Hedgie says Happy Birthday

Good morning, and it's a lovely sunshine day in my part of the world. Not so hot (but would be if you wuz outside working). DD has been here for a few days, and we're just back from the local airport, and I'm in my usual blue mood. Just do NOT  handle goodby well when it's someone I love. Bless her heart, I think she spent the 2 days teaching us how to use the new Smart phones that everyone has been telling us we MUST upgrade to. (and she was one of them). We waited until she was here, to help us pick out the best features for our use of it. On our old 'dumb' phones, I had texting turned off, due to an unhappy experience with some kids playing pranks, and we had to pay for the messages. Being ignorant I opened these, as I didn't really know WHO would be texting me, but I know the DD does lots of that. Anyway, after getting our provider to dismiss the charges, I asked them to turn it off, so neither of us made that mistake again (They had said they would only honor iggerance ONE time!) This new plan - and yes we had to sign a 2 yr contract  which will be expensive to break if we're unhappy with this - provides unlimited talk & text. We got 1G of data, as it would be nice to do email while traveling - although I'd use the laptop at night. But it has really re-inforced our knowledge of the fact that we are woefully lacking in the technology dept. I did manage to get our contacts added into both phones - which the girl at the Costco kiosk was supposed to have done. She only got a few of them. Now just trying to learn some of the things and one thing I must get someone to show me, is how to do the coupons from the various stores. (I don't want to get more stuff we have to pay for unless I am aware up front that I'm doing it! DD said she doesn't do that, and couldn't help with it). Anybody else out there, feeling so dumb with this kind of thing????

Today's card has been received, so here goes:

- PBlack wood mount Hedgie, some years old, but I love it! Tiny dragonfly was in a sweet gift pack from the person who received this card, so thought appropriate to use on this card. Of course, image was Copic colored, some WoS. One booboo...when picking the WoS, thought I had clear. It was white, which I didn't realize at first. After all the WoS touches were added, I noticed the brilliant colors of the orange tones looking somewhat foggy. Hmm...what is wrong? Then I looked at the WoS marker, and dang - it was white! I was able to go back over with another coat or 2 of the same copics, and don't think the nib was bothered. But if you have white WoS, just watch when you are selecting...cuz it DOES make a difference.

-Sue Wilson Noble Collection Ornate Pierced Design die and then same die for the faux mat.

- Brusho background - previously done...with orange, yellows and some gold spray. But doesn't it look nice with the orange tones of the flowers in the bouquet?

- SU punch and sentiment. Ta Da.

One comment I keep intending to share, and forget, is this: got the Sizzix Precision Plate with the  Big Shot Plus (yes I got a good buy on it and free shipping - and while I'm still using the old beat up B/Shot, the Plus is handy for the bigger dies). I've been using the precision plate with some of the more intricate dies (f'r instance, the Cheery Lynn doilies that I have so much trouble with sometimes.) It works very well I'm pleased to say. Recently I used w/c paper with a die and even though I did several passes, changed the position on the plates one time - the die cut beautifully. So if anyone is waffling on the precision plate...I can testify that it is helping my frustration a great deal!!! Just sayin'.

Ya'll have a grand day and come back when you can sit a spell in the porch swing. Today would be a lovely day to enjoy the swing, as the humidity is low, and there's a breeze too. We had a spot of rain earlier, and predicted to get some more later today. Big Hugs.


  1. Mobile phone providers are just as slippery here in the UK Mary, I've had more that one run in with them, the last time I apparently ran up $12,000 of on board wireless use, not bad going as I only switched on once to phone home. They did back down but only after a good deal of back and forthing.

    As for your card, I love it, well it's one of my favourite Penny Black images, no suprises really as it has Poppies. I so like the way you have created the background to carry the colour of the Poppies.

    B x

  2. Fabulously colourful card Mary, I love the colour! the image is just so adorable, all those flowers he's carrying, wonderful!

    Just had a new smartphone myself, hubby bought it for my birthday. I chose an android as it would be more familiar to me as it will be very much like my tablet. So many phones to chose from these days, it's very difficult. I took advice from my son's who seem to be constantly glued to them! I have mine on 'Pay as you go' so I know exactly what I'm spending and just top up at the phone shop as and when I need to. I have it set up so that I can only get onto the internet whilst indoors so using the wifi and not costing me any money on the phone as I'd be sure to make a mistake with it and be running away with loads of money! can't make that mistake. I tend to do more texting with it really and use the camera a fair bit, often sending a pic in a text message.
    But other than that, I'm not really interested in all the other stuff it can do, just want it to call folk or pick up calls when I'm out, all the rest of it, gobbledygook! LOL
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  3. I'm glad your daughter helped you through the technology forest! I had a smart phone for a brief time and sent it back. I love my dumb phone, because I know how to use it! LOL Fun card with that cute hedgie and all his colorful flowers! I never heard of a Precision plate OR a big shot plus, so I'll have to do some googling :)

  4. Cute, cute, cute! Love all the orange on this. I hear that orange is the new "in" color this year too. I've done the same thing with picking up a white WOS instead of the clear. Looks like shading on this though Mary.
    I'm laughing about the smart phone. I waited until my son was here to help me out in that area too. I swear I was calling him every other day on how to do something with it. I LOVE my iPhone now though!!! You'll get used to it soon. As far as the coupons - I just download the APP for that particular site and then follow the instructions. It comes in handy when all you have to do is show the sales clerk the coupon on your phone.

  5. What a gorgeous card, Mary!! The image is so beautiful and colored perfectly!! The hedgie is so sweet!! Love it!! Good luck with your new smart phone!! They take some getting used to - that's for sure!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. This is gorgeous Mary and I love the hot summery colours which do indeed show off those flowers hedgie is carrying to perfection and the SW die cut mats including that pretty green work fantastically well. When it comes to mobile phones I am a complete novice and have never taken to my completely simple and straight forward one so goodness knows how I would get on with something more So pleased your DD has spent a little time with you but know how hard it is to say goodbye. x

  7. fabulous card Mary...vibrant colours, cute image...such a fun card.I was dragged kicking and screaming into a smart phone and I am surprised how soon I got to grips with it and now find myself using it happily....I ask my 14 year old great niece to show me sometimes...she rolls her eyes and is very patient with me......
    Lovely weather here today washing all dry...ironed and back on the bed!......xxxxx

  8. A lovely hedgie Mary and beautiful colours too. I get eyes rolled at me most days when I am using my phone. As long as I can ring and text then I am happy!! xx

  9. I can help you with the store coupons Momma Mary, you will love your smart phone for that, cause you won't have to print coupons anymore. You and hubby will just pull them up on your phones as you both go through the line and boom, you will get your discount! I know you are feeling blue with DD departure, it is only natural since she doesn't live close by. I too, go through the same feelings. Love, love, love your sweet card. Your background is just gorgeous, I love that little hedgie with his beautiful bouquet of flowers. How sweet is he?!! Hugs, Brenda

  10. A gorgeously bright and cheerful card Mary, love this hedgie image with his rather large bouquet.
    I still have an ordinary mobile, just calls and texting so I haven't encountered these problems yet. I sometimes wonder that it would be nice to access the internet while I'm out but I waste so much time indoors on my computer doing just that so it wouldn't be a good thing.
    Hope you soon get the hang of it.

  11. Lovely card Mary, the orange background works really well with the beautifully coloured flowers.

  12. This is fabulous Mary, I do love the adorable PB hedgie.
    Must admit I'm still using my 10 year old PAYG phone - don't think I can be bothered with the new tech things xx

  13. Hello my Friend, your card is gorgeous and so sweet, I just love the PB Hedgies and this one is so cute. Love your fabulous summer colours too.

    Don't worry Mary, loads of folk are in the same boat as your re smart phones, my hubby for one. I'm not too bad, but I refuse to enter a contract with a phone company, for me it is O2, I just pay as I go, and I don't have the smartest of phones but it does all I need it too.
    Boiling hot here over the last few days, now we have heavy rain but it's what we need to clear the air. Keep cool, hugs Kate x

  14. WOW a beautiful, colourful, vibrant card Mary such a cute image a brilliant make.
    lorraine x

  15. You would be shocked to see the state of my cellphone. It's taped and is an old Nokia. But now I'm going to get myself a smartphone. I'm familiar with the use of iPad so I don't think I'll have much trouble getting used to it, but it's always a fuss to change, making sure all contacts and photos are kept...
    I haven't been around lately as I've been busy having holiday, but now I'm getting back to normal.
    I really like the bright colors of your card. And adding the dragonfly received as a gift from the receiver is a nice touch, it makes a handmade card even more personal than usual...

  16. Such a pretty card. Love the stamp and the bright cheerful colours.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  17. This is a gorgeous card, the image may be an oldie but it is certainly a goodie. Gorgeous colours even with the error of the white WOS. Fab dies and background.

    Well the mobile I have is goodness knows how many years old but I know how to work it and after getting my new computer and struggling like hell, I can't say I relish the thought of having the same problem with a new phone.

    Off to pack a bag and I will meet you on the porch swing, oh no, better at the airport as I don't know where you live.

    Kath x

  18. Such a great card!
    Good luck with the "SMART" phones.
    My daughter gets the coupons...are they emailed?
    I'll ask.

  19. Oh Mary, I love this card. The hedgie image so sweet with all those beautifully coloured flowers. The gorgeously vibrant background compliments it all perfectly.
    I hope you soon get to grips with your new phone. I have an android phone, but I really only use it for calls and texting. I don't really understand the rest of it.
    Jean x

  20. Peoples, this card is even lovelier in person!! Thank you, Mary, from both me and Hammy for this sweet brightly colored card with a handsome hedgie bringing us such pretty posies! Hammy just loves all the new critter friends he is making from Blogland!! And the sweet dragonfly is very pretty landed there! I'm glad to hear you have cooled off and that you had a great time with your DD! I feel sorry for the folks who decided 30 or 40 years ago not to have children ... who helps them out with the IT schtuff, lol!! Thank you again, Mary! Love and hugs and a big ol' MWAH to you and Joe!! Darnell

  21. Beautiful card Mary, I love this hedge hog image the wonderful colours
    Kevin xx

  22. Pretty day here today, too! Your card is so pretty, Mary! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs...!

  23. Good for you for upgrading to a smart phone Mary. I am hopeless at these things, plus I don't want to pay a lot of $$, so I just have a pay and talk which is the cheapest plan available here. I do so little texting, but that's how my kids like to "talk". Email is now kinda' passe for that generation. :)

    On to the card .. love it! So cheerful and fun. And definitely a wonderful way to brighten up Darnell's day! :) xx

  24. Oh yes - so far so good with my 'new and upgraded' phone, apart from the fact I had to change my credit card, and the account was linked to it for automatic rollover each month, then wondered why I ran out of $$$ - re-set everything, and the same happened again... then discovered that I had not set things correctly - all good now though, I hope!!
    Love your card Mary - the image is beautiful and the base layer perfect.

  25. Hello Mary, brilliant card, love the sweet image, great colours and design.
    Now as far as technology is concerned I would have to pass.
    A real "thicko" me I get the boys 8 & 10 to help me. Once they have gone I have forgotten most of what they have told me.
    Have a great day and weekend
    Patricia x

  26. Lovey card Mary I just love PB Hedgies and your colouring is ACE.
    I am tiptoeing around getting a smart phone have been for a while. Have been having trouble with the land line for sometime and the last time I rang Faults they said they would leave me a message on my mobile that I just had to click on to get straight back to them. I told them that was no good as I could not get internet on my phone. The young man on the other end of the line said WOW HOW OLD is it?.
    Hugs Margaret M

  27. Spectacular creation, gorgeous colours as well.. enjoy your weekend..xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  28. Gorgeous card Mary. Such a happy little hedgie carrying his big bouquet of flowers. Love the Brusho background - it really makes the poppies from the bouquet pop! Good luck with the Smart Phone.

  29. Love these colors Mary!
    My daughter and her 4 came in Wednesday - we leave tomorrow for 2 weeks so I won't be around for a while! Slowly getting my craft room set up - at least everything will be organized for a while.
    Very happy Happy Birthday card full of fun and fab colors.
    Sandy xx

  30. Mary, thanks for the follow! I have to say I relate to your feelings about goodbyes. My DD will be going back to school in a month and I'm already starting to get a little sad...but it makes me happy to see your beautiful, bright card! I love the hedgies and especially love this is one of your oldies (one of my recent goals). I love forward to seeing more of your lovely creations and to hear of your smart phone progress:)!

  31. Fabulous and fun card and I am sure it is just as beautiful in person as it is on my computer. Just love your sweet little hammie, so over the top adorable.

  32. Love our little hedgie Mary, so cute. I'm with you on the goodbyes too. Good luck with the new technology! Carol x

  33. Hi Mary,
    another really fab creation.
    Love that fab stamped image, as it's sooooo! cute.
    Wonderfully coloured as usual, and another super coloured background.
    I always get blue too when my visitors go back after visiting especially if it's a daughter as don't you just love their company, and it's wonderful having a family day out shopping.
    Enjoy your new phones.
    I have just finished paying for my 2year contract, and am on a much cheaper contract now as I'm only paying the use, as i didn't want an upgrade as the phone works fine.
    Not like the young ones who must have the newest one out. lol.
    Love and biggest hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  34. Well, Miss Mary, you are way ahead of me with that smart phone! You go, girl! I know we'll have to switch sooner or later, but I'm still hoping for later!

    Love the bright poppies, Mr. Hedgie is carrying! Such a bright and happy card!

    Thanks for the info on the precision plates. I started to answer your email the other day and Luke had run the battery down on the laptop. Poof! It was gone and with the boys here, didn't get a chance again. Hope to get rested up and back to normal now. I know you miss your DD. Chin up. Hugs and smiles, my friend.

  35. Gorgeous card. That is a fabulous image...Penny Black images are always so beautiful.
    Your colouring looks great and this has made up into a beautiful card. Had a smile about the WOS...have done that too!

    Sorry have not been visiting as much. The high temps have really knocked the wind from our sails. We have been sitting about in the air conditioning...something we rarely do. We usually live outside when we are at the lake.

  36. So pretty, Mary ... that little hedgie with his huge bouquet of lovely blooms is just a delight! Well done you on the smart phone ... I don't even own a mobile phone! Hugs, Anita :)

  37. Oh, that's one of my favorite PB stamps - I should pull it out again!!!

  38. Love the bright coloured card and fabulous image-I have an i-phone to text,call and use to take pics of my cards to upload to blog as I don't have a camera but I never use it to go on the internet-just have the computer
    Carol x

  39. Mary, I can tell that you are way ahead of me when it comes to technology and all the new fancy phones!!! My mobile phone I've had for ages (maybe about 10 years!!!!) and it's almost falling apart now!!! But I'm not a fan of mobile phones and most of the time mine is laying somewhere with a flat battery!!!! Enjoy your fancy new phone!!!!
    Your card is lovely and colourful, Mary!!!! Love that fabulous bunch of flowers your sweet hedgie has!!!! The orange bg is really beautiful and surely does go beautifully with the flowers!!! So lovely!!!