing :)I doubt I'll ever get to travel to America so it's great to hear other people's tales :)Cathy x

  2. Glad y'all had fun and are at home safe and sound.

  3. Wow Mary, it feel like I took the trip with you. Welcome home and thank you so much for sharing the fun you had - and how amazing that Candee walked into the store when she did!! Hugs, Di xx

  4. Hi Mary, Glad you're home safe and sound. I popped by to thank you for your kind words on my blog, good of you to understand :D Gay x

  5. There's no place like home is there Mary?!! I love going away but am always anxious to get back home to my bed and stuff. I'm glad that Joe took you to that stamp store and I'm so happy that you got to meet Candee!! How sweet and special and like you said serendipity! It is awesome that things worked out that she came in as you were leaving and you guys got to have a nice chat!!! Talk about amazing!! I hope you didn't work to hard on Mother's Day my friend, I know those bug guts are hard to get off, but it's gotta get done! lol Hugs my friend!!