Poppies Thank You

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Saturday and another blistering hot one here in Upstate SC. Yesterday we went out for lunch, and a trip to Costco (help with the Smart Phones for 2 dummies). When we got back to the car about 4:15pm, it registered 102F! Now _THAT's_ HOT! When things were stored away,  headed for a cool shower and the recliner. Both of us were just poopered from the heat.

Anyway, been working on a couple of cards and will share one today. I've made 3 with the same image, (mainly because I love it - stamps out so nicely & think it will be quite versatile). Recently some very sweet blogger friends were so generous to me for the recent birthday. So the first card is for one those lovely ladies.

Bought this in Feb at the Heirloom Stamp show in Lawrenceville, Georgia

- Solid image was inked up with some forgotten Memento markers..and it turned out pretty cool (remember I'm rather rubbish with water colors!). It helps if one is fast with the process - which I'm not. Inked with Rhubarb, Morrocco (orange-y tone) and a bit of Love Letter, - then the foliage greens -  spritzed it lightly with water. Waited half a second and then Splat! Onto the c/stock. Was quite pleased with how it looked. Let it air dry, then took the reds & green markers, swiped a couple of strokes over an acrylic block. Dampened a regular small brush, and tried to add a bit more shading for definition. Lastly, used the fine tip on the individual markers to add some 'petal lines'. The fine tip of the black marker did the centers, and then just a bit of clear WoS (made sure it was the CLEAR one too!). 

- S/B labels 8 to diecut, and then shaded around edges with DI Antique Linen and Sage.

- S/B Labels 40 Decorative Accent cut the mat behind the focal image. This was a brusho background - created with Lime Green, Orange and Lemon - then spritzed with some gold sprays. The colors meshed together so pretty, and since the center portion (behind the image!) gets removed, that piece will be a snippet on a later project.

Bazzill pink c/s for the card base, (couldn't find the coral color that I wanted). Decided the pink was 'too pinky' with the flower colors, so used DI shades of Rusty Hinge, Barn Door to sponge some colors over the pink. Liked that better with the poppies. A tiny hint of the pink shows through the die cut frame, and looks nice (at least I think so!)

- Elizabeth Craft sentiment die - 3 layers of white snippets, glued together, then colored with Copic 110 (black) and used a WoS black marker to add a bit of sparkle. Thought about adding a butterfly (the recipient is partial to butterflies!), but decided to leave it alone!

Hope you like it too. And for my UK friends, hope this unseasonable heat & thunderstorms that some of you have been experiencingd, has passed. I expect you're not accustomed to the summer heat like us Yanks (well, truly, you don't ever get "used to it", but you endure it during summer in some of our states).

Will share a few more pictures of the pretty Easter Lily which has more blooms. Our magenta crape myrtles in the front flower bed have finally started to bloom. The center white one has been blooming for about 6 wks. Also note the sky's not that lovely Carolina Blue that is so pretty to see.

Don't forget about the HLS Christmas Challenge that is currently underway. Do hope you'll find time to play along with us. Come again when you can, as always - thanks for taking time to visit me. Have a blessed & cool day.

Edit: Ooops, looked at the stamp package and see that it says "watercolor tulips". They don't look like TULIPS to me! So for this card, and the's POPPIES! Which is what it looks like to my eyes! LOL


  1. Beautiful poppies Mary, such a lovely flower and a very significant one for us in November on Remembrance Day, though gorgeous at anytime, you've made them look wonderful here.
    Don't know how you cope with that sort of heat Mary, phew, that's hot! your flower pic looks lovely, don't know how they cope with it either!! LOL
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs Jacee

    Simply Paper Card Design

  2. Just loving the vibrant poppies and your garden is pure spring delight.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Such a beautiful card design (beautiful colors!) and lovely technique in your image (isn't the image so pretty?). Mary, your porch and landscaping are lovely! Our crepe myrtles are blooming now, too! xo

  4. They don't look like tulips to me either!
    Lovely card, and thanks for sharing your pics!
    It's been hot here too, NOT.THAT.HOT! as it is at your place, but we have ths smoke from fires too.
    We need rain badly!

  5. They look like poppies to me too Mary and what a fabulous job you have done and that frame is perfect. We have had storms but luckily nothing too dramatic....I don't like them!! xx

  6. I thought they were poppies too! I guess they could be either, depending on how you ink them. The picture on the packet looks like those open bloom tulips. Whatever they are, your card is lovely.

  7. Hi Mary, your "tulip poppies" look very beautiful, ( a rose by any other name etc). I love the label shaped die you used to cut it out, and the brushoed fancy one behind is very pretty too.
    I hope you manage to stay cool, it is quite pleasant here just now, nice and warm but not too hot. Low to mid 20 C, I think that is about 70 to 80 F.
    Jean x

  8. Gosh Mary, I thought they were poppies too and gorgeous ones at that. Fabulous card and all put together brilliantly.
    Love your photo's.

    Kath x

  9. Beautiful Poppies/Tulips Mary.. lovely colors and card design.
    Love those gorgeous lilies and your front garden. looks Amazing.
    Hugs Pam

  10. Mary, love these poppies or tulips they are delightful. No I am not a heat person, SIL in Canada e-mail saying she was excited as it was raining and it's meant to rain all weekend, they to have had very high temps, and forest fires. Stay cool. Hazel x

  11. What a gorgeous card, Mary!! The poppies/tulips look amazing!! I love the border die you used!! And what beautiful pictures of your front garden!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. You sure do have the heat there. We have had unseasonably cool weather so far this summer with tons of rain. They are saying we have a risk tomorrow for severe thunderstorms as well as tonight. I think your flowers do look like poppies except for the one on the far right that hasn't opened yet. That could be a tulip. Regardless, the cards are so pretty and I'm sure the recipents will love them. Your Easter Lilys are gorgeous and so are the trees. That's a lovely area with the trees and bushes. Your home and yard are so pretty. I wish I could just swing on your front porch.

  13. Just "poppy" in to say hello. Trying to catch up with my blog visits. So glad to see you're still here churning.

  14. They don't look like tulips to me either - but no matter since they're beautiful! I haven't used my Momento markers is so long. You did a wonderful job with them. A beautiful card!
    Yikes on that weather!!! I think y'all are hotter than we are in Texas! Stay inside and stay cool.

  15. Hi Mary,
    what a very super creation.
    I love that fab poppy stamp, and the wonderful creation you have designed.
    The colour of the die cut behind the beautiful poppy is so unusual, and I love it.
    I am not good with the heat either, and when it's too hot am like a wet rag, and definitely can't sleep.
    We were very luck in my part of the South of England as we did not get the thunderstorms predicted.
    We always seem to get very little rain where I live, and watering my garden by hand puts a great strain on my back, as our kitchen is in the front of the bungalow so using a hose is a no, no.
    Also our water butt was empty too.
    Your plant looks very lovely, and so does you beautiful flower bed.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. That's some heat Mary, but it does remind me of our very first trip to Florida, not being familiar with that type of heat we opened up the car in "M for Mickey" row (yep remember that bit clearly) and the heat nearly knocked us down.

    Your card is a delight, I discovered Rubbernecker a couple of years ago, but at that time they didn't ship to the UK, but they promised to mail if this changed and sure enough they did and my order when it. Had a couple of orders since them and love their floral ones and lovely sentiments.

    B x

  17. Lovely card.

    You Lily is beautiful and nice to see your shrubs flowering.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue

  18. Hi Mary such a very colourful and lovely card I really like how you used your memento markers.
    Vic x

  19. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers Mary, and this thank you card is beautiful I love how you have framed the poppies, beautiful pics of the garden
    Kevin xx

  20. Awesome cards! Love the poppies

  21. This is gorgeous, Mary! I love those watercolor poppies (I think poppies and tulips are very similar and never could tell the difference!) Does your white crepe myrtle smell good? I never noticed that crepe myrtles had a scent but this year some of the white ones around smell something like lilacs. We have a pink one that's just beginning to bloom. No scent there. Went to my first Scrapbook show yesterday. What fun!

  22. What a beautiful card Momma Mary! I love your poppies, they look like poppies to me too. It looks like you have water colored them to me and I was surprised to read that you used markers! I love the "frame", it is so ornamental and just lovely. I love all the different colors in it. Your lily is just gorgeous, I so love the color of the flowers and love all the flowers it has on it! Your flower bed with the crepe myrtles is beautiful! I love crepe myrtles and wish I had some of them in my yard. lol You guys are really hot Momma Mary! I am glad you both are taking it easy in that heat. A shower and the recliner is just what the doctor ordered!! Hugs, Brenda

  23. Helo Mary, poppies are a favourite of mine too and your cards are gorgeous, your colouring is fabulous.
    Weather not great here, I'm keeping my onit as I've got washing out and it looks like it might rain. The UK has very strange weather, but we are used to it, hugs Kate x

  24. Now I've done some research to learn about brushos. Amazing stuff! No wonder you play with it so much! They haven't got it in the stores in Norway yet, but I'm thinking about buying it from abroad. I love how you can custom colors according to needs. Like here, you've coordinated the colors so perfectly with this beautiful image.

  25. This is gorgeous, love your watercolour poppies. We have had some hot weather here in UK but nothing like you have had. Don't know how you cope with that heat it just wears me out! Gail xx

  26. Whether it's poppies or tulips, the card is gorgeous, Mary. A very versatile stamp, that's for sure.

    Sounds like you're having a hot time right now. Hope you are managing to stay cool. Your lilies are so pretty ... love the colours and they look so sweet next to the sweet, little bird house. xx

  27. Gorgeous me they look like tulips but that is because they are my favorite flowers. Just beautiful in your choice of colors and your framing of them is elegant!

  28. Doesn't really matter weather they are poppies or tulips, Mary - they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the beautiful frame you have given them!!!! Such a lovely card!!!
    And, boy, those lilies and the trees are stunning!!!!
    Did you have your birthday??? So sorry I missed it - hope you had a fantastic day and best wishes for the new year - may it be filled with joy and laughter and happiness!!!!
    Can't imagine what it must be like to have such hot weather at the moment - over here it's cold and the study, where I have my computer and craft area is the coldest part of the house!!!! That's why I haven't been around lately - it's too freezing cold in here - I rather sit in the winter sun in the lounge or in front of the fire in the family room knitting or crocheting, but I've been missing my friends and making cards so much, I'll just try and forget how cold it is, and spend some time in Blogland!!!!

  29. Hi Mary, I'm still catching up! I adore these poppies and when next spring comes they can morph into tulips I love the way you have watercoloured them and the pretty die cuts you have layered them on and a great idea to ink tbe base card to make a more suitable tone to match in with the popplips or possibly tuloppies Whatever this is a gorgeous card. x

  30. Beautiful cards! I am so happy you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself...I am happily your newest follower, too! :)